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Published on January 27, 2021 (Updated on January 27, 2021)

Invisible Ore Add-on

What if this ore actually exists? It's completely transparent, so it's invisible, but it's touchable, and it has strong durability.

I made this add-on based on this imagination. You can use this completely transparent ore to make armor and weapons.

This add-on adds invisible ore to your Minecraft world. This ore can be found in underground caves, and you can obtain transparent ingots by mining this ore.

Find it under y 15. You'll find it mostly where diamonds might be.

You can craft armors and weapons with invisible ingots. Items that can be crafted are as follows.

  • Invisible Helmet
  • Invisible Chestplate
  • Invisible Leggings
  • Invisible Boots
  • Invisible Sword

The sword handle is visible. Because the handle is a wooden stick :)

Even if I don't explain any further, I'm sure you've already figured out where to use this add-on. ;)

Now, please watch the video on how to use the add-on.

And, there's one important thing: TURN ON ALL 3 EXPERIMENTS OPTIONS in the game settings.


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4 / 5 (2 votes)
Oh no. Where’s my sword gone?
However, what’s the protection values on the armour like? Otherwise I don’t see much point of this.
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Thats the thing idiot
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Omg how did you maker such a mod !?
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