Juegos Del Hambre (Hunger Games, PvP Minigame)

This is a popular pvp mini-game, in which all players will face each other in an arena where there will be chests with armor to equip and fight against their opponents. The last player to survive will win the game.

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- Slightly remodeled the lobby and the pvp arena.
- Fixed the bug that caused the posters to break in the portal.
- Added spectator mode
- Now all the chests generate random loot
- Now you can buy kits with emeralds
- Winning a game will earn you 5 emeralds.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Jason_Voorhees12345 October 07, 2018 at 8:47 am
not cool Sux Man Make it Cool And Awsome
Si los enlaces fallan descargue aqui: ↓
I don't like it thumbs down :|
In spanish :D

Porfin un mapa super bueno y bien elaborado en español :D
Looks pretty good but when I try to download it it says There appears to be something missing… please fix it
Hola perdon por el inconveniete puedes descarga aqui: