Published on April 08, 2020 (Updated on April 11, 2020)

Jetpack (Fuel System) (Add-On)

This Jetpack is a new armor added, you have fuel to fly with the jetpack.

This add-on adds crafts to the jetpack and the fuel so you can play with it in a normal survival map.

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Nerf to the crafting of fuel

Extended time of levitation, speed and slow falling. :D



  • JetpackAddon-Update_1586630777.mcaddon

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What failure, this mod is really epic. It's so simple for a survival
I can't take the Jetpack on :| I'm playing on 1.14.30 (Android) please fix it.
You have Experimental mode on? and it works like when you eat food, but you can NOT put it on manually :l
Does not work in minecraft windows 10 edition 1.14.30
Guest-2942508448 May 04, 2020 at 9:56 am
u mean Minecraft for windows 10
This addon works in windowns 10 1.14.30
your right
nope it does work
Hello friend, I love your addon, I hope you continue like this, postscript all credits to you
Yes, thank you, i'm working in a new add-on :3
Hola! Tengo una pregunta... Bueno, varias. Espero y no te moleste.

Funciona en realms? Funciona en la versión 1.15 de Minecraft (bedrock)? Funciona en consola? Lo pregunto porque mucha gente en un realm juega en consolas y tengo curiosidad :0
Gracias, lamentablemente hasta donde yo se no funciona en realms porque no se puede activar el modo experimental, y mis amigos que juegan en xbox dicen que no pueden tener add-ons en esas plataformas. Pero algunos tienen sus métodos. :) Haré uno sin modo experimental si la gente en serio lo quiere. :D
Is there anyway u can get it to work for xbox? I went through all the effort to getting it and crafted it and everything, but it doesnt function :/ when u go to consume it it just keeps doing the eating animation without anything happening. Would love this because my buddies and I have vein miner on our world and conflicts with seigz' jetpack so having this one would be great!
Xbox is not really the best to handle too many add-ons at the same time, you must try a single one at time.
Thanks for fix the fuel! Now it's better for my survival lol
I did a video about your addon is amazing
Jmed Soy tu amigo, increible addon
The craft On Mobile is no working
I know, i'm trying to fix it rn :)
Jameeess boi Nice addon
crashed my minecraft.. plz fix :(
What device are you playing on?
Not valid zip file!!!? fixes it!
Friend, i've tried and all is going fine, well, you have the .mcaddon file, then replace .mcaddon to .zip then unzip it, and add it manually Android IOS Windowns 10
I'm using windowns 10
It not work I am using eexperimental ganmepllay plz fix