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In this Minecraft Bedrock addon, I have created 20 new recipes for vanilla items that you are normally unable to craft. You can now craft items such as ender pearls, elytra, shulker shells, bedrock, diamond, gold, and iron horse armor and much more.

Here are the recipes for all the items in this addon:

Diamond Horse Armor:

Gold Horse Armor:

Iron Horse Armor:

Chainmail Helmet:

Chainmail Chestplate:

Chainmail Leggings:

No Chainmail Boots though... sry :(




Shulker Shells: (2)

Mob Spawner:


Experience Bottles: (9)


Notch Apple:

Totem of Undying:

Anvil Repair:

Ender Pearl:

Coal Ore:

And finally... Diamond Ore:

And If you want to see a video of all of the recipes, their applications for a normal survival world, and proof that the addon actually works, check out this video I uploaded on my channel covering the addon.

Have Fun!


All you have to do is click the download link and select it again once it's finished to apply it to your very own minecraft world!


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