Published on April 04, 2020 (Updated on April 04, 2020)

Improved Biome Water Colors

Boring of your default water colors? That won't happen again with this new texture pack, wich replaces water color from almost every biome and you can combine with any other texture pack.

This texture pack works for every resolution because it just changes water color, so ignore the resolution 16x, that was posted before, it is just the default resolution of the game.

Basically it replaces most of the default biome default colors with others that are much more colorful and biome-exclusives to give the game a more striking and pleasant touch.

As I said earlier, it can be mixed with any other texture pack which doesn't change de water color by itself, so don't be afraid to do it!

Some examples are the warm ocean variants, which now have a much lighter color, the jungle, with a deep greenish water, or the flower forest, that I hope you will discover by yourself.

Biomes changed: Sunflower plains, desert, flower forest, taiga, swampland?, river, nether, end, beaches, ice plains, jungle, bamboo forest, roofed forest, savana and all types of oceans, specially warm, lukewarm and frozen. In theses examples it is used the texture pack Multipixel too, by @ZouChenyunfei, to demonstrate its compatibility.


  • Biomes_water_color.mcpack

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Is there any way you could change all water variants to the warm ocean texture used in this pack? I love the colour a lot and was wondering if that was possible
That's true LOL
Guest-7902001027 May 07, 2020 at 7:37 am
Hello author! Can I get permission to put your shader on the China forum? I guarantee that this shader will not be modified! !
Sure, but you need to credit me
Guest-6385141472 May 30, 2020 at 5:31 am
dont do it, you should never trust a chinese
Haha never trust a Chinese! Very true LOL
Hey, I’m having issues installing the pack, when running the file the game has an error importing the pack. Any help would be greatly appreciated
I need to know more information. What does it say exactly?
If you are using iOS move it to your notes app first and then import to Minecraft. This worked for me, so I hope this helps!
Nice texture pack
How to apply this?
Download it, open it and launch Minecraft. Then it will be installed automatically. Finally put it in the top of your resource packs and it is ready
Poo seep
Can you authorize me to reprint this shaders to the Chinese Minecraft.What I need is business authorization.
Okay but make me the original creator and put it in the texture pack and wherever you post it and it is all yours
so where is this city that i see in the front cover of the biome/addon? awesome biome update by the way!!!!
It is my realm. I thought about posting it here before, so if you want I could do it
YES, a sky update would be great for this add-on/mod/texture pack!!
The swamp in not green or brown , but the others are amaizing
In fact I created it for this world, which is my realm so that the houses in the swamp could have blue water for a good beach. That's why I changed it from green to blue. Then, as it looked cool, I thought about posting it here at MCPEDL
Awesome, can you make an better upgrade for the skies?
I have to learn about it before, but as far as I know it only works in 1.16 beta