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Published on October 12, 2017 (Updated on October 12, 2017)

Inverted Paranorma Texture Pack

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Zip file link is broken
Guest-3229513748 May 11, 2020 at 9:54 pm
Is there a way to download this pack?

On the .mcpack file type?
Just use ios instead you just have to use zoom!
Yeah versus some who have low ios/android devices and have a glitch. You can invert colors.
You are totally wrong! Minecraft provides textures for endermen, spider, snowman, and sheep. Them are just converted to .tga format just for keeping away users to modify them (i think), and you have just to convert them to .png to get the texture.
They are not encoded as tga files to keep people away from them they are like that to allow for colourization, for example, different sheep colours.
Cray Cray Pizza Lover August 16, 2018 at 9:23 am
Best Texture EVERRRRR (im on pc for those who are wondering)
In iOS you can just go to accessibility in settings and click invert colors or classic invert if you are on iOS 11 and the texture will be pretty much the same.
Can’t you read the other thirty comments on this exact topic and see the the creator’s responses? You had to have scrolled past them to make this comment, didn’t you?
Heya, can you make greyscale. It would be fun for Android users
Well it's usfel if u have a kindle fire cuz it's not exactly inverted SO THIS IS USLFEL
The grass blocks aren't inverted on the sides
I've seen your other creations and ports, and I have to say their pretty fine-o your one of my favorite MC content creators, I wish you could fix the bug, and change the mob textures completely, but don't get me wrong it's GREAT.
Why does other mods can change the mob? (This is for the Note)
It is this way because pack creators will either have a program that can directly edit a .tga file or they convert it to an editable format; edit the image; and if they had converted it originally, they will either leave it as its .jpg/.png, or convert it back to .tga to keep it in the same quality as the original.
Hey honestly it seems like you have a good idea going here but I think that you need to delve a little bit deeper into the world of graphic design and file formats. Because you can edit the .tga files of your specified mobs by converting or just slapping a .png file in place of it. I happen to be making an inverted color resource pack myself for personal amusement so if you need assistance let me know.
Maybe the creator cant open .tga file.das why he cant change enderman skin
Poor guy :)