Published on February 27, 2021 (Updated on February 27, 2021)

Item Exchange

This addon allows you to exchange a large variety of minecraft items into coins, and you can use the coins to generate new items. It's inspired by other addons similar to it like Project E.

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For your information, I removed the create table. then change the recipe tags to stonecutter. As a result, I can trade items conveniently. because on android, create table is uncomfortable. i need to click item once, buy, click other item, click buy item back, buy, repeat. if i don't do this, i'll buy default selected item instead. eg: coin16 is gold ingot as default.
does it work for 1.17?
Wow it so op in normal survival
Vontage all your addons are amazing and this is no exception
In ProjectE, you need to learn the items first to exchange them. It will be overpowered if you can get infinite nether star without even killing the wither.
it's impossible to do that in bedrock add-on's