Published on December 14, 2016 (Updated on December 14, 2016)

Interstellar Space Skies

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texture doesn't work. the moon is still a default. i also noticed that when the pack got imported the icon was textureless. how do i fix this?
Isn’t that the sun from the Solar System Skies pack, Hm? They looks the same
other than being circular in the wrong game it is a good texture pack!
They already add a black hole silly!?
it was in 2018... the comments are outdated
Can u add black hole pls
they already did
how do i see the black hole do i just go al the way up
No light around the black hole shows but the herizon is black because light can not escape.
Why do some people think its a map? -_-
Hello can you mix the planets and this one
I'd like to discuss using your texture pack for a project I am commissioned for the YouTuber @ItzDiecies
Contact me on twitter:
Where do you see the black hole?
I wanna know.
Can you really go to space?
In having trouble getting it to activate on my minecraft
I forgot to rate oops
Can you make the black hole have some little people who fell out of there space ship
You really missed a trick by not adding one that's a space shuttle.