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Published on June 02, 2020 (Updated on July 02, 2020)

ItsDandD's Default Edit (Nether Updated)

This is the first texture pack that I have finished. It includes numerous features that are useful and appealing. This whole texture pack takes up less than 2Mb and will slightly boost your FPS.

This texture pack has the following features:

Limited particles (all particles except for critical hits will not appear).

Clearer water for more visibility.

Shorter swords that take up less screen space.

Lower fire (and burn effect).

Bow indicator (green when fully charged). 

RGB break effect (Optional) 

Note: This is only in a Mcworld format.

This texture was created by ItsDandD

Check out my YouTube

Here is short showcase video of the texture pack. You can get a Non-Adfly download link in the description.

Netherite Short Sword:

Short Swords:

Clear Water: 

Less Particles:

Bow Indicator:

Low fire:

RGB Break Effect (Optional) 

Make sure that this texture pack is above any other texture pack.

Select version for changelog:

New netherite short swords and changed the title. New download links as well.

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Can you make water more clear like there is no water really really clear and disable the particle? (sorry for my English)
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Is there a version you have with particles? I like the other things but I need to be able to tell when people eat gold/enchanted apples.
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Java bow ding sound effect?
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Thank You for your suggestion! Sadly this is not possible because that would require a behavior pack and this is a resource pack. How ever there is a addon for that already:
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I know I’m very late, but does this work on servers?
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can you add fullbright and saturation?
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This feature is planned for the next update.
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