Published on November 08, 2018 (Updated on November 20, 2019)

Iguanas And Snakes Addon V2.0

This addon adds 3 reptiles to Minecraft as iguanas (green, orange, black), 12 different snakes and lizards (red, green, blue and yellow) of different colors. They appear in the jungles and deserts of minecraft

Creators: Fernan and Team Infinite Minds



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  • The snake model was improved
  • Updated for current versions as 1.13


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I love this. This is epic!
The snake looks cool!
And add rattlesnakes
Super dinosaur 26 July 25, 2019 at 3:24 pm
Update to 1.14 update
It keeps on sending me to this naughty website with adults making weird noises and sounds! Please help.
Combine This Addon With the Demogorgon, S.c.p. 096 And The New T-Rex Addon You Have Created A New Minecraft With New Life Forms!!!!!???
Um, there’s something weird going on with the download link.?please fix this
This mod looks cool but I have looked everywhere and the reptiles do not spawn
I have the experimental gameplay on
Its not a mod its addon
It doesn’t replace anything so I call it a mod -^-
It does not work nothing shows up when I add the packs to my world
When I create a world the iguanas and snakes do not spawn?? Does anyone know why?
Same. Idk why but it sucks becuase the addon looks cool
Ik I’m late but make sure to turn on experimental gameplay
gxgvdvwigwkxkwhjwvjvxw June 26, 2022 at 10:03 pm
its a addon so it wont spawn naturally
hey can you update it to be for 1.9 beta as well becuz i want to make a world with spider as a pet which meant to be tarantula iguana and snake so please can you make it for 1.9 beta as well please
What replaced the animal?