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Published on December 02, 2015 (Updated on December 02, 2015)

iEscape: Breakout [Adventure] [Puzzle]

iEscape: Breakout is the sequel of the first map called iEscape. In every new level of the map there's a challenging puzzle which you have to solve in order to find your way out and on to the next level. In total there are 15 levels and it just gets harder for every completed level. Look out for signs as they usually include rule updates and sometimes even clues.

Creator: KarsTimesTen, Twitter Account


  • Play on peaceful
  • Max 1 person
  • No mods
  • Only allowed to place blocks on gold blocks
  • Crafting only allowed by use of a crafting table

Installation Guides

Nice map! Like already said, level 7 tricked me the most.
Is the end, REALLY the end? Lol. Says level 7:good ol trick , you had me in that room for 10 minutes looking for a button haha
Make one for iOS it looks really cool and I want to do it
I want you to make it a mcworld?
Just download the zip file on ur computer, open the folder "iEscape - Breakout v1.1", then copy the folder "db", the dat_old file "level", and the text document "levelname", then make a new zip file, and paste those files I told you to copy into that zip file. Then change .zip to .mcworld.
This game is so cool ?
Cool cool cool
I love the map! Can you make more maps? They are amazing! Keep making maps!