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Published on August 01, 2020 (Updated on August 06, 2020)

ItsDandD's Jukebox Add-On

Listen to your favorite discs anywhere and everywhere with this add-on! This add-on simply extends the range of your jukebox to an insane extent, so you will hear it in the Nether and End dimensions.

By extending the range on the jukebox, you can now hear your music anywhere. This includes the Nether and End dimensions. When going to either of these dimensions, the music will continue to play seamlessly!

Creator: ItsDandD

Checkout my YouTube 

Here is a video demo of the add-on. There is a Non-Adfly link in the description of it:


Notice: Make sure to keep this add-on above any others you might have.

Select version for changelog:


Added new photos and made pack order clearer with a picture.


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It works really well, good job!!
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It doesn't play any sounds i followed all the instructions but it still didn't play im rating this 3 stars for now i hope you will fix this
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i didn't download the pack, but just making sure, if you play on android/iOs, then have you downloaded the official music pack from the marketplace? its free just search "music" and have your filter set to "free"
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