Published on February 04, 2016 (Updated on February 04, 2016)

-114648: Jungle Temple & Village

Seed ID

This seed still works in1.10.0 and that is amazing but the cords for the jungle temple are a little off might want to check those
Bone block skeleton at: 954, 15, 288
Wow.these seeds are really helpful. ?????
Some useful coordinates(approximately,tested in the newest Windows10 Edition,Android and Bedrock edition on Nintendo Switch)
The village on the pic:676,66,200
The desert temple:782,67,66
A jungle temple:310,77,-304
A jungle village:32,72,730
A desert village:2856 75 -2180
Another desert village:2582 73 -3158
A mushroom island with copule mooshrooms:3150 72 -1290
Yet another village :2116 69 -3652
A woodland mansion :-4685 68 -3489
A stronghold with a village:-302 70 -1710(Just dig it down)
Two shipwrecks: -456 70 56 and -1432 70 -2840
Ocean monument:-1208 70 168
That's all I could find and this seed is really awesome!
How come my brother can't find the temple?it was clear from the picture
Yeah I found this seed there is a mineshaft near this village and an extra block on the temple
Its nice but is there a seed for a castle with a village
I can't find any jungle temples
Walk west (towards point of sunset) from spawn and you will find a jungle temple and a village just at the edge of the jungle. Walk south from spawn and you will find a desert temple and village just outside the jungle.

If you build a nether portal in the village near the jungle temple (I built the portal next to the church) you will spawn on a nether rack plateau overlooking a great full featured nether fortress. You find a second nether fortress just out of sight and to the right of the first fortress.
I couldn't find the village
Great seed except I can't find the temple.
hey editor i found new village
How did you get a Jungle temple in PE? They aren't in the current version (0.14.3)
Once you've got 0.15 you'll be able to see them:
you should try the seed `steve` it spawns you on the ROOF OF A VILLAGES HOUSE WITH BLACKSMITH!!!!!! im suprised you didn`t put it on this website