Published on September 24, 2017 (Updated on September 24, 2017)

Jigsaw (Horror) [Adventure]

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Can i please use this texture pack for my map.i will surely credit you and this map.
This might just be the best Saw horror map on MCPEDL :)
Is it possible to add reversed bear traps
Do you have the texture pack available for 1.14 bedrock edition. I just want a good Saw texture pack that's all.
I’ve downloaded everything from the file perfectly to minecraft, without any trouble. But when i click on the world it just won’t load. So i can’t get on to the world. And I’ve deleted all the old worlds that were taking up space in ‘My Worlds’ and left the ones with only a small amount of MB. Any advice about that?
The thing does not work
I won’t work help me
Come on it won’t work for me it will say loading but not load
Creator Ive launched Feather and Normal download the game just Crashes Pls fix that
i played i accidently killed the villager and it said you loose then nothing happendend so i re downloaded it
İ entered but map is clean flat ?
It doesnt load itself and wont work.
Even though my iPad has no more storage left on it this still looks like a pretty cool game and it looks pretty spooky sooo Goog job although I will probably never be able to play it it still looks really cool
For some reason when I go to load up the world it sits there for about 2 minutes and then it blacks out. Is this normal with maps on IOS????
It's a very good, polished map, and the textures are excellent, but I can't understand what the voice is saying. It's not the volume or distortion, but the accent that makes it hard to understand. It would be useful if there was text to accompany the voice. Otherwise, it's a very good map!