Published on April 20, 2021

In Parkour! (50 Levels)

Parkour is a fun type of MINIGAME that can be difficult for inexperienced people in Minecraft especially on mobile. In Parkour you have to jump from block to block until you reach the end, and it depends on which block you have.

In Parkour! 50 Levels

In Parkour I tried to put as many levels as possible and tried to differentiate each level with its own specific theme. And there are 50 levels with easy and difficult ones and I put Skips and SkipCoins to skip different levels... All levels have been tested and can also be played on MultiPlayer without any problems.

Now some Levels!


















Go to the download link and you will be redirected to the LinkVertise link, wait 5 seconds (or go to Premium) and click the button to continue, do what you are asked and click the download button, and now download it .. .


If you want to make a gameplay on the map on your channel (unlikely) do not create your own link, put the MCPEDL link itself, you already know what will happen ...

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how to get to the parkour???
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