Published on April 01, 2021 (Updated on May 06, 2021)

Inventory Slot Ban!

With this addon you can ban any player's inventory or hotbar! He will not be able to fill the banned inventory even from the creative! The ban of slots remains even after the death of the player!

This addon allows you by entering one command to ban certain slots of the player's inventory. A player cannot put items in a banned slot, pick up items from the ground in this slot, and in general cannot interact with it in any way. The item that bans the slot cannot be thrown away by the player, moved somewhere, and in general it is not visible there that it is an item. Also, banned slots do not drop out when the player dies, and when the player is revived, they remain with him.

How to use:

just type  /execute <playername> ~~~ function and one of these:

for example, to ban all possible player slots, enter

/execute <playername> ~~~ function allslots_Ban

Description of functions:

allslots_Ban bans all possible player slots (including hotbar and armor slots)

armor_Ban bans all armor slots

hotbarSlot1_Ban -- hotbarSlot9_Ban bans one hotbar slot from 1 to 9

hotbar_Ban bans all hotbar slots

inventory_Ban bans all inventory slots (except hotbar and armor slots)

And the same functions but ending in "_Unban" unban the corresponding slots. (if you have banned one hotbar slot, enter "hotbar_Unban" to unban it)


A completely banned inventory does not pick up items from the ground:


This addon only works on version 1.16.0 and higher. If your version of minecraft is lower (1.14 \ 1.13 \ 1.10) this addon will not work!

This addon does not require any experimental world options to be enabled!

This addon works great in multiplayer!


Known bugs:

If a banned hotbar slot is selected, the player's hand is not visible in the first person view;

armor_Ban only bans the helmet slot;

These bugs cannot be fixed yet.


Is this addon compatible with other addons?

This icon in the name of the addon means that this addon is compatible with all my other addons, and addons from other creators!

Select version for changelog:

  1. Added an icon about the compatibility of the addon with other addons.


Click "Download" then when the page loads scroll down and find the "Free access with Ads" button and click on it. Then scroll up a bit and find "Discover interesting acticles" and click on that. A window will appear and you click on the cross, the inscription "wait 9 seconds" will appear, you wait and then click again on the cross and it will close. When it is closed click on the gray "Continue" button and hurray you did it!

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Hi! could you make a mod where it bans the item like if you type in chat /ban water_bucket it would not allow any players to be able to hold the item in there inventory.
Good idea, maybe someday I'll do it.
Okay thanks. Right theres only a plugin that does that. If you make 1 please reply to my comments telling me that you made 1 and posted it
i have a issue i cant download the zip or addon can you just publish it without linkvertise
nvm it was becaues of ads
This is such a cool addon! I was thinking of implimenting something like this in a zombies map that I want to make. Would you mind if I use this addon and give credit if I upload here to Mcpedl? It would be quite helpful so people wouldn't be able to carry around every gun they get.
Of course, you can use this addon on any of your maps!
Fantastic, thank you!
I didn't even install the mod, but you deserve these 5 stars for thinking of this. :D