Published on September 22, 2022 (Updated on September 01, 2023)

Immersive Default [16x]

What is Immersive Default?

Immersive Default is a pack that aims to improve textures in the vanilla game by adding some realistic touches to it, without making the game look totally different.

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Updated description to include a license agreement, updated installation process, updated pack to support 1.20


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why does it force me to download a bunch of applications
If I remember correctly this was stolen from SirAlexZeus’s Pack “ZeusoPack”
It is not, and I googled the name and couldn't find any information on them. Whoever that is they either used assets from this pack or their art style is very similar. Please do not say random heinous things off the cuff, make sure you're certain first.
Don't listen to him, he's just trying to get down this legendary pack.
Do normal water too for bugged texture packs pls