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Published on August 25, 2016 (Updated on August 25, 2016)

Inventory Pets PE Mod

Inventory Pets PE adds 31 pets to the game. Craft the pets and keep them in your inventory. Then just make sure they are kept fed to benefit the many abilities which they can give you. It's a great way to have a pet in Minecraft without having to worry if they get killed or don't do what they are told. Besides looking absolutely adorable they will also prove very useful on your next adventures in Minecraft!

Creators: Purplicious_Cow (Original PC Mod) (Twitter), TaQultO_988 (Twitter)


To use the pet abilities make sure the pet which you want to use is in your hotbar. Also remember that you must keep your pets fed (by keeping whatever items they eat in any of the inventory slots).

Each pet is used differently. Some of them have passive abilities while others can be used (by tapping on the ground) to cause some type of action. For example, a Sheep Pet can be used for getting a jump potion effect and a Blaze Pet can be used for setting mobs on fire.

Down below you can view all pets, crafting recipes, food and abilities. We've also included a full list of crafting recipes for the pet food further down on this page.

Ghast Pet (ID: 4014):
Eats: Blaze Powder
Abilities: Use item to cause an explosion (and gain 1-2 second temporary damage/fire resistance) (3 uses, costs 1 Blaze Powder to reload)
Recipe: 6 Nether Quartz + 1 Blaze Powder + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Spider Pet (ID: 4015):
Eats: Raw Chicken
Abilities: Jump effect, climb walls. Gives strings when it eats.
Recipe: 6 Coal Nuggets + 1 Raw Chicken + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Magma Cube Pet (ID: 4020): 
Eats: Nether Quartz
Abilities: Fire resistance, walk on lava.
Recipe: 6 Redstones + 1 Gold Nugget + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Moon Pet (ID: 4057): 
Eats: Ghast Tears
Abilities: Use item to reverse the gravity (causes mobs to fly / drop from the sky)
Recipe: 7 Nether Quartz + 1 Ghast Tear + 1 Emerald + 1 Diamond

Mooshroom Pet (ID: 4013): 
Eats: Red Mushroom
Abilities: Got a similar use to bonemeal (enhances the growth of plants). Keep an empty bowl in your inventory to get mushroom stew.
Recipe: 3 Redstones + 1 Red Mushroom + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot + 3 Iron Nuggets

Creeper Pet (ID: 4019):
Eats: Gunpowder
Abilities: Use item to cause explosion (1-2 seconds temporary damage) (3 uses, costs 1 Gunpowder to reload)
Recipe: 6 Emerald Nuggets + 1 Gunpowder + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Blaze Pet (ID: 4022):
Eats: Nether Quartz
Abilities: Use item to set enemy on fire. Strength potion effect.
Recipe: 6 Gold Nuggets + 1 Nether Quartz + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

We don't have images for the remaining pet effects/usages but they are all equally awesome.

Cow Pet (ID: 4007):
Eats: Wheat
Abilities: Removes negative potion effects and regenerates hunger. Keep an empty bucket in your inventory to get some milk. Pet must be eat!
Recipe: 3 Coal Nuggets + 3 Iron Nuggets + 1 Wheat + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Pig Pet (ID: 4009):
Eats: Carrots
Abilities: Feed it carrots and get raw porkchop in return.
Recipe: 6 Redstones + 1 Carrot + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Sheep Pet (ID: 4008): 
Eats: Wheat
Abilities: Jump potion effect. Slow fall. As it eats it will give you wool.
Recipe: 2 Red Wool + 1 Orange Wool + 1 Green Wool + 1 Yellow Wool + 1 Gray Wool

Chicken Pet (ID: 4010):
Eats: Wheat Seeds
Abilities: Increased movement speed. Gives eggs.
Recipe: 6 Feathers + 1 Seeds + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Squid Pet (4011):
Eats: Wheat Seeds
Abilities: Underwater effects: night vision. increased speed, water breathing
Recipe: 6 Lapis Nuggets + 1 Raw Fish + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Ocelot Pet (ID: 4012):
Eats: Cooked Fish
Abilities: Night vision. Catch raw fish in water (random chance).
Recipe: 6 Gold Nuggets + 1 Raw Fish + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Iron Golem Pet (ID: 4016):
Eats: Iron Ingots
Abilities: Use item to get potion effect: Resistance II (2 minutes) (3 uses, costs 1 iron ingot to reload)
Recipe: 6 Iron Nuggets + 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Snow Golem Pet (ID: 4017): 
Eats: Pumpkins
Abilities: Knockback effects on mobs. Gives snowballs when eating.
Recipe: 6 Nether Quartz + 1 Pumpkin + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Enderman Pet (ID: 4018): 
Eats: Ender Nuggets
Abilities: Use item to teleport. (3 uses, costs 1 Ender Nugget)
Recipe: 6 Coal Nuggets + 1 Ender Nugget + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Furnace Pet (ID: 4027): 
Eats: Coal
Abilities: Use item to smelt first smeltable item in the hotbar (costs 1 coal per use)
Recipe: 6 Cobblestones + 1 Coal + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Anvil Pet (ID: 4031): 
Eats: Iron Ingots
Abilities: Slow auto-repair for items in inventory.
Recipe: 6 Iron Ingots + 1 Iron Nugget + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Brewing Stand Pet (ID: 4032):
Eats: Nether Wart
Abilities: Use item to activate a random potion effect.
Recipe: 6 Cobblestones + 1 Nether Wart + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Sponge Pet (ID: 4034): 
Eats: Lily Pads
Abilities: Use item to place water. Sneak + use item to absorb water
Recipe: 6 Gold Nuggets + 1 Lily Pad + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Purplicious Cow Pet (ID: 4035): 
Eats: Diamond Nuggets
Abilities: Health regeneration
Recipe: 3 Lapis Nuggets + 3 Iron Nuggets + 1 Diamond Nugget + 1 Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Mickerson Pet (ID: 4036):
Eats: Diamond Nuggets
Abilities: Damage resistance (easter egg: use item)
Recipe: 6 Lapis Nuggets + 1 Diamond Nugget + Diamond + 1 Gold Ingot

Illuminati Pet (ID: 4031): 
Eats: Redstone Comparator (bug, should be Emerald Nuggets)
Abilities: Sneak + use item to get invisibility potion effect (30 seconds). Use item to receive random item. (3 uses, costs 1 Redstone Comparator)

Juggernaut Pet (ID: 4042):
Eats: Ender Nuggets
Abilities: Resistance potion effect (3 uses, costs 1 Ender Nugget to reload)
Recipe: 6 Redstones + 1 Obsidian Block + 1 Emerald + 1 Diamond

Quiver Pet (ID: 4044): 
Eats: Arrows
Abilities: Use item to shoot arrows.
Recipe: 6 Leather + 1 Feather + 1 Gold Ingot + 1 Diamond

Pacman Pet (ID: 4045): 
Eats: Cookies
Abilities: Use item to gain strength potion effect (8 seconds) (costs 1 cookie per use)
Recipe: 6 Gold Nuggets + 1 Cookie + 1 Gold Ingot + 1 Diamond

Cheetah Pet (ID: 4046): 
Eats: Raw Chicken
Abilities: Increased dig speed. Use item to get increased movement speed.
Recipe: 6 Blaze Powders + 1 Raw Chicken + 1 Ghast Tear + 1 Diamond

Cloud Pet (ID: 4052): 
Eats: Nether Quartz
Abilities: Increased flight speed (e.g. in creative or if you've toggled flying in survival). Use item to spawn lightning bolt.
Recipe: 6 Iron Nuggets + 1 Nether Quartz + 1 Emerald + 1 Diamond

Pufferfish Pet (ID: 4053):
Eats: Glowstone Dust
Abilities: None currently
Recipe: 6 Gold Nuggets + 1 Glowstone Dust + 1 Emerald + 1 Diamond

Shield Pet (ID: 4055):
Eats: Iron Nuggets
Abilities: Use item to get damage resistance potion effect (3 uses, costs 1 Iron Nugget to reload)
Recipe: 7 Iron Nuggets + 1 Emerald + 1 Diamond

Heart Pet (ID: 4056): 
Eats: Poppy
Abilities: Use item to get health regeneration potion effect. (3 uses, costs 1 Poppy to reload)
Recipe: 6 Gold Nuggets + 1 Red Tulip + 1 Emerald + 1 Diamond

Pet Food IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Coal Nugget x 9 (4000) - 1 Coal
  • Iron Nugget x 9 (4001) - 1 Iron Ingot
  • Lapis Nugget x 9 (4002) - 1 Lapis Lazuli
  • Diamond Nugget x 9 (4003) - 1 Diamond
  • Emerald Nugget x 9 (4004) - 1 Emerald
  • Obsidian Nugget x 9 (4005) - 1 Obsidian Block
  • Ender Nugget x 9 (4006) - 1 Coal
  • Ender Pearl (368) - no recipe

Important Links

Install Guide

This mod is currently in beta and as a result there can be bugs. It also doesn't yet have all the features which the PC version offers. To report a bug you can do so by messaging Purplicious_Cow or TaQultO_988 on Twitter.

  1. Download the Inventory Pets PE v0.1.modpkg file.
  2. Use BlockLauncher to import the modpkg file (click here for guide).
  3. Make sure to restart BlockLauncher to be sure it works.

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Its a zip just rename the zip .
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Wait Does this work for 1.14 ?
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Can you make mods for 1.14
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I would like it if you could make the mod an .mcaddon i really want to use it but i cant do .zips
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This looked SO COOL but can u make it so that I can use it on Chromebook? thx
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This is cool!!
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1 April 12, 2021 at 10:08 am
Does this addon work in multiplayer? i found a earlier version of this addon and if an other player holds the pet, everyone on the world gets the effect
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this dose not work for me
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Yes make it a mcaddon so much easier
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Hit skip and after you do that if it says to subscribe hit it and once you do it will bring you somewhere else and then it will ask you if you really want to subscribe, hit cancel so you dont subscribe to them for real and then you should be able to go on from then
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Close your block ads the it should work
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Please make it iOS compatible it has potential but without playing the mod I can not rate fairly
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