Published on April 19, 2021 (Updated on May 26, 2022)

Insane Knockback [Increased Knockback Addon]

Don't you wish you never stayed in one area, don't you wish you would punch something or get punched and get sent to the moon, well now you can. With this addon, knockback in increased 100 times.

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Changed the page.

Changed the addon icon.

Added 3 mods to select from

  • all entities are effected
  • only the player is effected
  • only weapons are effected



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Can you add a feature that you can put any knockback level as you want? just use the enchant command but it dosen't really work so probably can you make the feature that'll make uou have an INF# amout of level you want it?
Amazing i just wish that you could be knocked back far and could knock back other players. I can only hit mobs to make them go flying
Could you make an addon where iron golems have knockback again? Because mojang removed the bedrock feature, even if you have a knockback enchantment on a sword.
Yo this kinda reminds me of smash bros with the knockback at least but it would be cool if you made another addon to where you can't die normally but instead damage sends you further and higher. The more damage the more further you get sent flying. Also the only ways you can die is if you hit the sky limit or by the void. Just a idea though. I'm not sure if it's even possible to begin with.
ACUALLY, with enough code, I think you can, the increasing knockback will be buggy, but other than that, it could work.
Could you be the one to make it happen or nah? If also possible add a percent number above the players heads so you can see how much damage you taken or other people taken.
Once I'm done with what I'm working on now, I could try.
GoldenRaptorGaming May 17, 2021 at 3:43 am
Finally someone that wants the same kind of addon as me. Still surprised how it's not even a thing as of yet.
I know right