Published on November 07, 2021 (Updated on May 09, 2022)

_InSaRe's Warfare Addon v3 RELEASE_(Modern Warfare Pack Update)

Hello everyone, it's me again InSaRe, I made a very large large add-on for 3d weapons for your minecraft, I hope that you will like it a lot, because I have been working on it for a long time.

What is InSaRe's Warfare?

This is an addon created by a simple schoolboy who once wanted to learn how to create cool addons. The idea of this addon was inspired by Activision games, and the mod for Minecraft Java - Vic's Modern Warfare.

Why should you choose this addon?

  1. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest addon that adds 3d weapons.
  2. The addon receives global changes and updates.
  3. The author tries to listen to the community about adding different weapons.
  4. Updates don't come out often, but updates affect a lot of things.
  5. The author fixes many bugs in the shortest possible time.
  6. If some errors are not corrected in time, then the author releases a correction in a full update.
  7. Each weapon has good sounds.
  8. This addon combines many packs with weapons, as well as different types of these weapons.
  9. The gameplay is unique, very fast paced and every decision you do is risky, it's quite competitive too.
  10. There is tactical sprint like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.
  11. There is a good balance in the addon, which does not give a special advantage when choosing another weapon.
  12. This addon is updated faster than all other addons that add 3d weapons.
  13. Do you want to see the correct animations from the first person, then this is in the addon.
  14. Each weapon has a pleasant recoil.
  15. Each weapon has its own animations, both from the first and third person.
  16. You can get absolutely all items both in creative and by buying them from villagers in survival.
  17. Weapons from my other projects are being added and will be added to this addon, starting with the Project [Company] map.
  18. This addon is not clogged and will not be clogged with unnecessary things that are not needed.
  19. This addon has good quality models.


Before starting the review, I must tell you that all weapons have running and aiming animations, and running animation works on such a principle that after some time the usual running animation changes to tactical sprint animation, as in call of duty modern warfare. Also, the addon is divided into 5 packs: grenade pack, ww2 pack, 2067 pack, Project [Company] pack, modern warfare pack.

How to reload? Put mag in left hand.

Grenade Pack:

Flash grenade

HE grenade

Smoke grenade


WW2 pack







2067 pack is an improvised pack on the theme "Weapons of the near future", I invented all the weapons in this pack myself:






Many people know my Project [Company] card, which I recently released and many asked that I lay out all the weapons separately, as an addon, well, here it is:









And finally, the biggest pack - Modern warfare pack:









AS Val

Benelli m3


Honey Badger







Scar L




M82 Barrett

Sig Mcx

Mossberg 500





Russian army armor

USA army armor

Now you can buy guns and ammo from villagers:

Cleric - ammo
Weapon smith - guns

Armor from Project [Company] map:



Attention, I do not allow anyone to upload this add-on to other sites. I post this addon just on the mcpedl site!

Select version for changelog:


What's new:

1. Added new weapons: Sig MCX, L96, M82 Barrett, Saiga 12K, Mossberg 500, DVL10.

2. Scar renamed into Scar L.

3. Added 2 new armors and a smoke grenade.

4. Redesigned animations for M4, Scar, M4A1, M16A1, UMP45, HK417; sound of taking weapons; muzzle flash texture; models for M4, M16A1 and Scar L; all sniper sights; some animations.

5. Added Balisong and Stim.

6. Now the armor items are in the right groups. If you want to take a helmet in the creative, open a group with helmets, with the rest of the parts in the same way. If you want to take knives, then now in the creative you have to open a group with swords.

7. The player's running speed increases during the tactical sprint.

8. The mechanics of the first aid kit have been redesigned, now it is more balanced.

9. Added walking animation for all items. (it is recommended to turn off the camera shake!)

10. Reworked AK12, AK37, AKM, Sten, Thompson animations.

11. Fixed some bugs.


Download .mcaddon file, open it in minecraft, and done.


Installation Guides

please add the bullet mechanics like a mod "actual guns 3d" and the weapons must have recoil but not the radius if shooting,
I can take shotgun and shoot for HUGE distance and the mob or player take damage like if I shoot closer to them.
And please add the free-reloading because go fight againist players or mobs with 3 ammo its not just a good idea.
Can u add rpg,P90,Stun Grenade and light machine gun (lmg) or machine gun (mg) and more pistol l love this addon l need rpg because l want troll my server :troll:
Hey insare this is a cool addon but i wonder why is it when i play multiplayer the armors are not visible ?
do you need experimental settings
I love this addon, its my top favorite gun addon, i wish it was compatible with most addon, but i image that would be a painfully to do, other than that, its the most purfect addon to exist so far
Very cool, big issue though. In realms the guns perform all actions correctly, sounds, anims, all that except for shooting
please in the next update the poisonous smoke grenade
This comment has been removed
this addon is very nice😄
Add p90 please
Прикольно, но присутствует баг на броне спецназа, шлем просто висит над головой.
Congratulations on the weapons addon but you can upgrade shotguns, allowing them to have piercing projectiles for entities and players
Hey so I'm currently trying to apply the update to a world I have that already had the mod in it, but it only redownloads the mods. And when I load into the world none of the new contents are there. I've tried deleting the mod and reinstalling it, closing Minecraft entirely, and a bunch of other stuff. The thing is that the update works in other worlds, just not the world I want it in most, and I don't want to try to remake the entirety of it, so if you could perhaps help that would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
O ad-on não está carregando, sempre que entro no meu mundo e abro o inventário para testar as armas no criativo não consigo encontrá-las. Poderia me dizer o problema?

Obs: minha versão e a 1.1.30
best gun mod out there i love it so much and love playing with my friends i have one request you should add rocket launchers and and the flash bang should also give you slowness to that will make it perfect and maybe some npc bots that would be awesome i hope you you continue with the amazing work and cant wait to see what your brilliant mind comes up with
P.S there is a bug with the black helmet flowing above the head