Published on January 22, 2021 (Updated on January 22, 2021)

Invisible Trip Wires

Ever got annoyed that your friends would always see the trip wire traps you set up?  Well, I thought of an idea that will solve all your problems with those kind of traps :D

This pack takes the texture of a tripwire and turns it basically invisible.  However, the tripwire hook is still visible, but I am hoping to change that in later versions.


YouTube - AlwaysAFK [jUkEd]

(I don't do Minecraft, only io games, but consider subscribing, as the content is still fun, and I might start doing Minecraft tutorials to!)



String unattached - practically invisible

Trip wire attached - invisible

Full trip wire + hooks - practically invisible

Trip wire hooks hidden with surroundings - ready to trap and unsuspecting friend or foe >:)


Should support versions, notify me if it doesn't.


  • InvisWires_1611283936.mcpack

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Invisible pressure plates would be amazing maps! It would go viral! I hate having pressure plates in sight! Please your my only hope! I need them for map building extremely much!
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Really cool, but could you make one where the tripwires are a bright colour so that they're easier to see pls?
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