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Published on April 27, 2021

In - Game Show Taps [Touch Controls]

Do you like to see your taps for you to know your aim? Or just to let your viewers know you're actually on mobile...

Well I have here a texture pack to do just that!

As you read above this is for those who wants to show their touch input only in - game. (This should be put as an overlay)

I utilised the "item lock hud bug" and just retextured it.

There are two subpacks [on/off

-On: if you don't know how to enable the item lock in hud (red/yellow dot) (this will overwrite the custom huds you might had)

-Off: if your packs already enables the item lock in hud (red/yellow dot)


Yes I'm aware of the show taps from the "developer options" in your device but the problem with that is that they show up everywhere on your phone.   

And if you're like me, I don't like that since it is not tweaked for fps friendly use since it's for Developers.    


[Developer Options] Show Taps  

[Texture Pack] Show Taps

Note: this relies on the item lock bug and please test or comment if this actually works for you

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Dude can use your code to my pack
I'll give u credit?pls
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Yes go ahead. Although you don't need to credit me since I just copied it from the Minecraft files and put it in a pack.

The bug activates when a certain line is reactivated in the hud_screen as a resource pack (although I don't know which)

MCPE-105882 (in the bug feedback site) explained some of it in the comments.
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Hey, i'm a pack client creator. Can you help me how to add this or what did you add in hud_screen.json please? Dms me on discord: MrD#4386
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Thank you for the review.

Sorry I don't have a discord and not yet planning to have one (internet issues)...

But regarding adding this feature it's just activating/adding the hud_screen.json in a pack (being a bug)
- which is explained in the comment on bug report by Jay Wells Here
I suggest you can look in the game files and futher into that I can no longer help
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Oh Wait I realized I can't add links 😅
So it's /browse/MCPE-105882
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