Published on June 02, 2020 (Updated on June 06, 2020)

Infinite Biomes Addon

This addon adds up to 100 new ores, biomes, weapons, food, and 300 new mobs. All these biomes can be randomly found around your survival world and add 400 new blocks in total.

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+ Added more model variations

+ Each food item gives a random effect

+ Mobs can be passive/ranged instead of just melee

+ Balancing and bug fixes


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Guys I found download links that are still working !
I found them on the latest Wayback Machine backup of the download link.
Here are the three versions of the link (20 biomes, 100 and 1000!)
20 biomes:
100 biomes (recommanded):
1000 biomes (not recommanded, because exceed mcpe biomes limit so does not add biomes naturally, but adds blocks):
Here is the Wayback Machine link:
Be sure to enable all the experimental features (dont forget the new "Custom Biomes" feature to make this addon works !!!!!!)
stop saying that this addon is garbage. this addon doesnt work with biomes cuz mojang has added a bug that doesnt generate custom biomes with caves and cliffs or 1.18. this addon works great in 1.16 and 1.17 [caves and cliffs toggle off]. it was a good addon
The link don't work no more
The biomes arent unique They don’t have structures, trees or cool gen it’s just a flat biome with if they had structures or trees maybe some plants like purple would have alien like trees with curves and some blue creeper temple or dungeon that has a unique Item that gives you fire res for 20 minutes but you have to beat the dungeon it would be more of an experience rather than a plains with 1 ore and 2 dangerous mobs that I might aswell just not go to those biomes
the ores dont spawn pls help me
Doesn't work. Not a single new biome.
I cant get it to work its installed and new world, experimental features are on.
bruh this is actually garbage XD its like you just took your keyboard and slammed ur face into it every time u needed to name something if you couldent come up with names for it then you prob shouldent have added so much
i like the mod but the 100 doesn't work while the 1000 does now i have to wait so long to play
Gdzie są inne rodzaje broni prosze dodaj je
bro with which application do you make your addons?
he does it directly from the files, he doesnt use a app
tis is weird more effort in names other than that 700000000000/10 insane also you can only have three people at a tiem due to personal experience.
Spawn Ddlkn! It's a dragon with the sound of a llama!
the profile picture looks cute
Is it work on 1.16?