Published on December 23, 2016 (Updated on April 19, 2018)

Jimbo's Modern Weapons Add-on

This addon upgrades some of the low-tech tools to modern standard weapons. The weapons can be used for exterminating anything which becomes a threat to your survival. If you are tired of struggling for survival then you must give this add-on a try. Creator: Jimbo_Acob, Twitter Account Updated: 19 April, 2018 (read changelog)


Shotgun (Fishing Rod): It's not really a shotgun since it can only shoot one enemy at the time. But it does have textures which resemble a shotgun. Attack damage: 50. RPG Launcher (Bow): This weapon is a launcher which can be used for shooting explosive warheads (arrows) at enemies. It's the most powerful weapons since a large explosion. You can activate a zoom function by sneaking while holding the weapon. You can't move while the zoom function is active. Fire Grenade (Snowball): The fire grenade is most suitable to use against groups of mobs. Are you being chased by zombies? Throw a fire grenade at them and watch them burn! Grenade (Egg): The grenade causes a big explosion which will both hurt enemies and destroy the terrain. Soldiers (Skeletons): They are dressed in uniforms and are usually armed with a shotgun. If you come across one then it will most likely attack you. However, if you get the chance, then try to tame it with the bow and it will work for you. Landmine (Creepers): The landmine is an explosive which will detonate if a player is within a radius of 1.5 blocks of the object. It will only explode if the player is in survival mode. It will explode the following mobs: cows, pigs, rabbits and monsters (and players) Turret (Iron Golem): You can build a turret with four iron blocks and a pumpkin. (It works just the same way as to spawning an iron golem.) The turret is fixed to one position and will shoot any hostile monsters within a 35 block radius. Health: 50 hearts The turret has a new model - image down below is not up-to-date. Tanks (Wither Skeletons): You can spawn one in the Overworld by using a tank spawn egg. Before you can drive it you will need to fill it up with some coal. The coal works as fuel and will last for 3 minutes before you need to refill it again. While seated on the tank you can hold a key in your hand to control the direction of the tank.
  • Rideable (fill it up with some coal and then ride with a tank key)
  • 24 slots inventory
  • Health: 175 hearts
  • Knockback resistance
  • Solid entity (stackable similar to a minecart)
Mech Mob (Husk): To ride the Mech Mob you will first need to refill it with some coal. Once that's done the Ride button will appear and you will be able to seat it. The coal fuel lasts four 3 minutes until it needs to be refilled again.
  • Rideable
  • Refill with coal every 3 minutes
  • 27 inventory slots
  • Can jump like a horse (15 blocks up into the air)
  • Immune to fire
  • Health: 25 hearts
  • No fall damage
  • 100 knockback resistance
  • Stackable
  • Attacks hostile mobs with melee attacks (attack damage: +20)
  • Speed: 0.28
  • Spawns in desert biomes since it replaces the Husk
Binocular (Custom Item): The Binocular is an item which you can use for viewing things at a far distance. It's dropped by skeletons and has a very low drop loot (0.025). You can also use the following text command to obtain the item: /give @p yellow_flower 64 1 Hold the Binocular item and sneak to activate the zoom function. You can't walk or move while the Binocular zoom is active. Download Resource .McPack
  • Download Behavior .McPack
  • Activate packs for a world in-game
  • You can download a .ZIP for this addon here.

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    Hey je voulais savoir sur quels applications ou logiciels tu fais tes add-ons? Item, block, craft...
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    Guest-9420895609 May 17, 2020 at 4:49 am
    The mech doesn't work neither does the tank
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    LOL he painted some textures using paint xd
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    The link doesn’t work
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    This site can’t provide a secure connection

    is this thing not hosted anymore
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    Guest-7321899701 May 29, 2020 at 9:45 am
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    The mod is great specially the mechs
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    Still my favorite addon on this website. I wish it was updated more. Add more guns, for example try to make something out of the Trident, and the Crossbow when it comes out. BY THE WAY, since mob heads are 3D, could you make them into 3D SWAT shields? Just change the textures of the item, and make the players have protection while holding the item in their hand (or on their head???). Thanks!
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    Plz add a hammer
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    It sends me to a blank website after blocking the ads?
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    My antivirus says the link you provided to the zip file is unsafe. Is it possible to give me a different link? Thank you :)
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    This will be a fun mod so fun
    Thank you
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    Do the item textures come w\ the add-on? Is that a stupid question I should already know? The add on said to download textures, implying they don't come with it. Is this true?
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    I like this one
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