Published on November 21, 2021

Improved Classic Default Skins

Steve has been in the game since the very beginning alpha tests of Minecraft. Soon after Alex was added in as well. And yet, to this day, they are some the the most unused skins. Legacy console editions had skin packs with different Steve and Alex alterations, but they still lacked the look of the classic skins, and did not add much more detail into design as user creative skins did in other versions. This pack looks to revamp the two classic skins, adding in some layer affects, as well as add in a few alterations from other in game textures.

There are 5 new skins in this pack the seek to update the Steve and Alex skins, while maintaining the original charm. There are the 2 base skins, an updated Minecraft zombie skin (which was based off Steve), a husk Alex variation, and of course a Herobrine skin. All skins have some second layer 3d elements like, hair and shoes (toggleable in Java). There is a ready to install .mcpack for for the Bedrock version, and a .zip folder containing the skin .png files for Java. All skins can have unlimited usage in game.

The standard Steve skin takes the basic Steve look, but adds in new higher quality elements and a bit more detail in design as to what a lone explorer, miner, and farmer would look like. The hair has a second layer and is a bit more shaggy, the shirt is torn slightly, the jeans have an improved texture and some rips, the shoes have 2 layers and Steve is more dirty and sweaty. The classic mouth design also returns.

Alex was a bit harder to alter, do to her design already being of better quality and detail. With that being said, Alex's hair is a bit longer and unmaintained, while also having a second layer to make it thicker and more detailed. Alex's skin tone is a bit lighter, and detailed, and the boots have a second layer. For Java, make sure the skin is set to slim mode.

Zombie Steve was a bit of a challenge but I think I figured it out. The zombies is a little bloodied up to represent, well, death, the shirt is a bit torn, a shoe is missing showing off a dirtier skin texture and ripped jeans. The back of the zombie's head is cracked open exposing the inside, and with the 2nd layer on, the head appears bloated and rounder (with the eyes and mouth being set back from the 2nd layer) and a bit more of the skull is seen. 

And for a more original design, we have Husk Alex. I always felt Alex does not play as big of a role as Steve. All standard undead mobs are based off Steve, and so I wanted to add in an undead Alex without it just being "zombie" Alex. The Alex husk has a thinner hair pattern (no 2nd layer) with a husk color pattern, the skin and shirt also have the husk patter and design, there is a bloodied up look, and there are 2nd layer boots. For Java, make sure the skin is set to slim mode.

Finally there is Herobrine, an iconic evil glitchy version of Steve with a soulless stare. Herobrine uses a cleaner version of my new Steve model, with the clothes mostly in tacked, having a bit lighter and cleaner skin texture, slightly thinner hair, and of course solid white soulless eyes.

Overall, these skins are meant as a sincere remaster of some nostalgic skins and mobs with an emphasis of simple, yet effective, alterations to up quality. As these skins are not technically mine but Mojang's (except for husk Alex) you may use these skins in your own resource pack, but if made public please at least credit me and this pack.


Simply click the link on the version/file you would like to download. This will take you to the MediaFire page (no ads, completely safe) where all you have to do is press the download button to download the file to your computer.

For Bedrock (Windows 10 Edition), simply open up Minecraft, and then double click the .mcpack you downloaded. The game will let you know when the pack installs (it may say there is a pack issue, but it resolves itself and works as intended). Go into the skin selected and go to "owned skin(pack)s" to find my pack titled "Improved Default Skins". All skins can be used anywhere (multiplayer/cross-platform) in game so enjoy!

For Java, extract the files inside the pack (or copy and paste them elsewhere), go into the Minecraft launcher, go to the skins section and click the add new skin button. Select the file by clicking browse, name the skin, pick the correct skin type (slim for the Alex skins) and then click the save button.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Great skin pack!! Btw first!!