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Published on September 15, 2019 (Updated on December 07, 2019)

Just Jump

This is the beta of a parkour map different from the others, in this map you will find special blocks that will give you different effects but well, I better stop doing spoiler and see it for yourself.

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Now there are avaliable 3 more levels I hope you to enjoy them!


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every time i skip ad its go to a new one and that one you cant cancel
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The ads let me press allow notifications and I think that is some viruses. Can you let me get the direct link to MediaFire?,
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This is honestly shit, there’s no way to mute chat and every single command shows
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No offense but you should fix your english
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bro it just takes you to ads and other trash things
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You only have to skip the add and that's it
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it just says click allow to continue and it does nothing.
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