Published on July 30, 2019

Jungle Survival [Survival] [Custom Terrain]

If what you are looking for is to enter the world of Minecraft and have a great adventure without wasting time in basic construction, in order to survive, this map is ideal for you.

In this world you will not have to worry about looking for food since it has crops and a corral full of steaks. Also if you are worried about where to spend the night, the map already has a small but cozy house. And if what worries you is to store your materials, it also has a warehouse.

The map is built in the jungle, and is set in a construction that was shot down by nature, that's why the construction style.

 However, if you don't like Survival, you can only explore and be inspired to do new things.

Website: ©CubitosMC 

Creator: •GEO•

Twitter: @Geo_UrGar


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Does this have cheats on?
just use natural mystic shaders and parallax shaders + invisible water and evo shaders its a really really really good mix
i love it
what shaders are u using in these pictures
Idk but try out ESBE 2G shader its really cool with better underwater feeling. aaaand this is really a great map!
What are the shaders