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Published on June 04, 2015 (Updated on June 04, 2015)

Imperial City [Creation]

The Imperial City is a mind-blowing creation with the most magnificent builds so far seen in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The architecture is inspired by old Roman standards, it's grand and imperial which makes anyone understand the enormous wealth and importance of the rulers in the city.

Every turned street corner and next you will face another majestic build of some sort. You are never left unsurprised, that's for sure.

Ported by: TheMcGamerz

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Conocí este mapa cuando salió y ahora no puedo descargarlo ??
link busted though
Please update the link. Looks good though.
Link doesn't work anymore.
Can you make it on .Mcworld? I can't download it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The emperial city is my castle now
Noooooo it won't let me download this map. This map looks so amazing though!!!
Please make a Mc.World of this map!
Do you have the link to download MC.World?
Do you have the link of the map of Mcworld?
Hey your mod is so good but I have a problem!!!!! In some parts of map when I see up the sky some black structures appears​! And when I go there there are buildings as in original world. Please fix this bug
Can u plz make a mcworld file?? That'd be awesome!!
Hi, what texture pack do you recommend for this awesome build?