Published on May 22, 2017

InventoryTweaks Addon

Installation Guides

Is there any alternatives?
It didnt work but I dare someone to try and beat the game with it cause it takes the bottom right crafting slot from a crafting table away
If this works my brain will explode
It shows the link was deleted and i can't download....
Pls put new link or direct mediafire link..
I really miss using this addon. It was like the TMI mod for Minecraft: Java Edition.
Does not work
iWantToRemainPrivate July 17, 2020 at 4:28 pm
Because the glich was patched.
Where is the slot for the off hand
Does it work
Guys. Here’s how to download on IOS IPAD: download ZIP. Tap Open in folders. Find and tap minecraft. Find the file: Textures. Then tap add. (Make sure minecraft app was closed when doing this or it might not work). Open up minecraft. And it should be there =D
Ok sry guys. I just tested it.... and it doesn’t work anymore. Sorry
Plz fix it or just log in at you ad fly around so we can dolowaded again...
i hope it works 1.12
This has add fly pleas pleas I beg you get rid of add fly I cant do it on iOS fix fix fix
I can’t even use the link. I click the link. It goes onto ADFly. And it says my account has been suspended when I didn’t even have one! I made a new account. Same message! Please help.
When adfly opens wait about 5-10 seconds and at the top you get an option to skip your ad and then go to media fire and download
It doesn't say that, it just says "This account is suspended". You could wait hours and nothing would happen.
Icant download it why
Same i can’t download it either!