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Published on June 28, 2020 (Updated on June 28, 2020)

ItsDandD's Fishing Mod

With this mod you can catch superior things! Instead of boring fish, you can get a wide variety of ores, including netherite scrap! It is also possible to catch diamond chest plates and swords!

This mod basically changes what you can catch while fishing. Using luck of the sea on your fishing rod will increase the chances! Although it is still possible to catch fish, you will also come across these items (and more!):

  • Iron ignots
  • Gold ignots
  • Netherite scrap
  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Diamond chest plates
  • Diamond swords 

This mod was created by ItsDandD

Check out ItsDandD's Youtube:

Here is a video showcase of the mod in action. There is a Non-Adfly link in the description:

Gold Ore:

Iron Ore:

Diamond Chest Plate:

Note: Make sure this behavior pack is above any other packs you have active.

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This mod almost put a virus on Mubarak friends iPad. It has happened on other mods too. Don’t risk it. The mod sounded cool but it was dangerous
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I’m confused
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why is this a mod or an add-on. And is this for Minecraft Pocket Edition or is this for bedrock Edition you need to be specific.Pocket Edition does not exist anymore sir so this is for bedrock Edition you need a specifically State bedrock Edition
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Pocket edition does exist you stupid hoe
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I recommend making it less op
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Hey bro, the Addon file is missing some elements, I try it in some worlds and when fishing the world freezes and takes me out of the game, the same error detector detects it, fix that please
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Can I use this for my map?
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No you can only sit here and look at the pictures you're not allowed to download it
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Works well but too much good lot, no more old stuff....
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yeah I wish you could still catch nametags
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