Published on July 12, 2021

Java XP Bar

I’m sure that any of you who have ever played Bedrock Edition with the default pack, have noticed that experience bar looks worse (to some people), than in Java Edition, or for people who used to play Legacy Console Edition. So, I decided to change it back to how it used to look. :D


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Did you remember to set the XP bar resolution to 182, 5 in experiencebarempty.json?
I love this pack, but in Java,the XP-number is outlined and moved down a few pixels. I would love to see this in your pack! Is that possible for you?

(Sorry for my bad English, I'm dyslectic, but I tried my best)
Hello, can I move this resource to other forums!
hi can i pls use this for my pack will give u full credit
You don’t have to give me credit. If you want to sure. I’m only saying this cause I didn’t make anything in the pack. I just put everything together so people could use it cause I’ve never seen anyone else make a pack for this.