Published on March 09, 2023 (Updated on March 24, 2023)

ItsDrCat's Texture Tweaks!

Do you ever feel that some textures look a bit off, bland, or don't just fit? Well this texture pack is here to attempt to fix that by changing the looks of Minecraft to be slightly altered to try to remove that annoying look.

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Release 1.1.0 Changelog

  • Changed Sleeping UI to be slightly more transparent
  • Added rope textures to some tools
  • Added bobber to fishing rod
  • Changed Enchantment Glint texture
  • Changed Ender Pearl items
  • Changed Bow Texture
  • Added Version to description
  • Fixed Manifest (again)
  • Fixed End Portal Colors
  • Changed Icon Color
  • Added some additional unused UI image files
  • Changed the Glistening Melon Texture to be pointing the same way as the normal melon
  • Changed some death messages in the English language file (just made some make more sense)


  • DrCats_Texture_Tweaks_1.1.0_.mcaddon (493.73 KB)

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Hi Friend! I recently used your Nametag Player mod and removed it from one of my worlds but now every time someone moves it spams in chat “[!:Added tag ‘ground’ from [theplayer]” or “[!:Removed tag ‘ground’ from [theplayer]” and I don’t know how the mod works to fix this issue, could you help me out here?
The Weather particles look really nice. Not too sure about the upside down Ts inside there.
It would be nice just to have the weather changed.
It is fine to download the resource and behavior packs seperately, but I downloaded the McAddon and the chairs worked, and also were not invisible. I'm not sure if it is because you downloaded the packs seperately or not, i guess try again
The particles will be tweaked in the next coming update
J'aime bien j'espère qu'il aura plus de texture dans le futur