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Published on May 07, 2017 (Updated on May 07, 2017)

Invisible Particles Texture Pack

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not wolks for me wye?
Can this add on remove sprint particles, TNT particles, attacking villagers and much more? If not, please make one that does to help remove lag!
Player actually already can hide the particle just by typing this command /effect (set to 1000000 will equal to Infinite) (you need to choose between "true/false")
Not the point...
That requires commands, this works without cheats AND on potions
I don't want to get anyone upset, but Addons like this are made in 5-10 minutes. And this is an exact copy of the "No Potion Particles Pack" Addon. The only difference is that they have different names. And Description.
Thank you!
Except there is a difference and that is that it removes ALL particles.
The one that it is the EXACT same as is the Particle Remover addon
We can invisible particles in vanila minecraft.
/effect @p regeneration 99999 255 true
That's not the point guys. That needs cheats. This works for potions
Hey! Give the editor some respect! Without him we cant have any addons,texture packs,seeds and maps so be thankful!!
Lol. You can just hide particles by command, /effect @p jumpboost 30 true by putti g true or false enable disabile effect particle
But if you wanna troll someone, that will appear in chat so yeah
Thats not the point guys. That needs cheats. This works for potions
Guys come on this is a easy to make something like this like if I got coffee at subway and u get coffee I wouldn't say "Hey dude why r u coping me?!" It's just like that also he might of made this one way better then the original like with a better link or less bugs.
Wait you can get coffe from subway.
How do you post things on mcpedl?
I don't find this thing useful at all
Do you know that if you do /effect (name) (effect) (time) (how strong it is) true
If you put true at the last word the particles will be not seen
That's not the point. That needs cheats. This works for potions
What if your using a legit survival world? What are you going to do then?!?!
Answer: use this pack of if your a baby like other people in this comment section use Lego Asians pack.
TheFireBrother/// TFB May 07, 2017 at 9:01 pm
Well u could just /effect @p invisibility (time) (?) true
(The true means to erase particle, you can erase it whether you choose false or true)
That's not the point. That needs cheats. This works for potions
NetherExplorer78 May 07, 2017 at 7:38 pm
Nice texture pack, but you can just use command /effect @p invisibility 1000 1 true to make it No particles.
The point of this addon is to help take screenshots when commands are not available, like when you are is survival mode.
People should really start looking to see if they are accidentally copying someone else's addon. I'm not that mad at the creator, but I'm mad at John (the editor) for giving this almost the exact same description as mine, if not a better one!
Look here:
If not that, other people have already done this and it has been posted on the site! Wth!
The reason why it got a similar description is because it's basically the same as yours. However, just because something really similar exists doesn't make it a copy, in my opinion.
You should really give credit to the person who suggested this.
It's not a unique idea. Someone just happened to come up with a similar idea. I really don't see the issue here.
But why do you upload this one too? What is diffrent?
If something is useful then it will be posted. I can't deny things just because something similar has been done in the past. For example, just because Gona once created a car add-on I can't go on and delete all other car submissions.
Ik, And thanks The Stupidest Guy for the support.
But John/Editor, that's now what I mean.
I get the similair description to mine but look up Particle in your sites search bar.
See that addon you posted called "Particle Remover Addon"?
Does literally the EXACT same thing as this one. Removes particles from game.
I bet if you look in the files you will find that they are EXACLY the same, discluding pack_icon's and manifest's
Yeah, I get it. But there is just one way that you can make particles invisible. I have done this myself before this was a thing to get screenshots for some maps.

I admit that it is not a perfect explanation. Maybe it shouldn't have been posted, but at the same time we cannot know for sure whether or not he copied it. I think he didn't. I think it was just a coincidence.

Anyways, it won't be removed since there is no clear evidence that it has been stolen. I am sorry if this seems insulting to you. This is not a perfect situation, I admit.
The Stupidest Guy May 08, 2017 at 3:05 am
People will start downloadng this addon.
They will disregard addon by LegoAidan19155.
Please read my previous messages in regards to this. I think I explained my thinking pretty well. If you've got anything to add to the conversation, feel free to do that.. but be more specific.
"The reason why it got a similar description is because it’s basically the same as yours."

..."because it's basically the same as yours."

However, just because something really similar exists doesn’t make it a copy, in my opinion.

..."doesn't make it a copy"...

..."because it's basically the same as yours."
..."doesn't make it a copy"...

Your two sentences are contradictory.
It's possible that I used the wrong choice of words here. What I meant to get at is that just because something looks similar doesn't mean it's the same.
People leave the editor alone those 2 sentences contradict each other yes when said one right after another but they don't because he said -just because something is similar- does not make it a copy you completely forgot about that sentence
Why did they not even look because you made one