Java Aspects

This texture pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition feel, sound and look more like the original version of Minecraft called Java Edition. It changes things such as water, bees, and particles. Java Edition sounds are also included. If you’re a big fan of Java Edition, you’ll love this pack too!

Creator: AgentMindStorm, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel (Click here for more credits.)

This pack supports New Default textures or Programmer Art textures. Adjust the pack option by selecting the gear on the resource packs screen.
Programmer Art textures require you to have the Classic Texture Pack from the Marketplace enabled below Java Aspects.

Feature List

Features that begin with * are unique to Java Aspects+.

Universal Features

(features that are applied regardless of the pack option you use)


  • Crimson Stem Top
  • Warped Stem Top
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log Side
  • Stripped Spruce Log Side
  • Weeping Vines
  • Cut Red Sandstone Bottom
  • Chiseled Red Sandstone Bottom
  • Water
  • Melon Bottom
  • Dried Kelp Block Bottom
  • Ominous Banner
  • Opaque Leaves
  • Carried Grass Block Top
  • Save Structure Block
  • Load Structure Block
  • Structure Void
  • Old Nether Reactor

Block Animations:

  • Kelp
  • Seagrass
  • Lava
  • Water
  • Stem Sides
  • Fire
  • Soul Fire
  • Soul Lantern
  • Sea Lantern
  • Magma Block
  • Stonecutter Saw
  • Smoker Front
  • Campfire
  • Soul Campfire
  • Nether Portal
  • Respawn Anchor Top


  • Lodestone Compass
  • Beds
  • Dried Kelp
  • Seagrass
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Locked Map
  • Netherite Ingot, Boots, Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, and Hoe
  • Lava Placeholder
  • Improved held End Gateway
  • Improved held End Portal


  • Sheep
  • Fishing Hook
  • Firework Rocket
  • Ocelot (Model)
  • Cat (Model)
  • Bee (Model)
  • Drowned
  • Pillager
  • Vindicator
  • Hoglin (Model)
  • Ravager (Model)
  • Enderman (Model)
  • Shulker (Model)
  • Phantom
  • Wither
  • Ghast
  • Strider
  • Witch (Model)
  • Piglin (Model)
  • Piglin Helmet (Position)
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Zombie Villager (Model)
  • Zombie Villager Helmet (Position)
  • Baby Villagers (Model)
  • Old Villagers (Model)
  • Dropped Item and Experience Orb Sizes

Entity Animations:

  • Empty hand swinging (first and third person)
  • Held item position and size
  • Shield position
  • Fishing rod position
  • Punching
  • Crouching position
  • Idle arm position and animation
  • Iron golem cracking
  • Zombie chasing and attacking
  • Drowned swimming
  • Skeleton idle arm position
  • Skeleton bow aiming
  • Creeper exploding white overlay
  • Witch nose position and bobbing
  • Piglin arm position and ear bobbing
  • Piglin celebrating head position
  • Pufferfish fins and bobbing
  • Bee bobbing and wing speed
  • Fish flopping
  • Vex arm position and attacking
  • Wolf tail alignment
  • Villager leg movement speed
  • Tropical fish flopping rotation speed
  • Removed pillager and vindicator armor
  • Removed blinking


  • Empty hand alignment
  • Experience bar
  • Experience level number
  • Hotbar slot
  • Hotbar alignment
  • Hotbar item count
  • Unique boss bars for different situations
  • Smithing table screen
  • Highlighted inventory slot
  • Offhand slot inventory icon (not on hotbar)
  • Selected item stack count color and position
  • 3D chest icons
  • Light block shading in inventories
  • Mobile crafting and armor tab icons
  • Selected item’s name outline
  • Locked trades can be highlighted
  • Buried Treasure Map “X” icon
  • Jukebox text
  • Coordinate text color and background
  • HUD text position
  • Removed chat message censoring
  • Removed HUD text background and added text shadows
  • Removed extended HUD text descriptions
  • Removed hotbar item pulsing
  • Removed flying items when quickly moving items in inventories
  • Removed category text on items
  • Removed “New” and “Sale!” marketplace notifications
  • Removed beta text


  • Pufferfish
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Converted Drowned
  • Underwater Skeleton Horse
  • Explosion
  • Enchanting
  • Music
  • Piston
  • Weather
  • Blast Furnace
  • Smoker
  • Boat
  • Chest
  • Door
  • Drowning
  • Swimming
  • Splashing
  • Throwing
  • Cauldron
  • Bell
  • Shooting
  • Picking up and dropping items
  • Bee Nest and Hive
  • Coral, Coral Blocks, and Coral Fans
  • Chiseled and Cracked Nether Bricks
  • Gilded Blackstone
  • Kelp
  • Seagrass
  • Vines
  • Block sound pitches
  • Entity sound pitches and volumes
  • Thorns Enchantment
  • Fletcher villager works at fletching table
  • Toolsmith villager works at smithing table
  • *Nether ambient sounds
  • *Underwater ambient sounds
  • Removed the air punch sound
  • Removed jumping sounds


  • View distance
  • Surface colors
  • Underwater fog
  • Surface transparency


  • Particle rotation
  • Explosion
  • Conduit
  • Splash Potion of Healing and Harming
  • Campfire
  • Breaking and walking
  • Chest and ender chest breaking
  • Item frame breaking
  • Critical hit
  • Ender Dragon death
  • Bubble column splashing
  • Damage indicator (commands only)


  • Block breaking animation
  • Fog colors
  • End sky
  • Trident riptide wind
  • Banner patterns
  • Random block rotation
  • Command helpers
  • Block, item, entity, and biome names (English and Mexican Spanish)
  • Item name colors
  • Splash texts
  • Font
  • Missing texture

New Default

(features that only apply when you use the New Default pack option)


  • Nether Wart Block
  • Crafting Table
  • Quartz Block
  • Cactus Side
  • Iron Ore
  • Piston Side
  • Sticky Piston Side
  • Purpur Pillar Top
  • Acacia Sign
  • Birch Sign
  • Dark Oak Sign
  • Jungle Sign
  • Spruce Sign
  • Bed Legs
  • Carried Leaves
  • Old Stonecutter


  • Filled Maps
  • Potions
  • Tipped Arrows
  • Command Block Minecart
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass
  • Fern
  • Large Fern
  • Vines
  • Lily Pad


  • Dragon Fireball
  • Vindicator
  • Old Villagers
  • Old Zombie Villagers


  • Equipment tab
  • Mobile armor tab

Programmer Art

(features that only apply when you use the Programmer Art pack option)


  • Lava
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Horn Coral Block
  • Brain Coral Block
  • Acacia Door
  • Birch Door
  • Dark Oak Door
  • Jungle Door
  • Smithing Table Top
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass


  • Shield
  • Bucket of Pufferfish
  • Command Block Minecart
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass


  • Cat
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • White Rabbit

There are two versions of Java Aspects. Java Aspects+ includes lots of sounds from Java Edition that you can play with commands. It also includes ambient sounds. However, Java Aspects+ can cause low-end devices to crash while loading a world. Java Aspects+ is also a larger file download.

If you have a low-end device or low space on your device, download normal Java Aspects. If you have a newer device, download Java Aspects+.

Changelog View more

Synthesis Update (4.5.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects.


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Locked maps now use the default map texture like Java Edition
  • Added multiple texture features from Fixed Vanilla 1.7.0 that match Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -Banners no longer show the snout pattern when highlighted
  • -Cold striders now use the texture from Java Edition
  • -Phantoms no longer have two extra visible pixels while invisible
  • Updated held end portal and gateway textures to match the block shape
  • *Removed jigsaw block textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Added all piglin changes to piglin brutes
  • Changed zombie villager models to match Java Edition
  • Added multiple entity features from Fixed Vanilla 1.7.0 that match Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -The humanoid punching animation is now smoother and changes relative to the vertical direction the entity is facing
  • -Shulkers are now the size of a full block
  • -*Striders now use separate textures on each leg
  • -Pillagers and vindicators no longer render worn armor
  • -*Piglin tusks are no longer disconnected
  • -*Piglin outer clothes layers are now the correct size
  • -*Piglins no longer detach their heads while celebrating
  • -Flopping tropical fish now rotate at a rate consistent with other fish
  • *Firework rockets are now 2D like Java Edition
  • *Piglins now lower their hands and punch if they aren't holding a tool like Java Edition
  • *Vex now hold their arms in front of them if they aren't holding an item like Java Edition
  • Vex now hold their arms straight down at their sides when holding items like Java Edition
  • Players no longer blink to match Java Edition


  • Chests and ender chests now make oak planks and obsidian particles respectively like Java Edition
  • Entities no longer produce gray bubbles when bobbing on top of a bubble column (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)


  • Added multiple features from Lukas' Java Parity Pack (Thanks, @MCGaming_Lukas!)
  • -Locked trades can now be highlighted to see enchantments
  • -Selected item counts in the inventory are now white instead of yellow and positioned differently
  • -Shift-clicked items no longer fly across the inventory
  • -Chests now appear 3D in the inventory (Thanks in part to @melamed_tal!)
  • -*Items no longer pulse in the hotbar when their state is changed
  • -*Additional text under item names in HUD text tooltips is no longer shown
  • -*Coordinate text color, shadow, and background now match Java Edition
  • -*Description text of fireworks, potions, and banners is now colored like Java Edition
  • -*Chat messages are no longer censored
  • -Removed category text on items (Thanks in part to @FMarquesPTO!)
  • Blocks that emit light are now shaded in inventories like Java Edition
  • *The default boss bar color is now white (Thanks, @CrisXolt!)


  • *Kelp and seagrass now use wet grass sounds from Java Edition
  • Vines now use grass sounds like Java Edition
  • Piston extending sounds are now higher pitched than contracting sounds like Java Edition
  • *Removed crimson/warped planks use wood sounds change as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • *Removed zoglin and equip netherite armor sound files as they were officially added to Bedrock Edition


  • *Clay is now "Clay Ball"
  • *Clay Block is now "Clay"
  • *Spawn Piglin Brute is now "Piglin Brute Spawn Egg"
  • *Position: [X], [Y], [Z] is now "Block: [X] [Y] [Z]" like Java Edition
  • *Changed "Advance in-game time" to "Advance time of day" like Java Edition
  • *Changed "Lock in-game time to noon" to "Lock time of day to noon" to match the previous change

==New Default==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Removed diamond sword, diamond axe, diamond shovel, wooden, golden, and diamond pickaxe, and wooden, golden, and diamond hoe textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • *Removed diamond helmet, leggings, and boots item textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Water now has the correct transparency and view distance in swamps, rivers, beaches, and oceans
  • Banner pattern transparency is now correct across all patterns (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • *Tweaked the default water color

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Piglins once again move their arms and legs
  • Zombies and piglins once again hold their right arms at the correct angle
  • *Piglins with netherite helmets now show the correct helmet texture
  • Piglin held item position is now correct
  • Baby zombified piglin swords are now positioned correctly
  • *Zombified piglins now bob their ears like other piglins
  • Removed outdated "v1.0" entity files as they may cause issues


  • Critical hit particles now move at the correct speed


  • *Rainbow jukebox text colors are now closer to Java Edition (Thanks, @CrisXolt!)
  • *The ender dragon bar is now visible when using Dansk (DA) or Français (France)
  • *The ender dragon bar is now pink when using the Čeština language
  • The pocket inventory tab icons are now shaded correctly


  • *New Nether music can once again play
  • Cave spider, ender dragon, mooshroom, polar bear, and skeleton horse sounds now play correctly
  • *The sweep attack sound can no longer play without commands as its implementation did not match Java Edition


  • Optimized and alphabetized "blocks.json" and "sounds.json"


Pack Documents:

  • Added a new pack icon to replace the old one (Thanks, @CoolAbhi1290!)


  • Category text is still visible on the 1.16.100 beta. This is related to a bug that ignores the item files in resource packs.
  • *Renaming the Wither will cause its boss bar to be white instead of purple. This is an unfortunate side effect of the way Java Aspects makes unique boss bars.
  • *Replacing piglin items with commands commonly results in game crashes. This is not the fault of the pack as the same crashes occur without it.
  • *Vines on Java Edition have a climbing sound which is not on Bedrock Edition. Though this sound is added for commands with Java Aspects, it is impossible to assign it to vines without replacing the default grass sound.
  • *The vine climbing sound used by default in 1.16.2 on Bedrock Edition does not match Java Edition, though it sounds very similar.
  • *The new nether wart plant sounds on Bedrock Edition do not match Java Edition. This cannot be corrected by the pack.
  • Enderman eyes from Java Edition haven't been added because the eyes change color depending on the light level on Java Edition, which cannot be recreated on Bedrock Edition.
  • Bubble particles that appear while splashing in water on Java Edition cannot be added to Bedrock Edition as you are unable to map multiple particles with different movement paths to the same particle event.
  • If endermen are still bugged, please message me on Twitter. I attempted to fix it in this update.

Animation Update (4.4.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects.


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Added the block breaking animation from Java Edition
  • *Bed textures now look 3D in inventory (Thanks, @DPlayz18!)
  • *Updated the zombified piglin texture to match Java Edition
  • Added all spawn egg textures from Java Edition
  • *Removed nether sprouts, chiseled nether bricks, smooth quartz, quartz bricks, crimson door, and warped door textures as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition
  • *Removed main menu panorama as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Iron golems now crack as they take damage (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • *Added the drowned swimming animation from Java Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Changed drowned arm spacing to match Java Edition
  • Skeletons now draw their bows at enemies (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • *Zombified piglins now use zombie attack animations like Java Edition
  • *Piglins now raise their right arm while chasing a target
  • *Piglin ears now bob up and down (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Held item position and size are now correct for all humanoid and skeletal mobs (Thanks in part to @netongas_ng!)
  • *Updated the baby hoglin model to match the latest version of Java Edition
  • *Made various changes to pufferfish to match Java Edition
  • -The tail fin no longer moves from side to side
  • -The right and left fins now move up and down
  • -The pufferfish bobs up and down in the water
  • *Changed fish flopping to be like Java Edition
  • Made various changes to witches to match Java Edition
  • -Changed witch hat and wart position (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • -Changed witch nose positioning while drinking a potion (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • -Changed witch nose bobbing frequency, position, and rotation
  • *Bee antennae now bob separately from the body like Java Edition
  • *Bees are now slightly lower
  • *Piglin helmets no longer z-fight with their heads
  • Changed the fishing rod position to match Java Edition
  • Added the idle arm animation from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Adjusted the default zombie arm angle to be closer to Java Edition
  • Adjusted empty hand position in first person to be closer to Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Adjusted vertical held item position to be closer to Java Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • *Removed unique piglin helmets as Java Edition changed to match Bedrock Edition


  • Changed portal reverse, obsidian tear, and soul particles to use Java Edition rotation rules


  • *The boss bar now uses different textures depending on the situation to match Java Edition (Thanks, @CrisXolt!)
  • Removed the HUD text background and added text shadows like Java Edition
  • *Jukebox text is now rainbow like Java Edition (Thanks, @CrisXolt!)
  • *Lowered the hotbar and the survival item text to match Java Edition


  • *Coral blocks now use coral sounds (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • *Changed item pickup sounds and muted item drop sounds to match Java Edition
  • *Nether ambience no longer varies in pitch or volume
  • Changed glass breaking sound pitch to match Java Edition
  • *Removed a large number of block, entity, and music sound files as they were officially added to Bedrock Edition


  • *Syntax error command message now matches Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • *Updated Mexican Spanish translations (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • *Updated splashes to match 1.16.0 on Java Edition
  • *Splashes are no longer limited to coronavirus-related ones
  • *Removed the Enchantment Cost, mushroom types, Zombified Piglin, Upgrade Gear, Crimson Trapdoor, and Snout banner pattern language changes as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

==New Default==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Removed nether bricks block texture as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Perfected carried leaf colors
  • *Water colors are now correct across all biomes
  • Soul fire no longer fades

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Endermen are now even closer to their Java Edition height (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • *Baby zombified piglins' swords are no longer invisible
  • *Piglin ear positions now match Java Edition
  • *Updated the drowned models to work on the latest versions
  • Corrected offhand item positions for vertical held items and horizontal held items
  • Corrected crossbow positions in third person (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)


  • Lingering dragon breath particles are no longer invisible
  • Optimized particles so they are not higher definition than necessary


  • Debug text is now correctly removed
  • *Updated the smithing table screen (This fixes the Upgrade Gear line being cut off)


  • *Nether music now has the correct biome distribution
  • *Nether Wastes ambience no longer plays in other biomes
  • *Coral and honeycomb blocks now have step and fall sounds
  • *Fletching tables are now the same volume as other villager workstations


  • It is not possible to change llama carpet position to match Java Edition
  • The most notable spawn egg change is the Enderman Spawn Egg

Piglins, Hoglins, Bees, and Zoglins Update (4.3.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects+.


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Added warped door (Thanks, @netongas_ng!), quartz bricks, chiseled nether bricks, and weeping vines block textures from Java Edition
  • Added lodestone compass and netherite ingot, sword, axe, pickaxe, hoe, and boots item textures from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Phantom eyes now match Java Edition (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Added main menu panorama from Java Edition
  • Nether portal, respawn anchor, soul campfire flame, and sea lantern animations no longer fade to match Java Edition
  • Campfire and soul campfire logs now animate slower like Java Edition
  • Basalt Deltas fog and water colors now match Java Edition
  • Crying obsidian no longer randomly rotates to match Java Edition
  • Carried barrels and cartography tables now match Java Edition
  • Crimson and warped signs now have the correct command helpers
  • Removed panorama overlay like Java Edition
  • Removed stripped warped stem top texture as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Zombified Piglins now use their new models on non-beta versions (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Made various changes to bees to match Java Edition
  • -Bees are now 10% larger
  • -Bees no longer bob from side to side, and their vertical bobbing is slightly different
  • -Bee legs now bob at different angles alongside the vertical bobbing
  • -Bees now flap their wings 33% faster
  • -Bee wings now line up with the body of the bee
  • Piglins and zombified piglins now hold their arms at their sides all the time like Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Piglin helmets now use unique armor designs from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Zombie villager helmets are now positioned on their heads correctly (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Ravagers now mirror their leg textures like Java Edition (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Endermen are now the same height as Java Edition (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Phantom wings now connect correctly (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Vex no longer hold their swords like bows (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Held item size now matches Java Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Vertical held item position (such as bones and swords) now matches Java Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • Dropped items and experience orbs are now the same size as Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)


  • Changed the smithing table screen to match Java Edition


  • *Added Chrysopoeia, Rubedo, and So Below from Java Edition
  • Changed Nether music so old and new music can both play like Java Edition (1.16+)
  • *All Nether ambience sounds except the background loop can now play in-game without commands (1.16+)
  • Added coral sounds to coral and coral fans (1.16+)
  • Added nether brick sounds to chiseled and cracked nether bricks
  • Added nether gold ore sounds to gilded blackstone
  • Crimson and warped planks and all variants now use wood sounds instead of stem sounds
  • All block sounds now have volumes and pitches consistent with Java Edition
  • Added enchanting sounds from Java Edition
  • Added the ability for the villager working sounds to play in-game without commands (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added the zombie-converts-to-drowned sound (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added basalt deltas ambience from Java Edition
  • -It can be played with commands using "/playsound ambient.basalt_deltas.[additons/loop/mood] @s"
  • Removed the ability for water music to play when not in water as it can now be triggered only when underwater like Java Edition


  • Added more language changes from Java Edition
  • -Glistering Melon is now "Glistering Melon Slice"
  • -Bricks Slab is now "Brick Slab"
  • -Stone Bricks Slab is now "Stone Brick Slab"
  • -Crimson Trap Door is now "Crimson Trapdoor"
  • -Pillar Quartz Block is now "Quartz Pillar"
  • -Enchantment Table is now "Enchanting Table"
  • -Beta! is now "Snapshot!"
  • -Piglin banner pattern now says "Snout"
  • -XP Cost is now "Enchantment Cost" (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -Mobs remaining is now "Raiders remaining" (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -Stone Mason is now "Mason" (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -Save and Load in structure blocks are now "SAVE" and "LOAD" respectively (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -Some thrown items such as ender pearls now have Thrown in their name like Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -Thrown lingering potions are now called "Potion"
  • Changed command guide messages to match Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Game rules now use the names from Java Edition
  • Spawn Zoglin and Spawn Strider are now "Zoglin Spawn Egg" and "Strider Spawn Egg" respectively
  • Added Mexican Spanish (es_MX) translations from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -This also includes item name colors
  • Limited splash texts to only show coronavirus-related ones

==New Default==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Added spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak sign textures from Java Edition (1.16+)

==Programmer Art==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Added the Programmer Art crying obsidian texture from Java Edition


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Corrected Crimson Forest and Soul Sand Valley fog
  • Water lines are now slightly more visible (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Hoglin and zoglin models are no longer broken (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Crossbow and map animations in first person mode are now correct (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)


  • *Strip wood sounds will no longer play instead of wood placing sounds in certain situations
  • Boats now use the new sound event name instead of the old one in "sounds.json"
  • *Nether ambience sounds are now streamed to improve performance
  • *Underwater ambience sounds now have volumes that match Java Edition


  • The Programmer Art pack option no longer has a higher memory tier than the New Default option



  • Added unused files "iron_golem.entity.json" and "iron_golem.render_controllers.json" which will cause iron golems to visibly crack as they take damage in versions higher than 1.16 (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -This feature is currently unused because it only works on beta versions. Uncomment the files to enable the feature.
  • Optimized all menu code to improve compatibility with other packs (This allows multiple custom in-game settings tabs to appear at once)


  • *Gilded blackstone and Nether gold ore sounds are the same as Nether ore sounds. Lodestone block sounds are the same as stone sounds except for the place sound, which is unique.
  • Stone and bedrock random rotation from Java Edition cannot be added because they have special rules that Bedrock Edition does not support.
  • The fix related to crossbow and map animations does not change them to match Java Edition, it simply fixes them from the way they were in previous versions of Java Aspects.

The Plus Update (4.2.2)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects+.


  • *Added underwater music from Java Edition
  • *-It will play in Survival or Creative Mode
  • *-Not limited to only playing underwater
  • *-Play it using "/playsound music.under_water @s"
  • Changed command messages to match Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)


  • Java Aspects longer crashes the game for players with low memory devices
  • Corrected the Hoglin model's head offset
  • Removed a redundant grass top texture


  • Split Java Aspects into Java Aspects and Java Aspects+
  • -Normal Java Aspects has had all its commands only sounds and ambient sounds removed for size constraints
  • -Java Aspects+ has all the sounds added in previous updates and the water music

Excessive Update (4.2.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Java Aspects.


  • The empty hand's position in first person view now matches Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • The arm swinging animation in third person view now matches Java Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • *The crouching animation is now lower like Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Skeletons, strays, and wither skeletons now hold their arms at their sides while idle (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added parity changes from Fixed Vanilla 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 that match Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -*Drowned model's arms and legs are slimmer
  • -Dried kelp block bottom textures line up with the sides
  • -The wolf tail is now connected to the wolf when it's sitting
  • -Banner pattern transparency is white instead of black (the gradient pattern is affected the most by this change)
  • -Corrected various command helper block previews
  • -Bee nests and hives play wood sounds
  • -Bee spawn eggs always use the correct texture
  • The fishing hook is now 2D like Java Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • *Added crimson stem top, warped stem top, stripped warped stem top, and crimson door textures from Java Edition
  • *Added the Piglin, Zombified Piglin, and Hoglin spawn eggs from Java Edition
  • *Changed the hoglin model to match Java Edition
  • Wither armor is now black and white like Java Edition
  • Ghasts that are shooting fireballs now look like Java Edition
  • *The Ominous Banner now matches Java Edition
  • Carried grass blocks now match Java Edition
  • *Structure voids now use the textures from Java Edition
  • Soul fire animations no longer fade like Java Edition
  • *Soul fire lanterns now animate like Java Edition
  • *Crimson and warped stems now animate faster to match Java Edition
  • Fog colors now match Java Edition (1.16+)
  • End sky now matches Java Edition (1.16+)
  • Added features from the MultiPixel Texture Pack that match Java Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • -Zombies now swing their arms downward while attacking
  • -*Creeper exploding animation is now semitransparent
  • -Wither armor is now slimmer
  • -Villager legs now animate at a slower speed
  • -Walking and breaking particles are now darker
  • -Splash potions of healing and harming now use X particles instead of bubbles
  • -Ender Dragon death particles are larger and have less smoke
  • Blue flame particles no longer rotate to face the camera
  • Nylium no longer randomly rotates to match Java Edition
  • *Added Nether ambience sounds from Java Edition (Thanks in part to @netongas_ng!)
  • *Added piglin and hoglin sounds from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • *Added blast furnace and smoker sounds from Java Edition (Thanks in part to @netongas_ng!)
  • *Added cauldron dye sounds from Java Edition (Thanks in part to @netongas_ng!)
  • *Zombie Pigman is now "Zombified Piglin"
  • *Spawn Piglin and Spawn Hoglin are now "Piglin Spawn Egg" and "Hoglin Spawn Egg" respectively
  • *Changed all bed messages to match Java Edition
  • *Chief Fess and Base Fess banner patterns are now "Chief" and "Base" respectively to match Java Edition
  • Added damage indicator (dark heart) particles from Java Edition for commands only (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -Use it in-game with "/particle minecraft:damage_indicator ~ ~1 ~"
  • Added a multitude of sounds from Java Edition for commands only (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Changed all sound command triggers to match Java Edition
  • *Added coronavirus-related splash texts from Java Edition
  • Removed fire textures left over from the PC GUI Pack as Bedrock Edition now matches Java Edition
  • Removed ender chest, damage, hitting, digging, fire, lava, minecart, portal, anvil, bow, drink, eat, experience orb, item pickup, piston, and a few other sounds left over from the PC GUI Pack as Bedrock Edition now matches Java Edition

New Default:

  • *Added nether wart block and purpur pillar top block textures from Java Edition
  • *Added diamond sword, diamond axe, diamond shovel, wooden, golden, and diamond pickaxe, and wooden, golden, and diamond hoe textures from Java Edition
  • *Added diamond helmet, leggings, and boots item textures from Java Edition
  • Added bed leg textures from Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Updated equipment tab texture with the new diamond sword texture


  • Zombified Piglins no longer incorrectly use their old models (1.16+)
  • *Fog is now the correct color in the Nether and End (1.16+)
  • Blue flame particles now appear (1.16+)
  • *New Default: Carried grass is no longer missing a pixel


  • The 2D fishing hook feature works best on 1.16+. Below 1.16, it will not rotate to face the camera.
  • The fix that allows Zombified Piglins to use their new models has the side effect of causing Zombified Piglins to not raise their arms while chasing you. There is no workaround available at this time.
  • *Nether ambient sounds work the same way as cave sounds. They play as music, so your music must be on in order to hear them.
  • *Nether ambient sounds that play in-game only use Nether Wastes sounds. Commands must be used to play sounds from other biomes.
  • A full list of sounds added by this update can be found in the in-game custom tab or here.

The Feedback Update (4.1.0)


  • Removed the enchanted item glint change due to user feedback
  • Added the stripped spruce and dark oak log textures from Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Smoker animation is now faster and no longer fades to match Java Edition
  • Drowned zombies no longer glow like Java Edition
  • Zombies, husks, zombie pigmen, and zombie villagers now raise their arms while chasing a target (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Explosion sounds now match Java Edition (Thanks, @cjnator38!)
  • Bell hitting sounds now match Java Edition
  • Particles no longer turn to face the camera like Java Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Added a number of particle changes from the Java Edition Particles pack (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • -Campfire smoke is semitransparent
  • -Critical attack particles will sometimes have darker shading
  • Hotbar item counts can now be seen in Creative Mode like Java Edition
  • Added critical hit and knockback sounds for commands only (Thanks in part to @netongas_ng!)
  • -They can be played using /playsound game.player.attack.[crit/knockback] @s
  • Added player burning sounds from Java Edition for commands only (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • -They can be played using /playsound game.player.hurt_on_fire @s
  • Boat sounds are no longer set to 9.9 volume
  • Mobile tabs now use 3D renders for the crafting and inventory
  • Removed background panorama as the default now matches Java Edition

New Default:

  • Added cactus side texture from Java Editon (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Mobile tabs now use New Default textures


  • Red sandstone stairs no longer use the incorrect textures
  • New Default: Carried leaves now fully match Java Edition (Thanks in part to @LateLagMC!)
  • Click sounds are now the correct volume
  • The Subscriptions settings tab is no longer missing


  • Added a Command List text document in the resource pack folder that lists every extra sound that can be played with commands while Java Aspects is enabled


  • Horse size cannot be changed to match Java Edition because it's hardcoded into the game
  • Console Aspects now has its own independent page, so its download has been removed from this one. Link to the Console Aspects page

The New and Old Update (4.0.0)


  • Added a large number of parity changes from the Fixed Vanilla resource pack. (Thanks, @LateLagMC!) These are:
  • -Item frame breaking particles
  • -Pillager texture
  • -Chiseled and cut red sandstone bottom textures
  • -Save and load structure block textures
  • -Cat model
  • -Ocelot model
  • -Old villager model (before Village and Pillage, appears in Marketplace maps)
  • -Pillager size
  • Adjusted water coloring to more closely match Java Edition
  • Underwater view distance is now 80 instead of 100 to more closely match Java Edition
  • Melon block bottoms now use the correct texture
  • Added the player drowning sound to match Java Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • The player throwing sound pitch now matches Java Edition
  • Added the sweep attack sound from Java Edition
  • Added pufferfish sounds from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added potion filling and emptying sounds for cauldrons from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Drowned, skeletons, strays, ghasts, pillagers, and the Ender Dragon now have the correct shooting sound (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added boat sounds from Java Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Currently, boat sounds don't play at all on land and only play very quietly in water. This is a game bug, not a pack bug.
  • Ender dragon fireballs, wither spawning, and end portal sounds now have a "min_distance" of 100 blocks (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • The enchantment glint now uses the pattern from Java Edition
  • Level I enchantments no longer have a I at the end of their name like Java Edition
  • The hotbar is now centered under the experience bar
  • Hotbar slots now have the same transparency as Java Edition
  • Highlighted inventory slots are no longer outlined
  • Spawn Bee is now "Bee Spawn Egg"
  • The message that says "You can only sleep at night" now says "You can sleep only at night or during thunderstorms" to match Java Edition
  • Added "Ping the human!" splash from Java Edition
  • The main menu panorama now matches Java Edition

New Default:

  • Added the dragon fireball texture from Java Edition
  • Added a number of New Default-specific parity changes from the Fixed Vanilla resource pack. (Thanks, @LateLagMC!) These are:
  • -Iron ore texture
  • -Normal and sticky piston textures
  • -Vindicator texture
  • -Old villager textures (before Village and Pillage, appears in Marketplace maps)
  • -Old zombie villager textures (before Village and Pillage, appears in Marketplace maps)

Programmer Art:

  • Added the Programmer Art shield texture from Java Edition
  • Added the Programmer Art cat textures from Java Edition (including tamed variants)
  • Added the lava texture from Java Edition as the Classic Texture Pack doesn't include it
  • Added the smithing table top texture from Java Edition as the Classic Texture Pack has the wrong one (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)


  • Water no longer has a rough transition between transparent and opaque when viewed from a distance
  • The lava animation now plays at the correct speed
  • Ghasts are no longer silent
  • Wither Skeleton sounds now play correctly
  • Loading bars are no longer missing segments


  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.13.0, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions
  • The custom settings tab's icon now matches the style of the Global Resources tab's icon


    • The change related to the enchanted item glint does not make it look smooth. Another resource pack called "Smooth Enchantment Glow" by @carlosisawsom55 does that.
    • The reason that a smooth enchantment glint will not be added to Java Aspects is that it can cause lots of lag due to the high-resolution textures required to make the glint smooth.
    • Believe it or not, this changelog has had a lot of the more technical changes removed to compress it. To read a changelog with a complete list, check the in-game custom settings tab.

    The In-Line Update (3.2.1)


    -Removed seagrass block texture changes as the default now matches Java Edition (Seagrass item still doesn't match)

    -Removed lava textures as the default now matches Java Edition

    -Removed Wandering Trader, Zombie Villager, Ghast, and Ravager sounds as the default now matches Java Edition

    -Removed Witch, Zombie, Magma Cube, and Villager sounds left over from the PC GUI Pack

    -Changed the pack icon to reflect changes the pack actually makes

    New Default:

    -Re-added the Equipment tab's texture

    -Removed Tamed Tuxedo Cat texture change as the default now matches Java Edition


    -Certain Settings tabs are no longer missing

    -The air punch sound is now correctly muted

    Console Aspects has received an update keeping it up to date with Java Aspects. You can read the changelog in-game or here. The updated Feature List can be found here.

    The Ominous Update (3.2.0)


    -The Illager Banner is now named the Ominous Banner to match Java Edition

    -The Ominous Banner's name is now gold to match Java Edition

    -Landing sounds are no longer muted

    -Added ghast sounds from Java Edition

    -Raised the pitch limit for ghast sounds

    -Removed smithing table changes as the default now matches Java Edition

    -Spawn Fox is now "Fox Spawn Egg"

    -Added new splashes from 1.14.1

      -Awesome game design right there!

      -Ph1lza had a good run!

      -10 years of Mining and Crafting!

    New Default:

    -Sheared sheep now match Java Edition

    -Updated crafting table texture

    -Removed all block textures except carried and opaque leaves, carried plants, quartz block, nether bricks, crafting table, and the old stonecutter retexture

    -Removed all item textures except filled maps, command block minecart, potions, and tipped arrows

    -Removed all entity textures except sheep and tamed tuxedo cat

    Programmer Art:

    -Opaque leaves now match Java Edition


    -The large amount of textures that were removed from the New Default pack option will not affect how it looks in-game. This is because most default textures now match Java Edition. The ones that don't are now part of the New Default section in the Feature List.

    -Console Aspects has also received its first major update. The Changelog can be found in the settings tab in-game once the pack is applied or here. You can find the Feature List in a text document in the pack folder or here.

    Texture Update #5 (3.1.5)


    -Podzol and Mycelium tops and bottoms now randomly rotate to match Java Edition

    -Removed grindstone texture changes as they're now in the game by default

    -Removed infested block name changes as they're now in the game by default

    -Removed log block name changes as they're now in the game by default

    -Added new splashes from 1.14 (list can be found in the in-game Java Aspects settings tab)

    -Removed certain splashes to match Java Edition:

    -Updated main menu panorama

    New Default:

    -Updated all quartz and red nether brick block textures

    -Updated leather horse armor item texture

    -Updated empty saddle slot texture

    -Updated dragon fireball texture

    -Added Hero of the Village status effect texture

    -Updated all status effect textures

    -Removed status effect icons not used in Bedrock Edition


    -New Default: Leather armor and firework stars no longer have invisible parts when held in hand

    -New Default: The Ender Dragon head no longer has transparent eyes


    -The Programmer Art subpack is not going to be removed as players may want to use old Java Edition textures with the Classic Textures resource pack from the Marketplace.

    Texture Update #4 (3.1.4)


    • Normal quartz blocks now use the non-smooth texture on the bottom to match Java Edition

    New Default:

    • Updated oak door and phantom membrane item textures
    • Updated all ores, oak door, and diorite block textures
    • Updated iron golem texture


    • Bells no longer crash the game for Experimental Gameplay players

    Texture Update #3 (3.1.3)


    • Smooth quartz now uses smooth textures

    New Default:

    • The Equipment tab icon now uses new textures
    • Added leather horse armor item and model
    • Updated cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, stained glass, emerald, grass, and snowy grass block textures
    • Updated horse armor, cake, emerald, snowball, and golden armor item textures
    • Updated all horse textures

    The Crash Fix Update (3.1.2)


    • Added jigsaw textures from Java Edition
    • Updated main menu panorama
    • Updated the Java Aspects Pack Information settings tab to add the most recent changelog


    • Clicking the Items tab no longer crashes the game for beta players
    • Lines in the Java Aspects Pack Information settings tab no longer get cut off for players with smaller GUI scales
    • There's no longer a duplicate line about Trader Llamas in the Pack Information tab
    • Changed a duplicate, error-causing "spacer_2" in "settings_screen.json" to "spacer_3"

    The Sound Update (3.1.1)


    • Added Java Edition's sounds to the Wandering Traders, new Zombie Villagers, and Ravagers
    • Added the Wandering Trader spawn egg from Java Edition
    • The illager beast has been renamed to Ravager to match Java Edition
    • Muted jumping and landing sounds like Java Edition
    • The lantern, campfire, and stonecutter animations no longer fade
    • Removed the pixelated Minecraft title as it displays incorrectly on smaller screens
    • There's now a tab in settings that lets you view the Changelog and Credits from in-game (Thanks, @wildthegamer_!)


    • All spawn eggs are now "[Mob] Spawn Egg" instead of "Spawn [Mob]"
    • Cave sounds no longer play very frequently
    • The grindstone model no longer has black patches for beta players
    • Removed bamboo leaf changes as the default now matches Java Edition
    • Removed out-of-date loading message changes
    • Removed Cut Sandstone and Mossy Cobblestone name changes as default now matches Java Edition
    • Removed the Half Slabs to Slabs name change as it was added in the default game
    • New Default: Carried lily pad now correctly uses its new texture


    1. Download Java Aspects or Java Aspects+ Resource Pack.
    2. Open Minecraft.
    3. Settings > Global Resources > Apply the resource pack.


    Supported Minecraft versions

    1.13 1.14 1.16

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    618 Responses

    4.52 / 5 (276 votes)
    1. ryanrp says:

      Great pack! how come the sounds are not changing? I really like the sounds of the crops from java edition but the sounds in this pack won’t work.

    2. Bluecreeper_Real says:

      Can you please move the name of the item a little higher because the armor status blocks it. Thank you!

    3. MrSojka says:

      Can you update and add glass so it doesn’t have white outline like in java

    4. Hi Creator, I have some bugs on your pack, this pack make other addon textures broken, like rhex mutant creatures,cybox vehicle, and some blockbench hd addon (1000+ block pixels) but most of some addon not broken and keep on textures, so i give you 5 stars because that is little bit bug

    5. Black Entity says:

      Umm is it just me or thers some issues
      1.The cracking sound effect dosent play on iron golems when they crack
      2.i cant repair it it means it needs a behaviour pack or something

    6. james12354 says:

      Hey, How do i bring back the pulsing icons in my hotbar? Theres some things that i like better in bedrock like that and the Sheep being fully colored. I dont know why you would take away the good parts.

    7. Black Entity says:

      It’s not on the pack it doesn’t make me crash so yall probably have a trash device xD

    8. silel Vox says:

      your stupid sh*t made my whole game crash both of the downloads dont work bi**h

    9. silel Vox says:

      might as well buy the real java edition of Minecraft. By the way it only costs 26.95

    10. Fishy Blue says:

      Hi Agent! It seems some stone stairs and walls have the wet_grass which is annoying, the ender chest sounds when breaking also have that sound. I would love it if you fix this very soon so the weird wet grass sounds won’t play anymore!

    11. Godbro01 says:

      It’s just keep on kicking me out of the whole game.

    12. S_barky says:

      lol all it does is crash.

    13. silel Vox says:

      neither of the packs work it. i did manage to install it. but it crashes so bad

    14. Izaac says:

      how do i remove (certain) splash texts

    15. Mizific says:

      do passive mobs spawn more often?

    16. Lord_Khufu says:

      Did anyone notices the sandstone stair and ender chest have the new wet grass sound ?

    17. Mashu25 says:

      Its Cool But Can You Add the Bow Pulling For Skeletons Instead Of the Static Arrow Shooting

    18. lucas mecânico says:

      hello, i saw that you managed to get out of bed in 3d in the inventory, but when held it is pixelated, i would like to leave it like java, like the block-shaped bed when you are holding the bed ??

    19. AThousandSunny54 says:

      4 star
      Because pls add the Crit sound from java
      All the sounds from java too like the bow ding and the door and etc.
      And add the Java Panorama Nether update if possible

    20. Minelogic says:

      It would be cool if you add Java Nether Panorama.

    21. 123ishere says:

      hey i like the pack but i would recommend or suggest adding back the sweep attack because it actually sounded pretty good also if you somehow can try to make the java crit sound because i just feel like the sound is really satisfying and cool but if you cant then its fine great pack either way

      • LodeStar says:

        This is a great pack but still I would give it a 4 bcoz there are several issues. This time in 1.16.40 it don’t work the Minecraft Resources Pack menu shows that it’s a issue. Now it’s showing red symbol and most of the features stopped working like zombie animation, enderman animation, piglin brute and normal piglin animations stopped working. Plz fix this if possible I wud send u the error info. Hope you will fix it. Other than that before this, this is a great pack.

    22. SelenGus says:

      Pls agent.. can u add the sweeping sound again in the next update cause it’s really2 cool when i hear that sound??

    23. PEDownloader1262 says:

      I love this resource pack but could you please remove the splashes that don’t exist in Java Edition like: “, also some of the splashes are missing from this pack. This resource pack is strictly made to make the game look like Java Edition, also could you improve the first and third person empty hand/arm swing animations, and make it look like the Java Edition 1.8 punching animation, the 1.8 punching animation is also found in 1.16 Java Edition but it is used for breaking blocks or right-clicking a block with a function instead, even I was able to make it look like the Java 1.8 punch animation and I’m not even that good at programming

    24. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

      Hey Agent, as of 1.16.40, the Bedrock mining sound and the dropping sound now play again, even using the Java Aspects pack that was supposed to remove those sounds, is there a way to fix it? Thanks!

    25. AracelyPinkRose says:

      Could you bring a sound pack from the doors? of all the doors that exist in Minecraft? I mean, if you can add the sound of Java doors to then you already know how to make a sound package and thus put that sound please OwO

    26. A kid Named JM says:

      Please can you add the sound of trapdoors and fence gates

    27. FireboyPE2921 says:

      can you fix the torch bug agent it looks ridiculous plz agent :l

    28. turkeymanyeet says:

      offhand? sword blocking???? are they added?

    29. Lord_Khufu says:

      Some of the stair like sandstone chair make the new wet grass sounds when step, place, break, it’s quite annoying please fix

    30. 7te608 says:

      When I try to import it says “failed to import, see output log for more details” please fix this. ?

      • 7te608 says:

        NEVERMIND IT SUCCESFULLY IMPORTED! (however the + version of the pack failed to import so i had to download ordinary pack)

        • Lord_Khufu says:

          You’re probably download the mcpack using safari, it’s always fail because apple sucks, just use google chrome when it’s come to download file or resource pack and images on safari because for some reason you can’t download images on chrome

    31. SirSinisterSquid says:

      Great pack! But I just want to let you know that a lot of the audio files you have for this pack isn’t working or doesn’t match Java. Examples: The iron door, iron trap door, wooden trap door, fishing pole cast and retrieve, pumpkin sheared, the axe, hoe, shovel and plant, are all not working. Hope you decide to get this sorted out soon!

      • FTBGaming says:

        They’re used for commands only. Some of the sounds are supposed to play in game, but Agent says that the game is bugged and only plays the incorrect sounds to the blocks, items, entities. I think he can’t make them play in game without commands because it’s hard-coded into the game.

    32. FireboyPE2921 says:

      can you fix Java Edition iron door sound plz agent?

    33. idonohaveminame says:

      the swamp water in swamp biomes textures still a bedrock-default, are do not transparent unlike java does

      • idonohaveminame says:

        and also make bedrock-pixelated enchantment glints turn into smooth enchantment glints (like Java does) for all tools(this included to shield, carrot on a stick, warped fungus on a stick, shear, flint & steel, mob heads, armors(turtle shell too), elytra and enchanted golden apple but this only apply when using Java Aspects+ [plus].

    34. SonicTheGod ProGod says:

      I have a suggestion:
      Make the notifications pop up with a slide animation and make the notifications pop up on the top right corner instead of on the top.

    35. Hishaam81 says:

      Can you make that you can hold things in your Off Hand.

    36. SonicTheGod ProGod says:

      A few more suggestions:
      Remove the lines for when connecting to a server.
      Replace the lines on the loading screen with a loading bar.

    37. SonicTheGod ProGod says:

      Remove the animation of collecting block
      Make the chat width to match Java Edition

    38. SonicTheGod ProGod says:

      Oh and a few more suggestions:
      Remove the animation of collecting block
      Make the chat width match Java Edition

    39. SonicTheGod ProGod says:

      I have a few suggestions for the next update:
      Change the sounds of wooden buttons to match Java Edition
      Make the “You can sleep only at night or during thunderstorms”, the “You may not rest now; the bed is too far away”, the “This bed is occupied” and the “You may not rest now; there are monsters nearby” messages appear above you hotbar instead of in chat.
      Make the sound of damage in lava or fire match Java Edition.
      Make an animation on the raid bossbar for when a raider takes damage like the animation on the ender dragon and on Java Edition.

    40. SelenGus says:

      I thought it would come out on Tuesday first? why not yet?

    41. idonohaveminame says:

      a bug i found, several status effects icon have the glitched texture (i dont think this is a game bug).

    42. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

      Hey Agent, Minecraft 1.16.20 has been released yesterday, so I have a few suggestions to update this pack:

      – Change the name of “Spawn Piglin Brute” to “Piglin Brute Spawn Egg”
      – Fix the Piglin Brute animations because the current one breaks and messes up the animation
      – A tiny bit louder on the cave sounds to match both Legacy Console and Java.

      Those are all the suggestions I have for now, thanks!

    43. tayy says:

      Java bow hit sound?

    44. SelenGus says:

      1.16.20 is here❤️?️

    45. FTBGaming says:

      Update Please!

      • FTBGaming says:

        Can you also make all sounds from Java play in game if they still can be played with commands?

        Please update soon! I want more features to be added to this pack. I also want those sounds to be played in game without commands.

    46. FTBGaming says:

      Oh, and before this pack gets updated, can you also add enchanted hit or underwater particles from Java Edition?

      Those particles don’t emit in-game, they can be used for commands.

    47. Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

      Nether and Cave Ambients are already ingame in Bedrock. Or did you mean that they are more in Java xD

    48. zeyverOps says:

      We are waiting for your update agent?..
      Update for brutes

    49. FTBGaming says:

      Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot 20w30a is released.

    50. zeyverOps says:

      1.16.10 is out now

    51. Can you please update this to 1.16 official? and fix when the drowned mob is swimming its, like glitched…

    52. Guest-5040303912 says:

      Add the sounds of critical hits from java

    53. Guest-7354943473 says:

      Please add the sweep attack particle, brown hearts and green particles when hitting mobs/players, off hand slot ( next to the hotbar in the left ), as well as the critical hit sounds from Java Edition.

    54. Guest-3057512355 says:

      Can you add the brown hearts and green particles that appears when hitting mobs/players

    55. FTBGaming says:

      Can you also make the glass panes look 2D in the inventory like Java Edition?
      Also rename the ‘Position:’ language into ‘X/Y/Z:’ to make it look like Java Edition.

    56. Guest-3630458796 says:

      Is there a way to remove only one texture from the pack? I really like the bedrock version of Sheep since they keep their color when sheared and the head is the same color.

      • Guest-6029931448 says:

        Can you make an update to this addon an error icon on display which shows the game is about to crash and corrupt which gets to be annoying!

    57. Guest-7409621615 says:

      Suggestion: add the offhand hot bar slot when equipping shields, totem of undying, etc

    58. Guest-2539078237 says:

      Can you add the sounds for stripping wood and trapdoors from Java edition. And also the brown hearts when hitting mobs/players and also the sweep attack “particle”?

    59. lucas mecânico says:

      Hello AgentMindStorm, could you create more 3D items like a bed or similar to java editing?
      items: glass panel, chest, fence gate, shield like java edition, thanks for the work of the package

    60. FTBGaming says:

      There’s a new beta which is Please also add the hoglin converted to zombified sounds like in Java Edition?

      Can you update this pack as version 4.5.0 when 1.16.2 releases?

    61. Guest-3066813992 says:

      Why the torch texture are broken torch look like a plastic torch

    62. zeyverOps says:

      Can I download the old version in this java aspect 4.3.0?

    63. Guest-3213069389 says:

      AgentMindStorm, could you remove the door sounds from the resource pack that don’t exist in the current Java Edition version, also add the backwards walking animation and fix the sprint-jump or walk-jump animation bug where your legs barely move found in vanilla Bedrock Edition, also is it possible if you could add the old Java Edition view bobbing (1.14 pre-release 1 is the latest version with the old view bobbing) please add the old view bobbing, it is also found in some of the old versions of console edition so add the old view bobbing to Console Aspects if you can. And is it ok if I remove the sweep sounds from the resource pack? Since the sweep sounds occur with a 1/6 chance rather than based on the time elapsed between attacks and they shouldn’t happen without a sword. It’s disappointing you cannot add attack cooldown animations because you cannot program the attack animations for each weapon individually

    64. Guest-2140680302 says:

      Can you add the animations that zoglins make in the java version please?

    65. Guest-9432945240 says:

      Can you update this Piglin brute and correct texture spawn egg and munch to normal piglin ear bin up down

    66. Guest-8506279769 says:

      If you can Animate
      Can you make the backwards animation the same as forward but reverse

    67. FTBGaming says:

      Update this pack please…also add the backwards walking animations like in Java Edition and add successful hit sounds and iron door opening and closing sounds, also add the till dirt sounds, flatten grass into path sounds, fire damage sounds, painting sounds, waterlily sounds, and fence gate opening and closing sounds like in Java Edition….Pleassseee.

    68. Guest-7247111927 says:

      Mind if I use some of your sound files in a sound Pack I’m working on? Since some of the sounds don’t currently exist in bedrock. I’ll be sure to credit you for them.

    69. Guest-2156492004 says:

      Hello Agent! I don’t know if it’s just me but, there’s some tiny bits of Bedrock sounds in that resource pack for some reason,, Specifically, the opening of doors! They do have the same opening/closing sounds of Java but there are times it makes the original sound of Bedrock edition. Is there a way you can fix it? Thanks!

    70. AZ12YT says:

      Sir Update This Please And Add The Ding Sound For Bow For Success Hit and A Sweep Particle

    71. FTBGaming says:

      Please update this pack! Can you also update your Console Aspects pack? And your Music+ pack, pleeeeassseeee??

      I just found some bugs in this pack:

      – The enderman walking and attacking animations are frozen
      – Piglin and piglin brute walking and attacking animations are frozen

      And can you add my suggestions on the next update?
      I’ll tell you once again:

      – Forcefield textures from Java Edition
      – Removed “Emotes!” profile notification
      – Spawn Piglin Brute is “Piglin Brute Spawn Egg”
      – Sweep attack particles from Java Edition (commands only)
      – Piglin brute spawn eggs use direct textures
      – Other features from the Fixed Vanilla pack

      I hope this pack’s goal is to match snapshot 20w27a and version 1.16.2 of Java Edition.

      That’s all my suggestions!

      And I’m playing on beta.

      • Guest-2745486555 says:

        Ok hmm the enderman are okay for me so i am ganna guess u were using multiple texture packs which led to the enderman’s Animations messing up as for the piglin brutes yeah their Animations are broken but u gotta realize that his mob was like just added so pretty give the creator some time and be patient ok

    72. Alephh says:

      It’s a really good resource pack. I found a problem with the ambient sounds from java in reference of Nether biomes and also when you are underwater. In the case, the ambience sounds don’t play.

      • TheLastGamer09 says:

        They only play rarely, but only the addition sounds, not the loop, cause is impossible to add it. I heard one underwater addition (Maybe, too many times), same thing with the nether ambience

    73. Guest-9570201369 says:

      Hi! I’ve gotta say, love the resource pack! I use it on my realm all the time and I’m glad you keep updating it! I would like to request a couple of things that would make this resource pack perfect for me! I would like the proper sound effects for trap doors and fence gates. That’s really all! Keep up the good work and have a fantastic week!

    74. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

      Hello Agent, I love the Java Aspects Texture pack, and I want to address you a few of my suggestions for the next update.

      1. Status Effects on HUD. (Blue outline for beacon effects)
      2. Bed Messages for sleeping when monsters are near, only sleeping at night, and bed is far away is displayed on the hotbar.
      3. Enchantments for enchanted tools + books are hidden in the HUD.

      Those are just my suggestions for now. Thanks.

    75. Legendary_Walter says:

      This is honestly the best resource pack ever to exist. Perhaps you can start working on a Java Aspects Behavior Pack, adding stuff like dolphin’s grace.
      (Oh and I’m not rushing you or anything)

    76. FTBGaming says:

      Hey, Agent, there’s another snapshot of Minecraft: Java Edition which is the Snapshot 20w27a. I’d hope you’ll update this pack soon.

    77. I assume since its not in the current pack that its probably not possible, but I figured id ask. Can you change the sprinting animation of player legs to match java?

    78. Guest-4367602287 says:

      can you add the sound when you enter and leave underwater

    79. Guest-8798532706 says:

      More suggestions:
      – Enderman’s eye color
      – Boss bar goes down smoothly like Java
      – Remove the pixels from the 3D bed models
      – Bad Omen/Hero of the Village/Totem of Undying animation
      – Every raider’s health counts in the raid bossbar for each wave

    80. Guest-5662257891 says:

      place sounds if possible from trap doors, gates, buttons, pressure plates, critical damage, shovel and hoe as these match the java edition

    81. Kharl B. Amaya says:

      Please update.

    82. Guest-2610671148 says:

      please add the size of the horses of java in bedrock

    83. Guest-8378894890 says:

      I really think you should add the java sound when your burning on fire if possible please add it! (I love that sound).

    84. Guest-1418167705 says:

      More features you can add in the future:

      – Java’s trident angle position
      – Enderman shaking their bodies when angered
      – Zombified Piglin having animations like zombies
      – Skeletons crossing their arms when attacking
      – Mobs moving their limbs slower and less far
      – Drowned that swim angle so that they can look directly at you
      – Wither and Raid bossbar color
      – Skeletons charging their bows (probably not possible)
      – Mobs showing particles when totem of undying activated
      Wow, that was long!

    85. Kharl Amaya says:

      Oh and I forgot something! Can you also add the sweep attack particles from Java Edition for commands only?

    86. Kharl Amaya says:

      Hi there, Agent! I just found some issues with this pack while playing in beta: The Piglins and Piglin Brutes’ animations are frozen.
      Can you also add these to this pack?

      -Forcefield textures from Java Edition
      -Spawn Piglin Brute should be “Piglin Brute Spawn Egg”
      -Piglin brute spawn eggs should use direct textures instead of templates
      -Some features from Fixed Vanilla Resource Pack 1.7

      Please remove these:

      -Zoglin sounds should be removed as they’re now added to the game
      -Piglin textures, models and animations should be removed as Bedrock Edition changed to match Java Edition

      Anyway, what a good texture pack!

    87. Guest-5811886434 says:

      The programmer art feature doesn’t work

    88. Guest-4423568317 says:

      Hi agent i dont want to talk about this resource pack beacouse i love that
      But i have found a horrible bug
      The piglin and the piglin brute has the bobbing ears but the dont have any other animation they dont move their legs and arms when they ate walking around
      Can you pix this?
      Thanks bye

      • Guest-9303537301 says:

        Hi agent i dont want to talk about this resource pack beacouse i love that
        But i have found a horrible bug
        The piglin and the piglin brute has the bobbing ears but the dont have any other animation they dont move their legs and arms when they ate walking around
        Can you fix this?
        Thanks bye

    89. Guest-1262361766 says:

      Hi, Agent!
      The beta just changed the piglin models and textures to match Java Edition. That version added zoglin sounds too.
      And can you also add the forcefield texture from Java Edition?

    90. AZ12YT says:

      Creator make a update for this because it has a new nether beta update fix the piglin brute walk and it break my minecraft when I open the new update and add a rainbow xp bar into the pack

      • Guest-2998465062 says:

        Hmm why would he add a rainbow xp bar that’s not even in java bruh there’s no need for that just go download the rainbow xp bar pack From some where else

    91. Guest-8394339812 says:

      I’m not sure wether this is a bedrock only bug or something, but the nether ambience is not working correctly maybe as a recommendation try to add new loop ones from java if possible. Furthermore the new nether music does not seem to play at all with this texture pack on…

    92. zeyverOps says:

      The netherite piglin helmet is broken?

    93. Guest-1572932041 says:

      Pls add white particle in heart when your healing that might be good

    94. Guest-5294904041 says:

      why the piglin helmets in 4.3.0 are large and now in this update 4.4.0 are the bedrock edition helmets i dont like the bedrock edition piglin helmet
      pls readd the piglin helmet large ?????

    95. Guest-3659374757 says:

      Ilovethis resource pack but can you add java ui cuz bedrock ui is bad pls

    96. Guest-5406602171 says:

      Hey Agent can try to make a pack where it changes bedrock’s ui to match java’s ui i have so seen packs that do that but they are not up to 1.16 so i would love it if u make a java ui texture pack

    97. Guest-5708961981 says:

      can you add the enter and exit water sound like java

    98. Zach Marc says:

      This is amazing! Its nice to see epic creators like you, try to make mcpe feel like java! Really appreciate your hard work! (and effort!) thanks!

    99. Guest-3782511838 says:

      Great update but please kindly remove the so called 3D bed texture. Its just a super high resolution to appear 3D in the inventory and when in hand it doesn’t look great with the rest of the items

    100. Guest-2107019895 says:

      my iron door still sounds like the java wood door sound or is it not working?

      • Guest-5841522329 says:

        The iron door uses the same sounds as the wooden door in vanilla, and there’s no way to add a new trigger for a sound on a texturepack.

    101. Guest-8024665730 says:

      The problem i have on this pack is that the dragons breath is not visible, and all of it fine except for that one. I also been waiting for the update to come.
      Ik playing on mimecraft

    102. Guest-8924650446 says:

      do you think you can fix the mcpe sprinting jump so it will look just like java i understand if you cant but if you can that will be great

    103. Guest-1140584687 says:

      Can you add the sweep attack particle so we have hit more than one if it’s OK

    104. Guest-2190567043 says:

      Does this remove the sound that occurs when you attack the air? because that sound doesn’t exist in Java Edition or maybe it’s used somewhere else or is in the files

    105. Lord_Khufu says:

      Tried this with vanilla deluxe and no button texture pack, it’s actually turn your bedrock edition experience more like Java, I always like java edition so this is absolutely great !

    106. Guest-8592543902 says:

      can you change the baby zoglin model head? ?
      i want the zoglin cute?
      can you add the fuse particle for the explosion?
      and the zombified piglin can you add the animation for his ear?
      plsssssss can tou fix the jungle leaves to a transparent jungle leaves?
      i hate the only green leaves(jungle)

    107. Guest-9974667910 says:

      How am I supposed to add the mcpack to mcpe when it’s getting an error while the .zip file is frustrating since I can’t move it to my resource_pack fold because of the PERMISSION

    108. Guest-8084827238 says:

      Well, we have music update
      So, you can remove music from this pack

    109. Guest-8775612584 says:

      does a nice job of making it feel like java

    110. Guest-4633084615 says:

      I think there a error extractibg the file, how can i fix that?

    111. Guest-2501211003 says:

      Hi, I’m Brazilian, but I’ll try to write in English, so I’m sorry if I have some errors,I just wanted to inform you that in the last two betas of mcpe (, the color of the water is different, it’s not like java anymore,I was just wondering if until the next version you can fix this, because this is a really annoying bug

    112. Guest-6167969772 says:

      can you change the fishing rod sound

    113. Mojang studios says:

      Hey agent!? Can you add dark heart particles.. when you hit a mob the particle appear??

    114. Guest-8816625320 says:

      Hi, I really loved this but one thing that really annoyed me on bedrock edition is bobbing like hand shakes too much and this is the only reason i never turned bobbing on. Can you fix it too? Also, Can i review your addon on my youtube channel because i really liked it. :).

    115. Hi agent, first of all I would like to say you did a great job making this pack. The amount of detail you went into to make bedrock more similar to java is very impressive, and I commend you greatly for that. However, I was snooping around and noticed that the view bobbing isnt exactly matched with java. I believe its hardcoded, but wasnt sure. Would you consider making the bedock bobbing match java in your next update?

    116. Guest-4116844967 says:

      I love this addon and the critical hit make it heart pls pls

    117. Guest-2371681396 says:

      Pls add the java redstone redstone pls pls

    118. Guest-5178555040 says:

      Can you fix the hoglin and zoglin pls

    119. Guest-8740308272 says:

      I’m grateful that you fixed the annoying block pitch bug that’s been in the game lately.

      One suggestion though: could you apply the honeycomb block sound to the coral blocks like in java edition?

    120. Guest-9688513461 says:

      Cave sounds are already in bedrock beta edition

    121. Guest-2419563400 says:

      The nether reactor used be be in pocket edition, and structure void and structure blocks are already added in Bedrock

    122. Guest-3546284498 says:

      The nether update stuff is usless since we can just get beta, which is faster

    123. Guest-7087782266 says:

      It not working!

    124. TryHardJibs says:

      I love this texture pack, but the coronavirus-related splash text kinda annoys me with all the “Gamers Unite” and “Social Distancing” and stuff. Can you please remove it ASAP?

    125. Guest-2259523301 says:

      Wonderful addon ! It only needs a sweeping edge enchantement

    126. Guest-5332055879 says:

      Amazing pack! One feature I would like to see is the particles from enchantments such as sharpness and smite.

    127. Guest-9090899771 says:

      keep it up ???

    128. Guest-1571848894 says:

      I have a feature request:

      Make it so that blazes and magma cubes don’t glow in the dark

    129. Guest-2707044372 says:

      Make 3D bed icons like Java Edition.

    130. TheLastGamer09 says:

      Nice work! Keep going

    131. colegame says:

      The new beta update combined with this texture pack completely destroys the hoglins textures.

    132. adoxgirl says:

      Now that piglin’s helmet has been changed, can the armor of zombie villagers be changed?

    133. Guest-6013989035 says:

      Can you also change the behaviour of the Item Frame to an entity? I really hate it as a block entity in Bedrock Edition.

    134. Guest-3892646014 says:

      Can you update your add on?

    135. Guest-7322031645 says:

      Bro the off-hand slot inventory icon it’s invisible PLS fix it

    136. Guest-9940177829 says:

      Hey AgentMindStorm, when I’m in MC beta and I have your pack enabled, the hoglins look glitched. Can you please fix this error and update your pack? I’m really enjoying it so far though!

    137. Guest-8663150532 says:

      Too bad I can’t even open the Marketplace to download the old texture pack.

      • Guest-7665141281 says:

        I’m having trouble with java aspects+ when I enable the pack from global Reasoruses it does not load my world it just sits there when I try from the world settingsit does nothing to the world can someone help me

    138. Guest-8080899570 says:

      The Nether items sounds is not working..
      example.. bone block, nether wart and more.. I’m on the latest version pls help what do I do?

    139. Guest-2554960648 says:

      you, along with CrisXolt are definitely the best Minecraft Bedrock creators in this platform. Thank you very much!!

    140. Guest-1838492610 says:

      I loved the texture pack you developed, but I would like you to add 2 new java features to the textur pack. 1) The lighting produced by the light blocks and torches. 2) The animation that occurs when a block is being destroyed resembles that of java, as the stripes are more opaque or pale. I think that would make the textur pack more attractive.

    141. Guest-8969108853 says:

      please I need help to use damage indicator

    142. Guest-8227610486 says:

      please help,I not understand to use damage indicator command,please I need help,I love this Java aspect

    143. DevilNeverCry732 says:

      Te falto cambiar la skin y la animacion del tridente se ve diferente a la version java

    144. scuttle06 says:

      Hey, what happened to the Cave Sounds?

    145. Guest-2423548165 says:

      LOL. i moved from java to bedrock cause i hated how java felt. now he makes a pack to make bedrock like java 😐

    146. Guest-6597292101 says:

      Its so cool This is the best resources pack it gives me vibes of the java edition but hiw can I use the damage indicator xuz you put commands only?

      • RertyuiM says:

        No, this is just a feature pack, so it means that it will only add new sounds and graphics, and only for you, you would need an addon to make it work. (Sorry for my English)

    147. Guest-5879349770 says:

      could you add the java edition enchantment glint? the java enchantment glint is much more vibrant than bedrock (IMHO)

      • Guest-5811721897 says:

        It wont work like Java. He added it before but it doesn’t look right. Im too lazy to explain why. It work different

        • Yes, I tried to add it in a past update, but it did not look great. I got a lot of feedback from commenters that said I should remove it, so I did. To make it look like Java for real, I’d have to scale up item texture resolutions to a very high count, which would not be nice for low-end devices.

          • Guest-4023805469 says:

            Some ideas :
            _all icons inventory of java
            _totem of undying inventory
            _sweep attack animation
            _iron door , trapdoor ,iron trapdoor sound match like java
            _zombie villagers professions like java
            _wooden button and pressure plates sounds like java
            _Some enchantment s
            _a animals sounds
            _destroy button and use button (right click button and left click button) in mobile
            _skeleton aiming and charging bow
            I know it’s to much but I want you to create those features please for us you can do it …

    148. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

      I know how much I like Java Aspects, even Java Aspects Plus, but I went through the Nether, the game crashed, so I think I have to remain with the old Java Aspects, even though nothing new throws me off of this texture pack change, only that there are no cave sounds and no underwater music, so I wanted you to update this texture pack and fix the crash when going into the Nether or the End. Thank you for your convenience.

    149. Guest-7642181919 says:

      in at least the next update of java aspects can you make the sounds for the iron door, wooden trapdoors, iron trapdoor, and fence gates sound like java edition and not like the wooden doors?

    150. Guest-9935247283 says:

      How to add the nether ambient sounds?

    151. Guest-2877620737 says:


    152. Guest-3115594996 says:

      Can you add the Minecraft sounds on Java like Sweden mice on venus you know to make it nostalgic

    153. Guest-1954780553 says:

      can you add more information ’bout armor and tool? like durability and attact speed like the java version

    154. Guest-8811706954 says:

      creepers don’t have any sound when they ready to blow up, creepers are dangerous so pls fix this

    155. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

      I love this resource pack so far, but I have a few questions?

      -Can you change the inventory model/sprite of the bed and make it 3-D like in the Java Edition?
      -Can you separate the sounds of the doors, iron doors, trapdoors, and fence gates and make them sound like in Java Edition?
      -Can you add sounds to wooden buttons, and wooden pressure plates just like in Java Edition?

      Those are the features I would be interested in helping, thanks!

    156. Guest-1445365136 says:

      Nice I like the thing it looks cool ?

    157. Guest-8743084291 says:

      Can I he hold things in the ofhand

    158. Guest-9478894561 says:

      So many comments a lot anyway on my version there is no nether update I doesn’t know why you install piglands lol

    159. Guest-1133719820 says:

      Cool i am on and sadly the only nether ambience i heard is nether wastes and some crăci sounds on warped forest can you add for the soul sand valley sounds like whispers,wind,screams and for the crimson biome aswell

    160. Guest-4674954409 says:

      Why doesn’t my world load 🙁

    161. Guest-8422629779 says:

      This makes my worlds not load just stuck at 0%

    162. Guest-6185148164 says:

      There are no custom block sounds

    163. Guest-4677242069 says:

      Java > bedrock/mcpe

    164. Guest-2075483299 says:

      Hey bro cool addon I’ve been using this addon for quite some time now, any plan on updating it bro? Please We Need a guy like you.

    165. Guest-3129717811 says:

      Like how do you set it up in game so that whenever you enter the ocean you should be able to hear those sounds! Ex: when underwater, you should be able to hear the underwater ambience! I know that commands work by typing it in but like the game should know that when you enter the ocean You should hear those sounds!

    166. Guest-1295148280 says:

      So how do you use the commands in the game I don’t get it I copied the command but it didn’t work make a video about it or something about the underwater sounds command! Tell me how to use it!

    167. Voidsshadow says:

      There is a typo at line 47, column 82 of .\particles\block_slide.json.
      A Space exists where there shouldn’t be one.

    168. Guest-9100996821 says:

      The arm will move down when zombie attacks in Java And zombie villagers have their own clothes and natural equipment

    169. Guest-6160467684 says:

      Will you add nether ambience aswell from 1.16

    170. Guest-7415387753 says:

      change the sky and clouds to be like java.

    171. spammy says:

      Parity issues? What are those?

    172. Anonymous says:

      Can you make a version that’s just the Lava?

    173. ooof says:

      Can you make the torch be held on the left hand

      • that random guy says:

        impossible youwould need scripts for that i think
        you cant use a texture pack to do that

      • Roxtro says:

        Hi there.
        Hey, I wanted to ask if I could use this resource pack to guide me to make my own sound pack?
        Since I’ve been searching the internet for a long time and couldn’t find a download of the Vanilla resource pack to guide me, I’d love to be able to have your permission and when I can post my sound pack put your resource pack in the description that I use to guide me.

        Thank you!

    174. Hi There? says: said u can’t fix the sword swipe bug but I’ve seen other texture packs that can make the normal bedrock edtion sword thing with another custom sound with in the sword? Can u try?

    175. Hi There? says:

      Pls Make The Java Edtion Honeycomb place sounds!

    176. Hi There? says:

      The Food Bare Bug Is Only If U Have A Texture pack On Like Fathiful with this texture pack and Fathiful it some reason makes the xp bar like a glitchy food bar thing with other texture packs, but with this pack by its self it dosent do that,

    177. HenryStick says:

      Você poderia colocar o soms das da plantação semente? No java tem esses som

    178. HenryStick says:

      Você pode colocar o soms da semente? No java tem esse som.

    179. Hi There? says:

      Fix The Bug Playing The Swipe Without A Sword To And Also When I in survival it shows this weird thing a food bar like 67 of them and glitchy I can’t explain so well, but pls fix

      • The sword swipe bug is a side effect of having the sound play in-game. If I were to “fix” that bug, the rest of the swipe sounds wouldn’t play either. I considered that a fine trade-off because most players only hit entities with swords anyway.

        I’ve never heard of the food bar bug. Can you send me a screenshot on my Twitter?

    180. Hahjaajj says:

      Pls Fix The Bug Where It Plays The Sword Swipe Without A Sword

    181. Hayden Lavarias says:

      Hey can you make the trees are look like the trees in java edition and add when you drop a item In java

    182. Anonymous says:

      Horse scale is in the behavior packs not resources

    183. Anonymous says:

      Can u add nether ambient sounds?
      This is good btw.

    184. Anonymous says:

      I can’t lie glowing drowned eyes are pretty cool but hey if it matches Java I’m fine with.

    185. KevinPlays says:

      So It Does The Swipe Sound With No Sword to, Pls

    186. Anonymous says:

      when I enable it in my survival world? Can’t I lose my achievements? please tell me …

    187. Anonymous says:

      It’s Playing The Swipe Sound Effect Even Though Your Not Holding Sword It Will Play It With Your Fist To, Pls Fix This Bug!!!

    188. Thisnuwkcs says:

      It’s not even working anymore, I don’t see any sort of difference, I don’t see any sound or texture difference wtf

    189. Anonymous says:

      It Does The Swipe Sound Even Though Your Not Holding A Sword

    190. Steven says:

      Something that I would like them to add to this incredible pack would be the “java destroyer” (when an object is bitten and lines with destruction animation appear), I don’t know if it is making me understand but I would like it to be implemented. It’s something like pale or opaque, I don’t know, it would look more like java and more attractive.

      • I’ve tried multiple times to add that feature to the pack, but it seems like Minecraft Bedrock doesn’t support transparency on the breaking animation textures. That stops me from making them semitransparent like on Java Edition.

        The breaking animation annoys me too, but I don’t know of any other ways to change it.

    191. XxRodoo333xX says:

      Can you add the size of the horse of java to bedrock? please, in java the horses are more fat and big and bedrock is like pony :c

    192. AGamesZ says:

      Awesome texture pack, could you make it to where it’s less laggy and could you also change the grass block’s color? Java Edition has a lighter tone :3

      • I’m not sure why lag would be a problem unless you’re playing in a world with a lot of particles. All the textures (excluding four) are at the normal resolution of the game.

        The grass tone was a feature in older versions of the pack, but many players didn’t like it because they were very used to the more saturated one from Bedrock Edition. I’ve considered adding it back, but it’s very difficult to get the correct tone to match Java Edition exactly, so I haven’t bothered.

    193. Foxyrocks20 says:

      ok what’s the different between the console aspects and java aspects? I want to know please

    194. Jue says:

      Where is the offhand slot in PE? Can’t find it.

    195. Randy says:

      It keep crashing on Bedrock 1.13 when opening the inventory

    196. D00M970 says:

      the texture/misc/glint is causing abnormally fast enchanted item texture animation

    197. Console Gamer says:

      Great update, I believe there is a glitch related to the on screen animation display for enchanted items, the animation is moving much to fast.

    198. Nacho says:

      Algo que me gusta mucho de Java son los ítems en 3D cuando estan en el suelo, es posible hacer eso?

    199. R C says:

      Hey what’s up dude i have a question, do cave sounds play randomly or do you need to be at specific locations to hear them? Loving the pack btw

      • The way they’re implemented in the pack means they can play anywhere. As far as I know, there’s no way to limit them to only playing by caves for now.

        • RC says:

          So i recently tried out another pack you made named music+, and it’s awesome af, but it stops playing cave sounds though… Just wondering if you could try and fix it? I really want to experience java on bedrock.

          • Unfortunately, game limitations mean that I can’t do a pack check for whether or not a player has Java Aspects and Music+ enabled at the same time. That means that I probably won’t be able to play the cave sounds and have the Music+ changes at the same time.

            • Guest-4778623808 says:

              This is RC btw, It looks like in the beta, they have added ambient noices. Will this affect your pack in anyway?

    200. Anonymous says:

      I know you said this in the changelog, but enchant glint doesn’t look great. Can you possibly revert it just so it looks smooth?

    201. Anonymous says:

      is there offhand in this one?

    202. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

      I love this texture pack, and I want you next time to make the following changes:
      Cave Sounds
      Underwater Ambience?
      Cod, Salmon, and Tropical Fish, hurt and death sounds
      Pufferfish inflation sound?
      Fish Dropping Bone Meal?
      3D texture of Bed
      New Wood Button Sound
      Redstone Particles on Lever
      Fixed Lever Sound

    203. Alan says:

      hello it is very good texture but I think there is an error why the wither skeletons are not heard their sound good they have the sound of normal skeletons and apart when you dive into lava or water the sounds of the textures do not sound fix it please

    204. Cjnator38 says:

      Don’t forget the explosion sound!

    205. SirSinisterSquid says:

      Great packs, very well done! These packs take me way back. The only problem in these packs I can’t figure out is the cave sounds don’t play. Well at least for me. I don’t know if its because they haven’t been implemented yet to bedrock. But it’s kind of disappointing. Any suggestions what I do?

    206. Momo says:

      Hi. I like this pack very much but there’s maybe something missing

      If you add java sweep attack sound it will be masterpiece and i give it 5 stars! Thank you for your creativity .

    207. Mr.McYeetus says:

      Found the .secret.ogg file lol nice 🙂

    208. AdventureGamingHQ says:

      Can you please add a link of Java Aspects but without the cave sounds?

    209. Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for making this!

    210. Nate says:

      Please add the trapdoor and pressure plate sounds too!

    211. Anonymous says:

      There should heart drops which are like hearts that drop depending on the damage dealt to an mob or an player

    212. andres2018 says:

      Wait, why did they remove the Wither Skeleton sounds in 3.2.1? They had it in 3.2.0, but they removed it in 3.2.1. Why did they remove that?

      • I didn’t remove the Wither Skeleton sounds intentionally. It seems like a bug, they were working fine before. Hopefully the devs didn’t remove the ability to add separate Wither Skeleton sounds.

        • andres2018 says:

          Well, but it seems to have Skeleton sounds when I’m spawning Wither Skeletons, so I’m using 3.2.0 instead of 3.2.1. Also, can you add these iron doors sound? Because the sounds were only door sounds when I’m opening and closing iron doors.

    213. andres2018 says:

      Can you also add the Wither Skeleton sounds?

    214. Joeieieieae says:

      What about noteblocks?

    215. Anonymous says:

      both of the packs (java and console) need ui changes
      also the console texture pack needs gamma and brightness tab in settings
      thank you for reading!

    216. Fantasybabydino says:

      Dude why did you just take pictures of java edition?

    217. Anonymous says:

      Add the door opening and closing sound effects too

    218. Loris099 says:

      For match more java, can you add:
      – Item in inventory texture of iron bars and glass panels to match java
      – 2D turtle egg in inventory
      – Enter/exit water sound (no command)
      – Fire e drowning damage sound effect
      – New noteblock sounds
      – Underwater music
      – Underwater sounds effect
      – Iron door and iron trapdoor sounds

      And I have an issue with off-hand slot in hotbar, he don’t shows. I’m using the 1.12.0 version of bedrock

    219. RetiredRetard says:

      How did you even create cave sounds? I find this insanely impressive. Tell me teh secret!

    220. Jake Atcher says:

      How did you even put cave sounds into the game? This is extremely confusing and impressive. This pack is a definite 5 stars

    221. BPCreationsYt says:

      Hey ummm, Can you make it so that when you pvp or pve it makes that whoosh sound when you attack? That the reason I downloaded it and was really disappointed when it didn’t have it ok thanks you, if you change it I’ll give it full star

    222. Trizone5 says:

      hello! I really like this pack but can you update the iron door sound and the sound when you go under water,other than that it’s great!

    223. Cryptic says:

      I have a friend named Itz Me Snipey he uploaded a video on a server and had a pack like what ur talking about he said his friend made it i havent asked for a link although i feel like i would not get it u can try tho

    224. Sae says:

      I’m not going to get a response from the creator, but maybe someone can make a texture pack where the chat bar is moved to the bottom of the screen, next to the chat, I know it sounds kind of stupid but that makes it look more like Java. I have a resource pack before that has the chat bar near the inventory like Java but the pack is now outdated.. It’d be great if anyone can make a resource pack like that. Thanks! ?

    225. Jason Alexander says:

      Is the ambient sounds still works on

    226. Kevin Rios says:

      Hey, I thought it would be cool if you would add a bonus pack with the Java UI! Menu, settings, etc. So it would REALLY feel like the Java Edition.

      • I’m not skilled enough at creating menus to make all the ones from Java Edition, but thankfully somebody is! Go download CrisXolt’s Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI resource pack to get the menus. If you use our packs together, you’ll have the best Java experience you can get.

    227. VinDragon says:

      I love this pack. But I have one request can you place the drown mob model??

    228. Herobrine says:


    229. Zyndix says:

      I can’t see the offhand slot icon or what i’m assuming it is, maybe i misinterpreted it but isn’t the offhand slot icon the little icon that shows what you have in your offhand if so, i can’t see it im on ipad.

      • The offhand slot doesn’t appear next to the hotbar. What that feature on the list means is that the outline in the inventory screen uses the texture from Java Edition instead of Bedrock. I wish I could add the offhand slot, though!

    230. brokendud says:

      Can you do a RAID UPDATE? so the java raid features can come over to bedrock
      so i can see illagers celebrating and raid wave captains

    231. Ajack921 says:

      One question, do you guys hear the cave ambience? I’ve sat down on a cave for 5 minutes and i havent heard a single sound

    232. ictoan_ says:

      This resource pack is truly amazing and I am eternally grateful you took the time to create this. Being an OG Minecraft player, it’s nice to be able to at least *feel” like I’m playing Java Edition all over again. Only thing I want now is the classical Java skybox end.

      • Thanks for the compliment! I would love to add the Java End skybox, but I can’t figure out how. I’ve tried a lot of ways – namely replacing the cubemap (which are the textures that can replace the sky) – but they don’t seem to work in the End.

    233. E_Zombie says:

      Something that has been bothering me for a while is the Ravager’s nose, it is higher up on the bedrock edition and it’s something I can’t unsee. I know it sounds stupid but is there any way you could fix this?

    234. benoxiz says:

      I love the fact that you removed jumping sounds, I hated them. But is there anyway you could make a version that adds only landing sounds? When sprinting and jumping it sounds too silent. I tried doing only the landing sounds myself but I failed.

    235. Someone says:

      Love this pack but there are some spookey sounds

    236. That’s how the mafia works says:

      In the Console aspects, there is something wrong. I may just be nitpicking. The pack is very good but the grass texture in console is more desaturated than the other versions. If you see this please fix this quickly.

    237. Voden says:

      Keep the great work!

    238. A person who plays minecraft says:

      Can you make the shadows pixelated?

    239. Console Gamer says:

      Thank you for the new update. The pack is looking and working great!

    240. Korrigan8 says:

      I actually have the Java version of the game, and I like this texture pack because it looks just like the Java snapshots. Five stars!

    241. Console gamer says:

      This pack is an absolute necessity when playing Minecraft Bedrock on the xBox ONE. The subtle changes in sound, texture and behaviors is amazing. Thank you to the creators for this resource pack please continue updating it. 5 1/2 stars.

    242. Anonymous says:

      I really love this texture pack. Could you guys also make a texture pack that’s sole purpose is to change the lava? That’s the main feature i love

    243. LugiaGamerYT says:

      what about the boat sounds and the magma cube jumps and slime attacks and pufferfish sounds

    244. ZAEL says:

      they bring out the sound of enchantment on the enchantment table

    245. Fabio.clay says:

      Whoa Nice!!!

    246. Anonymous says:

      It’s the same TP on the hermitcraft server 😛 YT

    247. BeefStea says:

      Hey dood can you pls update it so it compatible with 1.9 plz

    248. Nicholas says:

      Can you add Java UI to make a Actual Java Edition Experience

    249. Luis says:

      Add Durability bar please !!

    250. Marco Piscitelli says:

      I don’t have the bells and all the other blocks from Minecraft 1.14, don’t know why

    251. PavelDobCZ23 says:

      Best texture pack of MCBE but why is End Rod Gray instead of pink.

    252. Gapple says:

      The links are broken
      They bring you to mediafire then when you press download it’s brings you to mediafire again

    253. Shivrash says:

      Hey can you please add the aquatic music

    254. Daniel says:

      I love this pack I have been using it for a long time… hey I just noticed have you implimented the underwater music. I know it may be tricky but maybe just do it so the music can play randomly like the current in game music. I still love this pack but the aquatic music is so soothing and it doesn’t seem like the pack has it. Anyway thanks for updating it and have a nice evening/morning/Whatever the time is. ?

    255. MrAgentBlaze says:

      Nice, but they already release a texture update beta on Minecraft? At 14 Dec 2018

    256. Patrick Mendoza says:

      Fix the bug in Java Aspects in where some time torches’ light glitches in to very dark shadows.

      • Guest-4568062374 says:

        1 year late/// that’s not in the pack it’s in the game, mojang didn’t fix that til now and by far the longest running bug on bedrock

    257. Dark Lord says:

      How to change to the new default textures? Please help me out…..

    258. Anonymous says:

      How to chose the new default option? Please help me out….

    259. Ryan says:

      Could you please add the sound when you break seagrass in java edition the one in java edition is a realistic sound and the one in bedrock edition is just the sound of grass breaking

    260. Asan says:


    261. SammyDoesNotExist says:

      You saved me from texture boredom but there is a problem with the Jungle Leaf’s new texture

    262. APcGamer says:

      Nice resource pack, it’d be great if the enchantment table had it’s sounds also, that’s something from Java that it’s getting missed

    263. scuttle06 says:

      Good texture! New update must’ve been coming out today to fix the redstone dust bug.

    264. Asan says:

      I found some bugs with textures: Redstone dust, leather armor,blocks of leaves in inventory. PLEASE FIX THIS!

    265. VincentPlayz8059 says:

      Also add java UI/GUI
      It removes controls and the inventory button(it doesnt actually remove it, its just invisible) and other UIs are look like java

    266. AlexM says:

      Cool… Great with new textures… Love it.

    267. Alex says:

      COOL, New Minecraft textures too… Wow good update…

    268. Question Asker says:

      Oh, and I don’t suppose you could add the music? For jukebox?

    269. Question Asker says:

      One question. Why are various end game items (Totem of Undying, Heads, Dragon’s Breath, Elytra, Nether Star) using a yellow name, and the Dragon Egg using a purple/magenta name? I don’t think that is in Java. Is it?

    270. SammyDoesNotExist says:

      You SAVED me from boredom!!!

    271. HirwrC says:

      Keeps playing some spooky sounds at random. Pls fix because I almot got heartattack…

    272. Arif says:

      Bang gimana cara download Minecraft Java edition

    273. DARKG says:

      The game no hace sounds help me i have versión

    274. DARKG says:

      Thanks ill searching this forma weeks thank you

    275. Kevengpsx25 says:

      After disconnecting from a server, the menu background turns black.

    276. Cow says:

      Most of the features in this pack are useless because Bedrock already has most of these as default.

    277. only players says:

      Hello Dev! It could be better if the mechanism of redstone is as same as in java version

    278. MoisesR31 says:

      i want to know in wich Versions of MCPE this texture works? (i have :v
      and, this increases RAM memory usage of MCPE? (i want to know if it would give more lag than usual)

    279. playere123 says:

      Can you make the panorama the 1.13 one? It isnt like Java in that way, you put something that isnt Javas.

    280. Alesscreeper says:

      This is full nostalgia, Thx

    281. xxscienceboyxx says:

      Does this have ambient music for water, caves, and all dimensions? Thanks.

    282. xxscienceboyxx says:

      Does it include ambient music for all dimensions and oceans? The End, The Nether, The Overworld, and the oceans.

    283. Xo Cool Boy says:

      please update cloud pc gui for minecraft bedrock edittion

    284. Ahlixemus says:

      Cool, would be nice if you make an alternate with the new textures from 1.14 from Java, but mashed up with this! Otherwise 5 starts from me.

    285. Rapadeaxa says:

      Awesome! I will YouTube this.

    286. Reinhard says:

      i love this texture pack

    287. Joao says:

      add new sound water 1.13

    288. ST34MF0X (JbPwn3R) says:

      This is really nice! Recently got into playing on Bedrock Edition, and immediately started looking for a resource pack or mod that did what this does. Excellent work! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

    289. lol says:

      i thought it was an addon adding stuff from java that isnt in bedrock im mad now

    290. MicherMaps says:

      Is this compatible with the Legacy Java textures

    291. Matrix_Warrior says:

      Can you add the three pieces of the underwater music as well as, the beacon sound from java?

      • There are two main reasons I haven’t added the underwater music. Reason 1 is the files are quite big and would quadruple the size of the pack, and the other is that there’s no way to limit them to only ocean biomes. However, there is a pack called Music+ that adds them. It doesn’t limit them to underwater, though.

        I’ll look into the beacon sounds!

    292. Gapple says:

      The kelp is broken and only shows the update block that is shaped like a kelp block
      It is broken on the 1.5 option but is fine on the 1.6 option

    293. danieldeak70 says:

      Minecraft WIN10 Crash bug: When I look the EnderChest or the NetherPortal the game is completly freeze. I can’t do anything. I had close an open again.

    294. EnderDefect says:

      Seriously, I don’t see what is so great about this pack. It changes a few very minor details and thats it.

    295. Dorami says:

      Add circle redstone instead of cross ones

    296. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

      Why is the kelp just “update blocks”?

    297. Daniel says:

      Hmm, seems like the kelp has no texture on it… big issue. Maybe it’s just a bug but can you please fix it?.

    298. Vincent says:

      Why Magma Block don’t Have animation in mcpe

    299. Daniel says:

      Hey add new music to this pack please, you know the new music in the update

    300. I says:


    301. MCPEDL User says:

      Please add Redstone to Redstone Dust to the languages.

    302. Anonymous says:

      love it

    303. MA1315 says:

      AgentMindStorm, please add Piston & Wither Skeleton sounds to be like java.

    304. bodakugga says:

      The “Kelp” to “Kelp Base” change was an issue with non US English languages during snapshots that is now fixed. Please change it back.

    305. Murat Polat says:

      You got very little details in like the beta, but didn’t put in the piston spitting out its block after a 1 tick pulse………………

    306. MCPEDL User says:

      Please add the Logs (e.g Oak Log, Birch Log) and the Planks (e.g Oak Planks, Birch Planks) to the language (text).

    307. Hothaifa says:

      Thank you so much for this texture pack, it’s great, I do not play Minecraft without it, but I hope you make the leaves like the Java edition, make smooth sandstone block look like the Java edition – at lastet version- and finally make the tall grass grow a lot in different areas like the Java edition – if possible – this is all what Minecraft bedrock edition need to be very compatible with the Java edition, and I thank you again for your continuous development of this texture pack … I love you so much ? … from middle east .

    308. AngelWanderley says:

      Cat and dog this bug it’s open can fix can place

    309. Dawechagandaknuckleswhotouchmyspegeti says:

      1.4 is out on the iOS

    310. Dawechagandaknuckleswhotouchmyspegeti says:

      Yay 1.4 is out and I can make my texture pack with this. Useful 🙂

    311. Someone? says:

      Ok i love this but what you did that the cave ambiance works its just bothering me?

    312. CoolTony121606 says:

      Why does the .zip file not work?

    313. AdvDreemurrFr says:

      It is only working on the beta 🙁

    314. Vegito72 says:

      There’s small things that are incorrect, for instance steak is actually called beef on java (last time I checked that is)

    315. MicrosoftMadeItBetter says:

      Can it slow down rendering to a crawl (like Java) and also disconnect your friends randomly (like Java). Thx in advance.

    316. Haha says:

      I always laugh

    317. Xgui4 says:

      Herobrine is here

    318. Aoun Naqvi says:

      Where are the kelp and seagrass? Is there a special command to obtain them?

    319. LumberCraft says:

      Wither Skeletons Don’t Have the PC Sounds.

    320. Cactus says:

      Can you pls bring back the OOF sound when A player gets hit or attacked

    321. WesttleCraft YT says:

      This Pack Is amazing just like Java Edition i feel like i was Playing On PC!

    322. TheGoldenGappleYT says:

      Thanks for the direct download! 🙂
      Also love this pack
      It brings all the things loved from the java edition

    323. NawafG says:

      Best sounds ever!

    324. You forgot cave 17 and 18 those are new at the 1.13

    325. Vicarialgerm82 says:

      I really don’t see a difference………..or the packs not working……or itz the fact that I never played java

    326. Anonymous says:

      If you want this pack to be better then add the PC Hotbar to the pack from another resource pack.

    327. Player581052885 says:

      Cool for Console players!

    328. John Shedletsky says:

      WOW never knew it could import I’m a ROBLOX developer

    329. Free Robux { REAL } says:

      Hi There,
      You Are Eligible
      To Recieve
      instantly Your Code EAUR-DEJU-XXXX
      It’s Too Late!
      Go Ro

    330. Frederick Cariño says:

      I actually really love all of it! Finally all of the Textures and the Sounds will look like PC!

    331. ItsHarie says:

      Hope the disc have music pleqse

    332. YourAPal says:

      Remove mipmap levels. Also change leaves to be like java edition.

    333. MA1315 says:

      In the next update, add java piston sounds.

    334. BlindKidPlayzMC says:

      Love it

    335. BlindKidPlayzMC says:

      Sweet dude

    336. AlexCreeper25 says:

      Change pack’s name to Java Aspects, itwould be nicer then its actual name

    337. Hothaifa says:

      Great ? , but I hop from you to add PC GUI to make pocket edition look more like PC or java edition , because the old texture pack called “PC GUI ” doesn’t work correctly on my mcpe 1.2 , finally I think this texture pack is great , but its a little bit laggy , plese fix that and thanks a lot ?

    338. xFrostSoldier says:

      This Texture Pack Is Very Nice!
      Can I Use This For My Factions Realm?

    339. BigMan says:

      May you please make a version aside from this one with no cave sounds because they creep me out a lot. Otherwise, love the pack.

    340. Hothaifa says:

      I really like this texture pack , thanks so much for the Creator , and I hop you will continue to develop it more and more in the future … Thanks a lot ??

    341. YourAPal says:

      I am using this with 5 packs. It’s really cool to bring MCJE to MCBE.

    342. Backedgorgon666 says:

      i love it

    343. Ugandan Knuckles says:

      Do you know de wae, Bruddah?

    344. QDaWeirdly says:

      ?????? That was me?

    345. ?????? says:

      Is this original texture pack of mcpc?

    346. Lachie says:

      Cool I like it it is great for people who (like me) never played that version of mcpe/mcpc

    347. this is a blast of awsome says:

      JUST DO IT

    348. Erikminecrafter says:

      I think you could work on the shadows to make it looks more like Java.

    349. allsoslol says:

      best pack ever, i always hate the bedrock edition water shading

    350. BlazeBassFTW says:

      Omg finally thank you ?

    351. YuruKino says:

      I love the Java version of minecraft.. I personally think Mojang should make PE and Windows 10 the same as Java ((For example some features like all of the commands from PC or maybe the borders from PC))

    352. SurgicalOddness says:

      Really great! I didnt expect the cave sounds so I jumped when I heard one ??

    353. Stiw91 says:

      Mmm, Love the smell of Java in the morning!

    354. Random guy says:

      I am gonna use this on my xbox one!

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