Published on June 26, 2018 (Updated on July 06, 2018)

Invisible/More Transparent Water Pack

These simple texture packs don't change any of the existing vanilla textures, they only affect water transparency and only slightly change water color. Both packs will help a lot in case you need a more easy way to be able to have a better vision underwater. It's great that there are two different packs as each of them is differently extreme in terms of their transparency. Creator: Codysaur2004Twitter Account Updated: 6 July 2018 (read changelog) The Transparent Water Pack makes water more transparent and also makes swamp water less ughly for those who want to build there. Unfortunately, water gets opaque from far away, so you need to be close enough to get the desired effect. The Invisible Water Pack makes water (up close) pretty much invisible, allowing for some funny ways to troll your friends without them even knowing. The Invisible Water Pack also removes most underwater fog, allowing you to see pretty far underwater. The Sky Blue Pack is the same as the Transparent Water Pack, but it instead makes the water a beautiful sky blue, that gives a tropical feel. This pack even makes the underwater fog sky blue, giving a tropical feel as well. The Opaque Water Pack makes all the water in the game completely opaque; meaning that it's completely non-transparent. This pack isn't as realistic or nice looking as the other packs, but this one can certainly be used in creative and unique ways.


Download Resources (Transparent Water) .McPack
  • Download Resources (Invisible Water) .McPack
  • Download Resources (Sky Blue Water) .McPack
  • Download Resources (Opaque Water) .McPack
  • Activate one of the packs for a world in-game or in Settings > Global Resources
  • You can get a .ZIP file for these packs here.

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    another mod with a broken link...
    *texture pack
    I mean the .zip file literally works fine, like it has the .mcpe files in it?
    The zip file link works and it contains all the mcpacks.
    Looks great but pls fix the link :(
    links are broken dude

    pls fix thx
    Links are gone. there only errors and missing pages.
    can you please fix the links.
    The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.
    Yeah u Right!
    oh wait u download the zip its can downloaded,idk working/not on my mcpe
    I don’t know why but it stopped working randomly. The water was the blue color, but it randomly stopped working and reverted to its old colors. This happened even before 1.16 and I didn’t even update my game at all, it just stopped working.
    It still only works that the invisible water is so invisible that you can't see it in the caves.?????
    Actually Works! (Didn’t expect that much) Can’t actually see it in some places like black rooms

    Still working, It's great!
    it works actually, transparent water works on windows 10
    Wow it does!
    Hey is it okay if I use your code to creat a resource pack? I will also credit you. I am trying to creat a texture pack with green grass blue water and sky. And I want to use your texture. Can you allow me?
    Well hello there
    oh so this is where the lively default eh? hahahaha can u pls make enhanced vanilla pack that only adds waving grass leaves and water? Then leave everything normal? is it possible?
    Thank you for making this pack! The transparent water one was just the one I needed to get rid of the look of the abhorred swamp biome in my world I've been desperate to get rid of.