Published on November 07, 2021 (Updated on July 18, 2022)

InSaRe's Warfare Addon v4 Alpha: WW2 Update 1

Hello everyone, it's me again InSaRe, I made a very large large add-on for 3d weapons for your minecraft, I hope that you will like it a lot, because I have been working on it for a long time.

What is InSaRe's Warfare?

This is an addon created by a simple schoolboy who once wanted to learn how to create cool addons. The idea of this addon was inspired by Activision games, and the mod for Minecraft Java - Vic's Modern Warfare.

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What's new:

1. Added Mauser C96, Owen, MP40.

2. M1 Garand returns.

3. Fixed the spread of shotguns.

4. Increased the aiming damage of all sniper rifles.

5. Slightly increased the damage of all shotguns.

6. Optimized bullet code and some models.

7. Deleted bullet tracers.

8. Improved first-person aiming animations.

9. Redesigned first-person animations for AK12, AK37, AKM, MP5K.

10. M14 renamed to M14 EBR. The animation and the M14 model have been redesigned for the M14 EBR model.

11. Guns and Ammo tables are returns.

12. The maximum number of cartridges and magazines in the stack has been increased to 10.



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REALLY nice (⁠「⁠`⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠)⁠「
can you use this with realms?
Please remove the scope from the m1 and add the
Add sandbag barricades and claymore mines
Great addon, though I would suggest Buffing up the damage of all the guns
(especially Snipers) I feel like they're super underpowered and not that satisfying compared to other gun add-ons.
Make it so that there is a ejection port on the m1911 and other guns. Can you also make them more detailed like adding bolt release on m4a1 and other guns
Haturbokmuffer - Studios September 09, 2022 at 7:21 pm
mini gun
and minigun turret
yo that will be great for any base for protection. - turret
Please Add Minigun
It Would Be So Amazing
Pls add minigun and make it that we can dye guns Very good Add-on Report Someone has put your mod on othere website
Santisupergameplay August 29, 2022 at 3:08 pm
I can use this in a map with designer's Toolkit??
Hi, I was wondering if you have plans for adding a customization system like Vic's Modern Warfare? I have used your addon since the very beginning and I think it is amazing and I was also wondering if I could have your permission to use your addon in a server I have been working on?
We need some Riffles Man! bring! Mosin, Kar, Springfield, Gewehr in the Show!!!

And Pls and Another Sub machinegun? It's called Stg-44 thanks!

More armors to!

Great work guys!
This is the greatest addon ever. I would like to have an RPG update too.
Ooooh, I'm loving this so far, is there a chance you could add the Luger, Remington M870, a Functional Flashlight (both as a light source with a proper 'cone' of light, and as a Melee Weapon and able to be used in offhand), an M60, and a M32 Grenade Launcher? and a version of the M1 Garand that doesn't have a huge scope on it? With German Outfit along with ones for Vietnam, Britain, etc? ^^

Aswell as maybe a custom Display Block that you can put on the wall that you can put the weapons on to display them for like an Armory Room.
I think he Would not Add WW2 Outfits?
Cause the Addon looks very Modern?
The Thing that they add WW2 guns, cause some WW2 guns are still being used in the modern days! So outfits? Nah I don't think he would add that, I would love if he adds that, but it would lost the Modern atmosphere of the plugin
WW2 Outfits in a Modern Addon? I think he wouldn't add that? Cause the addon has modernized Guns, The Reason Because he Adds WW2 Guns on a Modern Gun addon is because, some WW2 Used guns are still being Used in the Modern day! So Adding WW2 Outfits would Ruin the Modern atmosphere of the addon, I like your suggestion and adding WW2 Outfits looks cool, and because I love WW2 Stuff, but it would Ruin the Modern style of the addon, so WW2 Outfits? I think no