Published on November 15, 2021

Iron Man Armory - Addon

I am Iron Man! In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark has made exactly 51 Iron Man suits, at least that have been shown on screen or in other references.This Addon attempts to add all 51 from the MK 1 to the MK 85 (yes the math might seem strange but supposedly the MK 51-84 were just software updates, so 51 total suits on screen)...

Here is a video showing everything in action!

To become Iron Man you first need "Stark Tech Glasses". You can right click them to enable the headset or disable the headset. If you turn invisible, just right click a few more times and it should resolve itself!

If you sneak, it lets you swap between the different suits which is shown in the first person hud. Sprint is used to activate abilities and suit up. When you are suited up your hud will change letting you swap between abilities instead of suits!

Some abilities are locked depending on the suit you have, like only the MK 50 and 85 can use the Nanotech Shield.

Each suit has a suit up animation. A lot of them are shared, for example this is the MK 2 which has an animation shared with the MK 3, 4, and 6 while the MK 5 (suit case suit) has a different animation.

It uses education edition abilities to enable "mayfly" letting you fly in survival. Flying has a special animation, and if you sprint while flying the animation will change as well!



Should work for the latest version of Bedrock or later, so 1.17X etc. In order for things to work you need to enable the Education Edition slider since the ability command is used to control the flight system.

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
how do we shoot in the iron man mod
Just gave u another five stars so it is 10/10
Good and its compatible in multiplayer
Olso everyone who were asking if it is compatible with other addons
Just put it ontop of the other addons
And it should be fine
I tried and it worked
Can the armour called sneaky acutaly invisible
And can be toggalble
Olso the sheild should olso be togable
Btw the addon is amazing keep up
Please add A.I. like Jarvis , Friday

Please add hulkbuster armour

Please add a animation like removing armour which we find in movie

Please add dummy ai

And the mod is great if you add these ideas than the mod will become more greater
Definetly 5 stars but can the addon be commpatable with other addons and can u make it so u can shoot stuff while in the air btw i love the addon
Perdo el mod esta buenisimo
No si ni una mierda
can this be compatible with your spider man addon?
Amazing plz put on mclhub
Oh yeah 5 stars even though i cant get it
This mod looks amazing and its probably one of the best mods on here but could you please post and can you do it for the spiderman and infinity gauntlet mod as