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Published on June 03, 2018 (Updated on June 16, 2019)

Jurassic Minecraft | Isla Nublar [MAP]

Welcome to Jurassic Minecraft | Isla Nublar. Come, stay, and explore a prehistoric world and gawp in awe of these Minecraft dinosaurs from the jurassic and cretaceous period.

Please visit our website or Twitter page to find out more about future updates etc. Below is a list of all exhibits that this park will offer. 

Inside the Park | Isla Nublar

Main Street: 

  • Samsung Innovation Centre 
  • Mosasaurus Stadium 
  • Tyrannosaurus Kingdom 
  • In-Gen Circus Tent 

Zone One: 

  • Jurassic Aquarium 
  • Spinosaurus Paddock 
  • Carnotaurus Paddock 

Zone Two:  

  • Jurassic Herbivore Safari 
  • V.I.P. Hub (in the former Jurassic Park 1993 Visitors Centre) 
  • Oceanic Michelin Star Restaurant  

Zone Three: 

  • Indominus Rex Kingdom 
  • Gallimimus Valley (main entrance)

Zone Four: 

  • Aviary 
  • Park Guest Suites 
  • Gallimimus Valley (alternative entrance) 

Zone Five: 

  • IN-GEN Research and Development Centre 
  • Education Outpost 
  • Hammond Creation Lab 
  • Indoraptor Paddock (with secure observatory) 

Zone Six: 

  • Botanical Gardens (with eco biomes)  
  • Jurassic Airport (V.I.P. access only) 

Zone Seven: 

  • Velociraptor Paddock 
  • Dilophosaurus Paddock 
  • Oviraptor Paddock 
  • Compsognathus Paddock 

Zone Eight: 

  • Jurassic Cruise (aka Cretaceous Cruise) 
  • Gondola Lift (Mt. Sibo) 
  • Control Centre/Admin/Staff Housing (no public access) 

Zone Nine: 

  • Petting Zoo 
  • Infancy Paddock (last stage) 
  • Dodo Observatory 

Outside the Park | Isla Nublar

  • Ferry Landing 
  • Hotel Complex
  • Aquatic Park 
  • Jurassic Golf Course 
  • Isla Nublar Hospital 
  • Human Resources

Map of Isla Nublar [PNG]

*for a full resolution image, click here

Detailed Park Exhibit Walkthrough [PDF]

This document outlines everything stated above in much more detail. To download, please click here

Project Prehistoric | BETA v1.1.0.1 [MOD] 

This is a beta of our Jurassic dinosaur mod created by @CrackedCubes with help from @all_Gonza. We haven't included this pre-installed in the Jurassic Minecraft map as it is still in beta. However, if you want to try it out in this map please do so. You will need to download this separately. Click here to download our mod.


As well as downloading the map, please download RobertGamer69's Decoration add-on, Gona's Jurassic Craft mod, and Flow's HD texture pack to view this map properly. 

Select version for changelog:


Map changes include:

  • Link updates.
  • Image updates.
  • Minor park improvements (major update coming July 2019).


Please note: Gona's Jurassic Craft mod no longer functions perfectly with Minecraft PE's latest update. Three dinosaurs are currently glitching visually. 

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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se queda en generando terreno y no carga y se queda pegado el juego AYUDA
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Please update the link , i really wanna see the Jurassic World either with dinosaurs or not
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This is Stupid I Can't Link this Map so Fu*king Link
He is Stupid i Can't Link it
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two things.
1malwarebytes browser guard alterted me the link has malware
2 it takes me to a error 404 page
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The link is stupid he bring me only to a sex Website!!! -_-
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All the link does is bring you to someones privates! GROSS
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the "Alternative Link" URL doesn't even exist, and the first link is just an inaccessible linkvertise copy.
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I like the map and all but if we cant get the correct link for the map then forget it
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this link is stupid
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bro please change the link make it directly to media fir!!!!
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Why cant addons, Maps, Texture packs and skin packs just use instant downloads? Like you just click the download link, And then you just have to click download file on the bottom left corner, And its downloaded. Not only would it be much easier but more people would download them.
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Change the download Link pls
The normal one sends me to an 18+ site
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Why It Always Says "Error 404"?
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