Published on June 26, 2016 (Updated on June 26, 2016)

Instant Structures Mod

Hey the items on this mod is not ther is the mod broken or something
Why does it come up with a hell lot of coding
Just get mcpe master u can get mods and import mods forget block launcher
You can use mcpe master
Wait... So is there a mod launcher for 15.0 because if there isn't home do you know these mods will work?
This mod uses simple commands that have been working in a lot of previous versions.. so it will most probably work with 0.15 :)
MCPE Master works for 0.15 and BlockLauncher will work soon.
how is this supposed to be done because Block launcher still is outdated
Tool box launcher duh
You can downgrade to 0.14.3 if you saved that apk. If not, then you will have to wait for BL to update.