Published on December 28, 2016 (Updated on December 25, 2018)

Jimbo's Christmas Weapons Add-on

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So Coooooooool
I can’t find the sleigh in the inventory. Help?
Submitted a updated download links please update the download links editor
Pls create a Santa's sleigh and deer to can be ride Santa's sleigh and fly with deer's. Plssssss i realy need this
Yo the download link does not work pls help me
The addon is Awesome!
I made a video about this, just click the Link if you want to watch it:
This add on brings me so much nostalgia even though it was made only two years ago.
Why won't it let me download the addon
i like this app
Can you teach me that command?
Can you add Krampus related stuff and great addon
Can you please make the sleigh fly? Also add some reindeer and dropping presents as bombs or just plain presents?
But over all I Give this a 5 / 5
I love you Jimbo I have gotten almost all of your addons But can you update the modern weapons more often ????
u never accept my addon or truly never upload it to your website. i submit it and u don’t care ???