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Insanity Button [Minigame]

Insanity Button is a find the button minigame which includes 12 different levels. The difficulty is considered medium-easy and is suitable for anyone who like puzzles but don't want to break their mind trying to find the solutions. It's a really well made minigame and the designs are quite awesome too with many beautiful symmetrical patterns. Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam)Twitter Account

How to play?

The concept is really easy. Your objective as a player of the minigame is to find the button in each level and press it. Don't forget to read the book as it contains a few extra quests.


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Thats so inappropriate
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bande de fils de putaclick (french)
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Wow this map is very funny?,and very nice,
but is short?. please make part 2.
I like this map ?
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It’s so funny, I love the things the buttons say, and I absolutely adore the trickery. It was easy, doable and fun! But it wasn’t boring or easy. Best map ever!
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Very good. U are creative!
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