Jetpack (Fuel System) (Add-On)

This Jetpack is a new armor added, you have fuel to fly with the jetpack.

This add-on adds crafts to the jetpack and the fuel so you can play with it in a normal survival map.

The Jetpack has Custom Geometry, particles and sounds.

And Custom Crafts

The jetpack works with fuel

How to use the jetpack

Craft jetpack > Put it on > Craft Fuel > Use it (right click or Hold down)

Those items don’t appear in creative menu so you have to type /give @p de:jetpack or /give @p de:fuel 

Enjoy! 😀

  • Do not share my work at external apps
  • Use Experimental Gameplay (On)

  • Made by Jmed De

Changelog View more

Nerf to the crafting of fuel

Extended time of levitation, speed and slow falling. :D

Fixed bug when you use a item with the jetpack you still flying without fuel.

Better Geometry

Fixed some bug that doesn't show the craft of the jetpack :)

Updated description 

Better images because i didn't like the previous :P


Download the .mcaddon file and open it to be redirected to minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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52 Responses

4.15 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. ProGamer672 says:


  2. Guest-9976365861 says:

    I can’t take the Jetpack on 😐 I’m playing on 1.14.30 (Android) please fix it.

  3. Guest-1817780261 says:


  4. Guest-5369427324 says:

    Does not work in minecraft windows 10 edition 1.14.30

  5. Donimos G says:

    Hello friend, I love your addon, I hope you continue like this, postscript all credits to you

  6. Guest-6440237469 says:

    Hola! Tengo una pregunta… Bueno, varias. Espero y no te moleste.

    Funciona en realms? Funciona en la versión 1.15 de Minecraft (bedrock)? Funciona en consola? Lo pregunto porque mucha gente en un realm juega en consolas y tengo curiosidad :0

    • Jmed De. says:

      Gracias, lamentablemente hasta donde yo se no funciona en realms porque no se puede activar el modo experimental, y mis amigos que juegan en xbox dicen que no pueden tener add-ons en esas plataformas. Pero algunos tienen sus métodos. 🙂 Haré uno sin modo experimental si la gente en serio lo quiere. 😀

      • Guest-5961838975 says:

        Is there anyway u can get it to work for xbox? I went through all the effort to getting it and crafted it and everything, but it doesnt function :/ when u go to consume it it just keeps doing the eating animation without anything happening. Would love this because my buddies and I have vein miner on our world and conflicts with seigz’ jetpack so having this one would be great!

  7. Guest-7909847025 says:

    Thanks for fix the fuel! Now it’s better for my survival lol

  8. Guest-2754557274 says:

    I did a video about your addon is amazing

  9. Guest-6737715944 says:

    Jmed Soy tu amigo, increible addon

  10. Guest-8004463591 says:

    The craft On Mobile is no working

  11. Guest-3099935602 says:

    Jameeess boi Nice addon

  12. Guest-6179786680 says:

    crashed my minecraft.. plz fix 🙁

  13. Guest-8162762517 says:

    Not valid zip file!!!🤬 fixes it!

  14. Guest-9653201702 says:

    It not work I am using eexperimental ganmepllay plz fix

  15. Guest-3431827384 says:

    when will it be updated to version 1.16?

  16. Guest-7868873621 says:

    I am Japanese, can I introduce this add-on on YouTube?

  17. Guest-6711357147 says:

    Beautiful addon

  18. Guest-2555033165 says:

    I don’t know, how to put it on the jetpack, can you give me a tutorial?

  19. Guest-3609376797 says:

    like it but it uses 43 iron , 33 redstone, 8 wood, 1coal and 1 flint + a crafting table

  20. Guest-1020744908 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Chinese Minecraft.What I need is business authorization.

  21. seigz says:

    Great Add-On I like your version aswell keep up the awesome work🙂

  22. DipLasagna says:

    Cant wait for the brainless kids to spam say that you copied the other addon xd

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