Insomnia Tower Defense V1.2 MEGA UPDATE

Tower defence- Our top product here

Insomnia Tower defense is a story mode game where you battle over 50 waves of creatures using... Towers? Yes! You yourself can't do anything, but with a wide range of towers, 2 levels, four difficulties, 5 money settings, 5 advanced settings, over 20 total towers, and awesome maps, why wouldn't you want to play? 

Why is it our top product though? Well, with over a year of work underneath this game's belt, and almost entirely vanilla gameplay, and great ratings from our beta testers, we decided to nominate it as our best product! It was so good, the team downloaded the game for themselves, just to try to defeat it in the hardest difficulty!

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-Fixed download links, to redirect to correct files     


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how do i start the wave?
does it work in 1.18 beta
help enemy doesn't spawn and can't place tower
the items are all being cleared from my inventory
Searched one forever, and finally found a good one, pog.
The map isn't responding properly. When I started level 1, nothing is spawning, which means that the TPS (Ticks per second) is too high.

For a bit more context: I tried to spawn an Archer Tower by dropping the bow that I've purchased from the Shopkeeper, but as I did drop the bow, the bow is stuttering in the air and not dropping at all..

All and all, I don't think it's ever that great of a map because of how the map is broken and doesn't seem to respond properly...
I mean this is a trial version the performance will be improved in the latter versions and when we are done it will be very pog.