Published on January 19, 2018 (Updated on March 08, 2023)

Java Aspects

This texture pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition feel, sound and look more like the original version of Minecraft called Java Edition. It changes this such as water, explosion particles, block sounds, drowned animations, block and item names, and many other things. If you're a big fan of Java Edition, you'll love this pack too!

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Preshaded Update (5.2.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects (not planned for Console Aspects).


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Most light sources are now shaded like Java Edition (Thanks in part to @carlosisawsom55!)
    • Glowstone
    • Shroomlight
    • Lava
    • Magma
    • Crying and Glowing Obsidian
    • Sea Lantern
    • Jack o'Lantern
    • Froglights (inventory)
    • Lit Redstone Lamp
    • Lit Furnace, Blast Furnace, and Smoker
    • Enchanting Table
    • Nether Portal
    • Sculk Sensor and Catalyst
    • Respawn Anchor
    • Lava Cauldron
    • Dragon Egg
    • Lit Redstone Ores
    • Blocks that cannot be fixed:
      • Froglights (placed)
      • Beacon
      • Torches and Lanterns
      • End Rod
      • Lightning Rod
      • Candles
      • Campfires
  • *Seagrass is now the same height as Java Edition
  • Grass side color now transitions smoothly between biomes (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • *Changed all potion and tipped arrow colors to match 1.19.4 pre-release 3
  • *The enchantment glint is now more subtle
  • On shields, tridents, and armor, the glint now uses a separate texture
  • *Added archer pottery shard texture from Java Edition
  • *Leather horse armor is now fully dyed like Java Edition
  • Added lighter empty slot icons from Java Edition
  • Water fog distance now adjusts over a 30-second period
  • *Removed carried mangrove propagule, melon bottom, and red sandstone bottom changes as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Vex wings, arms, body, and offhand item poses now match Java Edition
  • Iron golems now wobble more like Java Edition (Thanks, @EmptyCoso!)
  • Non-drowned enemies no longer brandish tridents
  • Enemies without bows no longer act like they're drawing an arrow
  • Allays no longer render worn armor


  • *Added creative tab icons from Java Edition
  • Removed smithing table screen and category text removal features to prepare for upcoming changes
  • *Removed the hotbar item pulse change as it does occur on Java Edition


  • Unique trapdoor, fence gate, iron door, iron trapdoor, button, and pressure plate sounds now play in-game
  • Chorus plants and flowers now use wood sounds
  • *Lily pads now use big dripleaf sounds
  • Fish now have death sounds
  • Pufferfish now have sting sounds
  • Step and fall sounds are now controlled by the Player volume slider
  • Bamboo wood, cherry wood, nether wood, hanging sign, suspicious sand, decorated pot, and chiseled bookshelf block sounds now have volumes and pitches consistent with Java Edition
  • Updated door, trapdoor, fence gate, button, and pressure plate sounds to match 1.20
  • Lowered Wild Update music volumes to match 1.20
  • Added illusioner sounds from Java Edition for commands
    • Play them using "/playsound entity.illusioner.[ambient/cast_spell/death/hurt/mirror_move/prepare_blindness/prepare_mirror] @s"
  • Added 1.20 sound events for commands (See the Command List)
  • Added Java sound events for classic blocks (Again, see the Command List)
  • *Removed enchanting, goat horn, and mangrove propagule sound changes as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition


  • Sonic boom and ambient spell particles are now billboarded
  • Mangrove log and block of bamboo particles now use the side texture


  • *Spawn [Camel/Ender Dragon/Iron Golem/Sniffer/Snow Golem/Wither] is now "[Camel/Ender Dragon/Iron Golem/Sniffer/Snow Golem/Wither] Spawn Egg"
  • Head is now "Player Head"
  • *Added new splashes from 1.19.3
    • Technoblade never dies!
    • You are valid!
    • I'm glad you're here!
    • You are welcome here!
    • Your gender is valid!
    • Contains infinite genders!
  • The 5 music disc's name is now blue like other music discs
  • *Experimental world text is now yellow
  • *Sound slider names now match Java Edition
  • Removed End Portal Frame, Flowering Azalea Leaves, and "Dream" goat horn name changes as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • *Removed Monster Spawner name change as Java Edition changed to match Bedrock Edition


  • Java Aspects can now be used below Console Aspects without pack errors

==Programmer Art==


  • Added lapis and horse armor slot icons from Java Edition

==Compatibility Mode==

  • Added a new pack option to allow full compatibility with other resource packs, including packs from the Marketplace
  • This mode disables certain features:
    • Experience bar texture
    • Animated light source shading
    • Item icons
    • Dirt, stone, and deepslate random rotation
    • Carried barrel, cartography table, fletching table, and grass block textures


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Villager and zombie villager texture changes now apply when using Programmer Art
  • Decay potions and arrows now have a visible texture
  • *Underwater fog is now 90 blocks by default and 75 blocks in swamps
  • *Mangrove swamp fog is now the correct color
  • *Structure voids no longer cover the whole block
  • Carried grass block color is more accurate (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • The item name border is now sized correctly

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Trader llamas are no longer invisible on the beta/preview
  • *Vex animations now match the new model
  • Endermen no longer hover above the ground
  • New 2D items will now always be held correctly
  • Blocking with an offhand shield no longer flips the shield upside-down
  • Offhand fishing rods are now held correctly


  • The profanity filter is yet again disabled in the chat screen
  • *Toast notifications now respect the duration setting
  • *Certain COVID-19 splashes now use the correct font type
  • *Scaffolding icon now uses the updated texture
  • HUD text shadows are no longer cut off on the right edge


  • Zombie and skeleton walking sounds are now consistent


  • All dismount messages now match Java Edition
  • is now "Chalkboard" (Thanks, @EmptyCoso!)


  • Creative inventory section labels are now aligned correctly with VDX: Legacy Desktop UI (previously Java UI)



  • Removed "" file as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • Removed "java_inventory_effects..." zip files as they no longer work
  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.19.60, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions

Pack Documents:

  • Added a Java Aspects title texture to the custom tab (Thanks, @patredenglish!)


  • Mob effects cannot be moved to the right side of the screen. Due to how they're hard-coded, it's impossible to align them correctly for all aspect ratios and GUI scales.
  • This update changes held item poses to use Console Aspects' system, which means 3D items have a slight tilt in your hand. This was necessary because there are now too many 2D items for Minecraft to load in an animation query without crashing. The benefit of this new system is that new 2D items will look correct without a Java Aspects update. If you want to use the original system that crashes the game, it is included with 1.20 items in the "Original Player Item Pose Animation (Crashes)" file in the animations folder.
  • Toast notifications are not animated on beta/preview versions due to upcoming changes related to recipe unlocking.


Supported Minecraft versions


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JervieA (Momoleaon) March 19, 2023 at 8:49 am
How does of behaviour pack to use it for another aspects?
Hello AgentMindStorm. I am making a texture pack and would like to use some of your files to make it better. (I will credit you and put the link to this pack in credit section of my texture pack)
Hello, how do you like the idea of ​​​​adding a slot in the left hand with a display of strength like in Java
hi, can you tell me why? when i play with experimental settings, block textures disappear
well, some textures are misplaced as there is a shield in the place of golden boots and the creative inventory categories icons is with random textures instead of their own. Please fix!
agentmindstormbigfan March 14, 2023 at 3:13 am
also can you please add Off-hand slot on the hotbar when equipping sheild, totem of undying etc. And please put Durability ty😭
I agreed, that would be really cool
agentmindstormbigfan March 14, 2023 at 2:34 am
hey AgentMindStorm could you make the Texture of soul lantern and Lantern to look like exactly from java edition? thanks :D
You could use attachables to make beds 3d in your hand

great pack though! :D
Hey AgentMindStorm, can i use the texture and json in my chinese translation pack? it is really good and my chinese friend needs it.
There are a couple of missing textures
Hey AgentMindStorm can u remove panorama bc Mojang made panorama to match java edition
Can you Update it Plz
Excuse me, if you can add the enchantment particles of SHARP to swords and axes please? Thanks.
I'm mobile dude
i put vdx java (lastest version 1.19.10+) over this pack, all text are gone
but i put this over vdx java some text are appeared but some bug in inventory ui as i
2 things:
1 you forgot to use §r before the Color
2 animated blocks aren't animated on iOS due to render dragon