Published on January 19, 2018 (Updated on August 28, 2020)

Java Aspects

This texture pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition feel, sound and look more like the original version of Minecraft called Java Edition. It changes things such as water, bees, and particles. Java Edition sounds are also included. If you're a big fan of Java Edition, you'll love this pack too!

Creator: AgentMindStorm, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel (Click here for more credits.)

This pack supports New Default textures or Programmer Art textures. Adjust the pack option by selecting the gear on the resource packs screen.
Programmer Art textures require you to have the Classic Texture Pack from the Marketplace enabled below Java Aspects.

Feature List

Features that begin with * are unique to Java Aspects+.

Universal Features

(features that are applied regardless of the pack option you use)


  • Crimson Stem Top
  • Warped Stem Top
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log Side
  • Stripped Spruce Log Side
  • Weeping Vines
  • Cut Red Sandstone Bottom
  • Chiseled Red Sandstone Bottom
  • Water
  • Melon Bottom
  • Dried Kelp Block Bottom
  • Ominous Banner
  • Opaque Leaves
  • Carried Grass Block Top
  • Save Structure Block
  • Load Structure Block
  • Structure Void
  • Old Nether Reactor

Block Animations:

  • Kelp
  • Seagrass
  • Lava
  • Water
  • Stem Sides
  • Fire
  • Soul Fire
  • Soul Lantern
  • Sea Lantern
  • Magma Block
  • Stonecutter Saw
  • Smoker Front
  • Campfire
  • Soul Campfire
  • Nether Portal
  • Respawn Anchor Top


  • Lodestone Compass
  • Beds
  • Dried Kelp
  • Seagrass
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Locked Map
  • Netherite Ingot, Boots, Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, and Hoe
  • Lava Placeholder
  • Improved held End Gateway
  • Improved held End Portal


  • Sheep
  • Fishing Hook
  • Firework Rocket
  • Ocelot (Model)
  • Cat (Model)
  • Bee (Model)
  • Drowned
  • Pillager
  • Vindicator
  • Hoglin (Model)
  • Ravager (Model)
  • Enderman (Model)
  • Shulker (Model)
  • Phantom
  • Wither
  • Ghast
  • Strider
  • Witch (Model)
  • Piglin (Model)
  • Piglin Helmet (Position)
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Zombie Villager (Model)
  • Zombie Villager Helmet (Position)
  • Baby Villagers (Model)
  • Old Villagers (Model)
  • Dropped Item and Experience Orb Sizes

Entity Animations:

  • Empty hand swinging (first and third person)
  • Held item position and size
  • Shield position
  • Fishing rod position
  • Punching
  • Crouching position
  • Idle arm position and animation
  • Iron golem cracking
  • Zombie chasing and attacking
  • Drowned swimming
  • Skeleton idle arm position
  • Skeleton bow aiming
  • Creeper exploding white overlay
  • Witch nose position and bobbing
  • Piglin arm position and ear bobbing
  • Piglin celebrating head position
  • Pufferfish fins and bobbing
  • Bee bobbing and wing speed
  • Fish flopping
  • Vex arm position and attacking
  • Wolf tail alignment
  • Villager leg movement speed
  • Tropical fish flopping rotation speed
  • Removed pillager and vindicator armor
  • Removed blinking


  • Empty hand alignment
  • Experience bar
  • Experience level number
  • Hotbar slot
  • Hotbar alignment
  • Hotbar item count
  • Unique boss bars for different situations
  • Smithing table screen
  • Highlighted inventory slot
  • Offhand slot inventory icon (not on hotbar)
  • Selected item stack count color and position
  • 3D chest icons
  • Light block shading in inventories
  • Mobile crafting and armor tab icons
  • Selected item's name outline
  • Locked trades can be highlighted
  • Buried Treasure Map "X" icon
  • Jukebox text
  • Coordinate text color and background
  • HUD text position
  • Removed chat message censoring
  • Removed HUD text background and added text shadows
  • Removed extended HUD text descriptions
  • Removed hotbar item pulsing
  • Removed flying items when quickly moving items in inventories
  • Removed category text on items
  • Removed "New" and "Sale!" marketplace notifications
  • Removed beta text


  • Pufferfish
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Converted Drowned
  • Underwater Skeleton Horse
  • Explosion
  • Enchanting
  • Music
  • Piston
  • Weather
  • Blast Furnace
  • Smoker
  • Boat
  • Chest
  • Door
  • Drowning
  • Swimming
  • Splashing
  • Throwing
  • Cauldron
  • Bell
  • Shooting
  • Picking up and dropping items
  • Bee Nest and Hive
  • Coral, Coral Blocks, and Coral Fans
  • Chiseled and Cracked Nether Bricks
  • Gilded Blackstone
  • Kelp
  • Seagrass
  • Vines
  • Block sound pitches
  • Entity sound pitches and volumes
  • Thorns Enchantment
  • Fletcher villager works at fletching table
  • Toolsmith villager works at smithing table
  • *Nether ambient sounds
  • *Underwater ambient sounds
  • Removed the air punch sound
  • Removed jumping sounds


  • View distance
  • Surface colors
  • Underwater fog
  • Surface transparency


  • Particle rotation
  • Explosion
  • Conduit
  • Splash Potion of Healing and Harming
  • Campfire
  • Breaking and walking
  • Chest and ender chest breaking
  • Item frame breaking
  • Critical hit
  • Ender Dragon death
  • Bubble column splashing
  • Damage indicator (commands only)


  • Block breaking animation
  • Fog colors
  • End sky
  • Trident riptide wind
  • Banner patterns
  • Random block rotation
  • Command helpers
  • Block, item, entity, and biome names (English and Mexican Spanish)
  • Item name colors
  • Splash texts
  • Font
  • Missing texture

New Default

(features that only apply when you use the New Default pack option)


  • Nether Wart Block
  • Crafting Table
  • Quartz Block
  • Cactus Side
  • Iron Ore
  • Piston Side
  • Sticky Piston Side
  • Purpur Pillar Top
  • Acacia Sign
  • Birch Sign
  • Dark Oak Sign
  • Jungle Sign
  • Spruce Sign
  • Bed Legs
  • Carried Leaves
  • Old Stonecutter


  • Filled Maps
  • Potions
  • Tipped Arrows
  • Command Block Minecart
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass
  • Fern
  • Large Fern
  • Vines
  • Lily Pad


  • Dragon Fireball
  • Vindicator
  • Old Villagers
  • Old Zombie Villagers


  • Equipment tab
  • Mobile armor tab

Programmer Art

(features that only apply when you use the Programmer Art pack option)


  • Lava
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Horn Coral Block
  • Brain Coral Block
  • Acacia Door
  • Birch Door
  • Dark Oak Door
  • Jungle Door
  • Smithing Table Top
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass


  • Shield
  • Bucket of Pufferfish
  • Command Block Minecart
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass


  • Cat
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • White Rabbit

There are two versions of Java Aspects. Java Aspects+ includes lots of sounds from Java Edition that you can play with commands. It also includes ambient sounds. However, Java Aspects+ can cause low-end devices to crash while loading a world. Java Aspects+ is also a larger file download.

If you have a low-end device or low space on your device, download normal Java Aspects. If you have a newer device, download Java Aspects+.

Select version for changelog:


Synthesis Update (4.5.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects.


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Locked maps now use the default map texture like Java Edition
  • Added multiple texture features from Fixed Vanilla 1.7.0 that match Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -Banners no longer show the snout pattern when highlighted
  • -Cold striders now use the texture from Java Edition
  • -Phantoms no longer have two extra visible pixels while invisible
  • Updated held end portal and gateway textures to match the block shape
  • *Removed jigsaw block textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Added all piglin changes to piglin brutes
  • Changed zombie villager models to match Java Edition
  • Added multiple entity features from Fixed Vanilla 1.7.0 that match Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -The humanoid punching animation is now smoother and changes relative to the vertical direction the entity is facing
  • -Shulkers are now the size of a full block
  • -*Striders now use separate textures on each leg
  • -Pillagers and vindicators no longer render worn armor
  • -*Piglin tusks are no longer disconnected
  • -*Piglin outer clothes layers are now the correct size
  • -*Piglins no longer detach their heads while celebrating
  • -Flopping tropical fish now rotate at a rate consistent with other fish
  • *Firework rockets are now 2D like Java Edition
  • *Piglins now lower their hands and punch if they aren't holding a tool like Java Edition
  • *Vex now hold their arms in front of them if they aren't holding an item like Java Edition
  • Vex now hold their arms straight down at their sides when holding items like Java Edition
  • Players no longer blink to match Java Edition


  • Chests and ender chests now make oak planks and obsidian particles respectively like Java Edition
  • Entities no longer produce gray bubbles when bobbing on top of a bubble column (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)


  • Added multiple features from Lukas' Java Parity Pack (Thanks, @MCGaming_Lukas!)
  • -Locked trades can now be highlighted to see enchantments
  • -Selected item counts in the inventory are now white instead of yellow and positioned differently
  • -Shift-clicked items no longer fly across the inventory
  • -Chests now appear 3D in the inventory (Thanks in part to @melamed_tal!)
  • -*Items no longer pulse in the hotbar when their state is changed
  • -*Additional text under item names in HUD text tooltips is no longer shown
  • -*Coordinate text color, shadow, and background now match Java Edition
  • -*Description text of fireworks, potions, and banners is now colored like Java Edition
  • -*Chat messages are no longer censored
  • -Removed category text on items (Thanks in part to @FMarquesPTO!)
  • Blocks that emit light are now shaded in inventories like Java Edition
  • *The default boss bar color is now white (Thanks, @CrisXolt!)


  • *Kelp and seagrass now use wet grass sounds from Java Edition
  • Vines now use grass sounds like Java Edition
  • Piston extending sounds are now higher pitched than contracting sounds like Java Edition
  • *Removed crimson/warped planks use wood sounds change as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • *Removed zoglin and equip netherite armor sound files as they were officially added to Bedrock Edition


  • *Clay is now "Clay Ball"
  • *Clay Block is now "Clay"
  • *Spawn Piglin Brute is now "Piglin Brute Spawn Egg"
  • *Position: [X], [Y], [Z] is now "Block: [X] [Y] [Z]" like Java Edition
  • *Changed "Advance in-game time" to "Advance time of day" like Java Edition
  • *Changed "Lock in-game time to noon" to "Lock time of day to noon" to match the previous change

==New Default==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Removed diamond sword, diamond axe, diamond shovel, wooden, golden, and diamond pickaxe, and wooden, golden, and diamond hoe textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • *Removed diamond helmet, leggings, and boots item textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Water now has the correct transparency and view distance in swamps, rivers, beaches, and oceans
  • Banner pattern transparency is now correct across all patterns (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • *Tweaked the default water color

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Piglins once again move their arms and legs
  • Zombies and piglins once again hold their right arms at the correct angle
  • *Piglins with netherite helmets now show the correct helmet texture
  • Piglin held item position is now correct
  • Baby zombified piglin swords are now positioned correctly
  • *Zombified piglins now bob their ears like other piglins
  • Removed outdated "v1.0" entity files as they may cause issues


  • Critical hit particles now move at the correct speed


  • *Rainbow jukebox text colors are now closer to Java Edition (Thanks, @CrisXolt!)
  • *The ender dragon bar is now visible when using Dansk (DA) or Français (France)
  • *The ender dragon bar is now pink when using the Čeština language
  • The pocket inventory tab icons are now shaded correctly


  • *New Nether music can once again play
  • Cave spider, ender dragon, mooshroom, polar bear, and skeleton horse sounds now play correctly
  • *The sweep attack sound can no longer play without commands as its implementation did not match Java Edition


  • Optimized and alphabetized "blocks.json" and "sounds.json"


Pack Documents:

  • Added a new pack icon to replace the old one (Thanks, @CoolAbhi1290!)


  • Category text is still visible on the 1.16.100 beta. This is related to a bug that ignores the item files in resource packs.
  • *Renaming the Wither will cause its boss bar to be white instead of purple. This is an unfortunate side effect of the way Java Aspects makes unique boss bars.
  • *Replacing piglin items with commands commonly results in game crashes. This is not the fault of the pack as the same crashes occur without it.
  • *Vines on Java Edition have a climbing sound which is not on Bedrock Edition. Though this sound is added for commands with Java Aspects, it is impossible to assign it to vines without replacing the default grass sound.
  • *The vine climbing sound used by default in 1.16.2 on Bedrock Edition does not match Java Edition, though it sounds very similar.
  • *The new nether wart plant sounds on Bedrock Edition do not match Java Edition. This cannot be corrected by the pack.
  • Enderman eyes from Java Edition haven't been added because the eyes change color depending on the light level on Java Edition, which cannot be recreated on Bedrock Edition.
  • Bubble particles that appear while splashing in water on Java Edition cannot be added to Bedrock Edition as you are unable to map multiple particles with different movement paths to the same particle event.
  • If endermen are still bugged, please message me on Twitter. I attempted to fix it in this update.


  1. Download Java Aspects or Java Aspects+ Resource Pack.
  2. Open Minecraft.
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Apply the resource pack.

Supported Minecraft versions

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