Published on April 13, 2020 (Updated on April 13, 2020)

Infinity Parkour

Hello miners again! Today I come to you with a parkour map! However, it is not ordinary, parkour never ends. WoW! You heard the parkour right never ends! On our map you will find several minecraft biomes randomly generated!

Do you want to learn more about our map? Go down!

Creators: AOlekNowak and Dragekk

On the map we have included the smallest details, each randomly generated terrain is refined in every detail of each block erected 

Your goal on our map is to jump as long as possible without falling down! Watch out, don't leave the parkour, it will kill you, jump only on the designated track

We guarantee that the map will never get boring! Insert your YouTube record with # "#infinityparkourchellenge"

The map was built by AOlekNowak and Dragekk. Dragekk ensured map operation thanks to comandblocks. We built the map for 24 hours! If you have a problem with the map, write to us. You can boast about the result in the comment. Good luck


Dragekk - Youtube McpeDL paypal

AOlekNowak - youtube McpeDL

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Description has been changed. The map has been tested again

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Bruh People Keep Complaining About The Adfly Whats Wrong With It
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what wrong skip is just some clicks
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Going through adfly is the most easiest thung to do.. whats wrong with this peoples?
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Are people seriously unable to get through the Adfly link? Jesus...
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MORTALS! Don't let Adfly bother you! Get an Adblocker on your browser store, turn on annoyances, and then see those ads magically vanish!
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I can't download with adfly T_T
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This was amazing! I really loved it!
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Give me my link!!!! Your adfly led me nowhere! >:(
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