Insta Farms V2.0 Function Pack

This is a function pack (Addon) that adds to the game ten different types of automatic farms that can be generated with just one command easily and in a short time.

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-No fish are generated on the farms: wheat, beetroot, carrot, potato.

-Pumpkin and melon farms are automatic.

-Added four new automatic farms.

-The link works correctly. 

Supported Minecraft versions

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this comment is confusted
not to sure how this works on 1.16 but it dose love it!
sorry it souds like i cant figure it out thats not the case it works
Awesome mod that works as advertised,
Just one suggestion the signs break when placeing? replace Bottom row of stone with hopper feeding into main row of hopper to catch spares
Do houses next
Works on Nintendo switch
Works for me on Xbox links does work
Link does not work. Will do 5 stars when it does.
Has anyone got this to work on xbox yet?
sadly these don't work on the xbox, why? cause xbox doesn't support scripts sadly
I have it on my xbox pretty easy if you know what your doing.
well this addon is not a script so this addon could easily work on xbox by simply puting the unziped file in you behavior pack folder on your xbox
Bud This is a addon not a script
You I got it to work. Its behavior pack and once you put it in the folder then you just type /function and then when you want. Like /Function wheat, ect.
This Addon looks amazing, but fix the link, use another link shortener! It brings up a whole bunch of 18+ sex sites, it take forever! If this is not fixed soon I will have your reported!
After many adds vpn adds 18+sex site I managed to download it mediafire I’m using iOS I pad...... the creator may want to look at removing the 18+add and other adds.
The sends people to an 18+ site fix the link please
Theres no sugarcane farm function but you mentioned it from the intro. Kinda disappointed
It is its called reeds
The links don’t work keeps making me go to Mitford then something else it sucks
The link don’t work it sucks