Jolly Christmas SKyblockle (Winter Theme!)

It's that time of year! 

Are you planning to play a skyblock? Great idea, it's a fun way to play survival worlds, where you are self-sustainable!  Well, now you can do it in a Christmas themed place! It's a great way to change up the theme since this skyblockle has ice, candy canes, snow, and all sorts of things you normally can't find! Snowball,s nether wart, villagers, ores, EVERYTHING is included!

It's especially great during a winter event, like Christmas!

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Don't worry, we listened to your feedback.

  • Added an accurate description of the skyblockle, describing in thorough detail what is inside.
  • Added a definition of what a "skyblockle" is, to help the customers understand
  • Corrected some grammar

I hope this is what you were asking for since that is really the only way to add more details.


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