Published on March 31, 2020 (Updated on July 12, 2021)

Imposible Skyblock

Tired of Skyblock? Want to try another exciting survival hardcore challenge? Then try Imposible Skyblock! Imposible Skyblock is basically the hardcore of Skyblock, as it is an hardcore survival experience, instead of a sky/void survival experience.

You can find structures in this  world in order to gather more materials and survive, these structures include:

-Villager Island

-Crimson Forest Biome Island

-Savana Biome Island

-And more...

You Just Start Off In The Spawn Then Chop The Tree Then The Tipbot will pop up!

Then after you chop the tree go and get a chest and explore the skyblock and defeat the ender dragon.

Reminder: If You Die In Skyblock You Will No Longer Respawn/Creative Mode

This map has many structures to explore, including:

Villager Island


Savana Biome Island

Note: There's A hidden chest in that island


Crimson forest Biome Island


Warped forest Biome Island


Soul sand valley

Amethyst Island


And Your Plain Biome/Spawn Point




this is very important if you kill the villagers then you failed in skyblock







Note: This when you buy end portal to defeat a Ender Dragon


Watch Trailer:


Watch Trailer (Updated):


Select version for changelog:


Map Version: 3.0.6
*Updated the map and added awesome islands
*Replaced .mctemplate to .mcworld.
*We moved the death point and make a design even better.
*Previously you can enabled the option and now we disabled & patched.


Download Instructions:
* Download Link #1 (Mouse Warrior Studios Site):
Click the Get it now button then it will direct to a checkout page. Click the Download now button then fill your Email Address then click the  Download button.

Take note: We required your email address just in-case. If the download button didn't work. And the email that you filled will send a receipt order with the download link.

If you feel unsafe on the email requirements. You can use your Alternative Account / Secondary Account Instead.

* Download Link #2 (Glitchtnt Marketplace Site):
Wait 30 seconds Then Click Agree & Download Button.
Then it will download automatically.

Installation Instructions:
For Windows 10 Users:
*Open File Explorer.
*Click the file that you want to import (.mcworld .mcpack .mctemplate).
*then it will open your Minecraft by itself and import successfully.

For Android Users:
Requirements: ES File Explorer

*Open ES File Explorer.
*Click the file that you want to import (.mcworld .mcpack .mctemplate).
*then it will open your Minecraft by itself and import successfully.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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1.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Welp, if the website is gone forever, I guess you are no longer able to download it :(
This map's amazing!!!!
Umm, I haven't played it yet but you reading the description feels like it will be awesome but can you make the same map with normal difficulty and not hardcore???
It's good, but what I didn't like is that you have infinite emeralds.
64 stack cobblestone = 64 emerald
64 emerald = 64 Emerald blocks
uhh... Why the download link is onedrive?
..... i didnt change the Installation and forgot to rename it
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