Published on December 29, 2022 (Updated on March 25, 2023)

JOJO's Bizarre Adventure: Stand Disc Addon v1.1.3 Crazy Diamond Update

This addon enables you to use more than 30 different stands in the famous anime: JOJO's Bizarre Adventure! You can use different skills to fight, and the stands are all available in survival mode! come in and take a look!

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Remade Crazy Diamond

Removed the watermark

Added Dio's bone and Weather Report's memory disc to the trade table

Added sounds of white snake, thx to @zendos

Added Russian Translation, thx to @Demerror228X

D4C's 4th skill got a nerf

Updated King Crimson's Texture, thx to @EDward

Fixed The Text bug of Purple Haze

The pilot move of WS and HG only works at 1.19.70 or higher

Supported Minecraft versions

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To Chinese players:
To Foreign Players:
!!!Most stands' abilities can be only used when there are mob around. Like The World's Quick Time Stop. If you use the ability and nothing happened, read the introduction carefully, IT'S NOT A BUG!!!
I created a discord server for you, you can report bugs, give suggestions or just chat there. Here's the link: htt删ps://di删sc删ord.g删g/Aj删sm6N删wUcT
(Remove the 删 to get the link)
Please make this xbox accessible, it looks really good and i would love to play it
Hello! I would really like to know when do you plan to add Requiem Stands? (Gold Experience, Silver Chariot)
Hi, I really like this mod but can we get some more info on the NPCs that spawn in because of the mod, like the Vampires and their health and the Caesar and random NPCs that spawn in. I also don't know where Rohan spawns in because it seems really hard to find him at all.
BAD UPDATE, GO ON VERSION 1.19.50!!! 1! 1! 1! 1!! 1! 22!
Спидозный негр March 26, 2023 at 1:51 pm
everyone is playing on the new versions, no need to interfere with everyone if you continue to play on the old version
Bad update, bc mod go on version 1.19.70 no one plays on this version, I'm need to make 1 star. Bad update.
but this is the latest version of mcpe
my friends cant move, and his body is shaking really hard just like gliching after I use D4C steve skill,
Should add bad company and death13
o mod é muito bom super recomendo
Hey man, great addon, but in the next update, could you add the world over heaven because I would love this addon if you have it
the world over heaven is not a canonical stand, but it would be interesting
This isn't working for 1.19.50/51
Love it great addon but hirofant greens cage move is broken when i die I spawn their and can't respawn but when I do I still can't move but great work keep it up
I think a full-fledged mod will be released closer to summer, am I right?
Why i need version 1.19.60? Can you make version 1.19.51/1.19.50 i can't play in this mod
In Crazy Diamond 3th skill don't working please help
man use 4th skill in the ground and move camera and then use 3th thats is tô
restruct the ground