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Published on March 02, 2017 (Updated on March 02, 2017)

Japanese Garden Arena [PvP]

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Hello, I love this map, and i was thinking, is there a way to get a version witjout the pvp factor? I would love a version of thismap purely for the aesthetic version, so i would be glad, if you could tell me how to remove the pvp factor from it...
Thank god i am a weeb :)
Hey Luma, Don't mind if I Implement your map in an another Command Block Project (Rather than just SkyGames), Don't worry, All Credit goes to you!!!
May I use this map for my Commands
Of course you can, I love seeing people implementing their own ideas into my builds. It would just be nice if you credit me in case you publish your version of it. I wish you loads of fun with this map :)
It's a really nice addon !!!!! 100%
Me and my friends loved it!