Published on November 07, 2021 (Updated on June 25, 2023)

InSaRe's Warfare Addon v4.1 Last Fix Update

Hello everyone, it's me again InSaRe, I made a very large large add-on for 3d weapons for your minecraft, I hope that you will like it a lot, because I have been working on it for a long time.

What is InSaRe's Warfare?

This is an addon created by a simple schoolboy who once wanted to learn how to create cool addons. The idea of this addon was inspired by Activision games, and the mod for Minecraft Java - Vic's Modern Warfare.

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What's new:

1. Fixed bugs.
2. Added updated bullet code from 2067 Warfare.
3. Added impact from bullets.
4. Added spawn of weapons in chests in different structures.
5. Added glowing elements on Glock19, Glock53, M17, P226, PM.
6. Deleted same gun sounds.
7. Optimized Glock53 model.
8. Panzerfaust can dedtroy blocks.
9. Now, if you don't want bullets to break glasses and panzerfaust to destroy blocks, then use the command /gamerule domobgriefing false. To enable breaking glasses and blocks, enter the command /gamerule domobgriefing true.
10. Maximum ammo/mag stock size - 16.
11. Addon moved to Minecraft Bedrock 1.20 (We recommend playing on release



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Hola estoy usando otro addon que añade armaduras militares el problema es que algunas de esas armaduras se consiguen intercambiando con los aldeanos y como este addon también ha modificado algunos traseros de los aldeanos quería saber si será compatible el otro addon es warfare armors
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Why don't you update some gun equipment like scopes, silencers or lights.... it would be even better
Really good mod for those who thirst for action I’ve used this mod over a hundred times on different
Worlds 👍👍
The mod is really good but could you make an option in the settings to remove the fists from your face because its kinda annoying. not trying to be rude
ok so theres a glitch where if someone joins my realm while the gun mod is on everytime someone loads a chunk with another player theres a lag spike for those players any fixes?
an idea: it would be really cool if you could crouch or lie down, it would make the mod much more immersive. Other than that, the mod is my favorite, without a doubt.
what experimental does is required to operate?
very good texture pack but can u add suppresor and optics pls but its 72mb that is very much
and can u fix the lag im lagging sometimes can u maybe less some guns or make a new texture pack with some 5 or 10 guns pls
how to stop it breaking glass
it was working fine and I was really enjoying it but then the gun table and only the gun table/gun villager just wouldn't sell guns
I am not seeing any guns for some reason in 1.20.51
Debo desir que es un buen addon de warfare me encanto todo lo que trae apoyen al creador para que sigan actualizando el addon para futuras actualizaciones de Minecraft lo recomiendo mucho.
Bro, pero ya arreglaste la lanza cohetes, es que cuando se usa, desaparese
asi funcionan los panzerfaust, son de uso unico
this is my favorite Gun mod for bedrock would recommend only problem is i dont think it works for server hosting websites like Aternos
Yo lo uso en ese servidor y si me a funcionado
I was able to get it to work on aternos