Published on September 25, 2022 (Updated on June 22, 2023)

Iron Man Add-on

With this add-on will allow you to become the super hero Iron Man, you can use their costumes, the power to fly like Iron Man and use their weapons, all you can make from your survival world. 

Creator: ArathNidoGamer, (Twitter)(Youtube)(Discord).

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New costumes:

  • Mark 43
  • Mark 44


  • Ultron Sentinels.


  • The miniguns and the energy ray will no longer be manufactured, they will grant them to you while you use an Iron Man armor that is not the Mark 1. (The ammunition is infinite while you have an arc reactor).
  • War Machine's minigun can now be manufactured, it will be granted to you while wearing the War Machine Mark 001 armor. (The ammunition is infinite while you have an arc reactor).
  • The War Machine Shotgun can now be crafted, it will grant you while wearing the War Machine Mark 002 or Iron Patriot armor (Ammo is infinite as long as you have an arc reactor).
  • The War Machine Mark 002 shotgun fires 8 rounds of bullets per shot.
  • Compatibility with Minecraft 1.20
  • Adjustments in the sounds of thrusters.


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i like the addon but i have one request can you make the suits customizable whatever color the players want to put on the suit pls any designs they will make plssssss
Hola a quien no le gustaría un mod de Batman de los comics con armaduras como el hellbat o la armadura gigante también de murciélago
Me gustaría más modelos de armaduras como el Mark 47,50,85 y más armas cómo las pinzas del Mark 36 o lásers escudos espadas o también de la armadura del martillo de Thor
This comment has been removed
Love it if I could actually use my skin it turns my skin green and doesn’t let me change it or else it crashes.
The ultron robots do to much knockback could you reduce it a bit?
I tried using it with your new gun addon and the armor models have weird additional pieces floating around the arm even with your "better together addon" added to the world. please fix this,
I can't download it
Add the Hulkbuster
the addon is very nice and cooooool
Looking forward to the completion of the Mark 85
Please make a Henry Stickmin Add-On. Thank you.
Esse addon funciona com o seus outros tipo o do homen aranha ??
Day 4 of asking you if you can do a power rangers super sentai addon with all of the seasons and morphing animations
Update World Animals Add-on.